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Black Cat Crossing (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Cat Knocks on Wood (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Cat Sees His Shadow (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Cat Steps on a Crack (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Cat Breaks a Mirror (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Relative Chaos (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kay Finch is an American woman of letters. After spending her formative years in Pennsylvania wherein she lived a typical farm life surrounded by lots of cats, Finch eventually relocated to the Houston upon Texas whereby she is still domiciled to date. In her Houston residential home, Finch lives alongside her spouse and pets—two dogs and a cat. On the plus side, the relocation made Finch discover her go-to location for vacationing which is the expansive and idyllic region encompassing both South Texas alongside Central Texas. Furthermore, some of Kay Finch’s literary works, especially those revolving around ill-omened tomcats, are set in the said Texas locations.

Some of the literary figures that influenced Kay Finch includes the late Japanese American penwoman Phyllis A. Whitney, especially a writing guide penned by the said author. Finch, who has had a seventeen-year-long stint as a Houston-based legal assistant, writes especially mystery and thriller books. Finch kick started her law career in a Texas law firm headed by the famed criminal defense attorney named Richard “Racehorse” Haynes–he is hailed as among the topmost American criminal lawyers– hard on the heels of qualifying as a paralegal. Finch, who has since changed tact and her present specialty is family law, writes during the night and serves as a paralegal at daytime.

Her life-long membership of State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division aside, Kay Finch is also a member of several different writing-oriented organizations including Mystery Writers of America and the female mystery writers-oriented organization named Sisters in Crime. Finch has two series of books and a standalone book to her credit.

Kay Finch: Times as a Fledgling Writer and Inspiration
Did you know that author Kay Finch has been writing since she was a child? Finch realized writing was her calling while aged ten. Even then during her childhood, the works that Finch penned were merely stories shelved in the mystery genre. The duration that Finch worked for Texas attorney Richard “Racehorse” Haynes augured well for her writing ambitions. According to Finch, the stint enabled her to become adept at plotting writing ideas that started flowing.

Based on Kay Finch’s profession, she often interacts with many clients who are temperamental in virtue of their lives that are on a damnable downward trajectory. Even if Finch knows too well that the clients abide by the rule of law, sometimes she cannot help envisioning them being out-and-out persons of interest in, let’s say, murder incidents. Finch has a vivid memory of a specific suchlike client that she once interacted with many moons ago and who eventually inspired her debut novel.

Section on Books
Kay Finch’s series of books comprises of a trilogy and duology. The earliest series of books that Finch penned is the Corie McKenna Mystery series which comprises of two books. There are three editions of Kay Finch’s foremost work contained therein aforementioned series. However, the first edition of the first book was originally published around May 2003, entitled Final Decree; and this book is shelved under the suspense, mystery and thriller genres.

Corie McKenna is the featured central character in Kay Flinch’s 2003 book Final Decree. Meet protagonist Corie McKenna who has different occupations. On the one hand, McKenna, who is based in Houston, works as a private investigator at daytime. On the other hand, McKenna works as a songwriter during the night, wherein she winds down by penning lyrics of country music songs. McKenna’s mother is a spirited socialite with a soft spot for gossip and a penchant for seeking beauty therapy services.

The watershed moment in Kay Finch’s literary work in serialized Corie McKenna Mystery, Final Decree, is when protagonist Corie McKenna is pulled into the vortex of a typical divorce incident that has since segued into murder. McKenna disregards the advise of an attorney to stop sleuthing and drifts from a hideous storehouse to an uncleansed medical facility to a males-only club where a crucial aspect of her life comes to fore in a life-threatening quest.

Best Kay Finch Books
The following are Kay Finch’s noteworthy books. First, Black Cat Crossing. This book features a Texas woman and up-and-coming author called Sabrina whose penchant for superstition is reinforced when a dark tomcat directs her to a crime scene involving murder; the murder victim is a loathed relative of hers that was at loggerheads with Sabrina’s beloved aunt.

Secondly, the subsequent book that followed Black Cat Crossing. Sabrina, who is presently writing another suspense book, is constantly interrupted by her aunt. Worse still, she is distracted by the accidental death of a regional businessman hard on the heels a dark tomcat that paid her a visit. Convinced that there is a serial murderer on the prowl, Sabrina starts finding clues in a bid to cushion both herself and aunt from possible murder.

The third one is entitled Relative Chaos. This is a standalone book that was initially published in 2010. This book features protagonist Poppy Cartwright who chances upon a corpse in their family-owned garage hot on the heels of her aunt employing a cute and somewhat puzzling handyperson. At first reluctant to investigate the incident and letting the authorities solve it, Cartwright eventually starts sleuthing in a bid to clear her son’s name who has been fingered for the murder.

Other Book Series You May Like
Readers who liked the book series authored by Kay Finch were also impressed by the following series of books. The first is named Second Chance Cat Mystery series, a quintet authored by Canadian scribbler Sofie Ryan. This features protagonist Sarah Grayson who operates a shop that deals in revamped second-hand items. Grayson befriends a stray cat that helps her solve murder mysteries in virtue of its capability of exposing lies.

The second is titled Lighthouse Library Mystery series, a trilogy penned by Canadian penwoman Eva Gates. It involves protagonist Lucy who gets a librarian job after running away from an arranged marriage. She is angling for distancing herself and mother from a series of murders, and smoking out serial killers from a laundry list of suspects. The third is called Call of the Wilde series, a tetralogy authored by novelist Laura Morrigan. This revolves around Grace Wilde, an animal behaviorist who secretly communicates psychically with animals.

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