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City of Gods and Monsters (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Souls and Sinners (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Lies and Legends (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Ice and Iron Books

Dreams of Ice and Iron (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kayla Edwards
Kayla Edwards began writing “City of Gods and Monsters” back when she was in high school, so the characters and the world that they live in are near and dear to her heart.

Getting published has been her dream since she was very young, however it was not until 2021 when she decided it was time to take the leap and release “Dreams of Ice and Iron”. Seeing her story on her shelf (rather than just collecting dust on her laptop) encouraged her to publish even more of her work with the hopes of finding readers that can connect to her characters.

When Kayla’s not busy writing, she can be found traveling, spending time in nature, reading, binge watching her favorite TV shows, or fighting her husband for the Nintendo controller.

“Dreams of Ice and Iron” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2021. Locked inside of an iron mask by the King of the Fey, Sable Erwyn Sylvana has been waiting for her freedom, and to take revenge on those that cursed her. However with each second that goes by inside of the mask, her soul starts fading further and further. The memories of her loved ones and her old life continues to become a blur, and before long she can’t even recall her own name.

Avalon Edenstone, as the princess, knows just how important it is to obey her dad, the King of the Fey. Soon after she finds this mask as she wandering the catacombs under the House of Ice, she knows just how much trouble she’d be in if she took it, never mind agreeing to free the mysterious warrior whose soul has been trapped inside of it. However Avalon is far more than familiar with how it feels to be trapped, so she does not hesitate for a second to help this warrior whose thoughts start accompanying her own, and who’s got an uncanny ability to save her from danger right when she needs it.

With help (and muscle) of Hadrian Courts, who is the Captain of the Guard, Avalon is able to travel over sea and land, collecting magical jewels which have the power to undo Sable’s curse. However the King is going to stop at nothing in order to take back what was stolen from him with vengeance and violence. And while he closes in on the both of them, Avalon learns that she’s not only on the verge of losing her freedom, but her life too, as this ancient evil thought to be dead is starting to stir back awake. It’s one that could bring life as they know it to a horrifying and sudden end.

“City of Gods and Monsters” is the first novel in the “House of Devils” series and was released in 2022. Welcome to the city of Angelthene. We hope you survive.

Loren Calla has just been ordinary. As a human that struggles to survive in a city which caters to the needs of witches, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures, she always assumed that her life would remain a predictable, simple, and as safe as her world would allow.

Until she is barely able to escape from abduction at the hands of Darkslayers, these supernatural bounty hunters which possess the Sight, this magical tracking ability which allows them to see a person’s aura, and a friend gets taken in her place. The kidnappers are demanding a ransom: Loren’s life in exchange for her buddy’s safe return. Loren is going to do whatever it takes to get her buddy back, even if this means accepting help from the leader of the Seven Devils, named Darien Cassel, who is the most feared Darkslaying circle in all the city.

Darien specializes in tracking down criminals and demons who are better off dead than alive, so when he gets a job to track Loren down and learns that she’s human, and could not hurt a fly if her life depended on it. This makes him decide to protect her rather than turn her in for the reward money. As much as Loren does not want to admit it, Darien is her only, best shot at finding her buddy still alive, if she can possibly manage to get along with him, and not fall head-over-heels in love with the guy in the process, which much easier said than done.

More women begin vanishing, and a few of them slowly show up dead, Darien and Loren’s quest to find answers takes them deep into Angelthene’s corrupt underbelly, where they find a dark secret which threatens to unravel their world. And once tragedy strikes, Loren discovers that love can make an ordinary person do some extraordinary things.

“City of Souls and Sinners” is the second novel in the “House of Devils” series and was released in 2023. Darien and Loren have settled back into their former routines, grateful that the whirlwind of dangers they had faced back on Kalendae and the weeks that led up to it are over now, so they think anyway.

However Loren quickly finds herself being caught up in a whole new storm of trouble after the Terran Imperator blackmails her into working for him. There’s a problem though: he expects her to use her magic, and she doesn’t seem to have any left. In order to protect Darien and the other Devils safe, she agrees to everything the imperator wants from her. However the secrets she’s forced to keep from Darien, and her involvement with the imperator’s son, threaten to push her away from Darien in ways she may never recover from.

Darien, as Randal Slade’s successor, wants nothing at all to do with the throne that his dad used to sit in, however the city of Angelthene has got other plans. The Magical Protections Unit asks for help from him in taking the illegal arms trade his dad dabbled in, and doing this Darien must claim his rightful spot at the top tiers of Darkslayers, this crown that the circles are willing to kill to have.

While he spirals deeper into the secrets his dad kept, he makes some enemies of friends and friends of enemies. He finds himself buried so deep in Angelthene’s underbelly that he’s sure he’ll never rise out of it. As if that weren’t enough, he fears he’s going crazy when he begins seeing creatures only he can see.

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