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The Billionaire Is Back (With: Connor Crais) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Workation (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Flirtation (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wedding Season (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Kayley Loring
Kayley Loring has been a borderline workaholic living in the city of Los Angeles. During the summer of 2017 she moved to this beautiful suburb located in Portland, Oregon. She can now breathe some clean air as she enjoys the great outdoors, and can drive around without swearing at the strangers. So it’s pretty great.

She received her BFA in creative writing and had a fifteen year long career as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, under another name. Primarily, she wrote PG-13 family comedies which studios would pay her massive amounts of money for and then actually never make into movies.

Living in the Pacific Northwest also allows her the chance to write about all of the fun stuff that she was not allowed to write about in any of those PG-13 scripts. Now the air is cleaner and the words she writes are dirtier.

When she’s not writing, she can happily channel her obsessive energies into book hoarding, plant hoarding, and Anglophilia (like being a Cummberbitch, a Hiddlestoner, and whatever you call being a Jude Law fan, along with binge watching BBC mysteries and Harry Potter films). The rest of the time, she is feeding indoor cats, outdoor squirrels and birds, telling herself she should really do more yoga, and trying to track down the perfect pair of boots.
“The Workation” is the first novel in the “Work Less, Play More” and was released in the year 2016. When Ryan Murphy and Molly Kidd, both twentysomethings, formed a startup company in Seattle three years ago, they had agreed that they were perfect for one another, albeit as business partners. Molly made the rules: they’ll never talk about their person lives, they’ll never date one another, they’ll never visit one another’s homes. Fortunately, they have quite a lot of fun spending so much time working together while at the office that they hardly have any time to talk or do about anything else anyway.

Now that it is winter and everybody at their tiny successful company is grumpy and overworked, Ryan gets this crazy idea that they should each take a work vacation at some resort in Hawaii. Yes, the lady organizing the workations at this resort does happen to be gorgeous, however Murphy believes that it’ll benefit the entire team to have more work-life balance.

Molly simply refused to even admit that she is intimidated by the notion of the most important guy in her life could be falling for this perfect woman, so she agrees to this trip despite being equally uncomfortable with the idea of relaxing in a bikini in front of any of her coworkers. Turns out it is impossible to draw the line between pleasure and business out in the sands of Oahu, and giving in to any sort of temptation could lead Murphy and Molly to lose more than just their hearts. However would it be worth it?

This is a very cute romance novel, with two leads that are each a bit quirky with some adorable banter with each other. Fans found this to be a heartwarming, funny, and sexy novel.

“The Flirtation” is the second novel in the “Work Less, Play More” and was released in the year 2017. Avery likes her men like she likes her tea: HOT and BRITISH.

Avery loves her job. The more time that she spends working in order to make all her wealthy clients’ financial dreams come true, the easier that it gets to ignore the shocking reality that there is nobody in all of New York that she is even remotely interested in dating and that her sister’s still convinced that her overused vibrator will destroy her lady parts.

Making things better—she actually gets paid to Skype with Luke Mason (or Sir Flirty McFlritson) who is this hot British business consultant in London that dampens Avery’s knickers and makes her want to start licking her computer screen.

However now their mutual client has invited each of them to this private villa in the Bahamas so they can have their first face-to-face meeting. When there isn’t an ocean separating them anymore, Avery is afraid he will either learn what a dork she truly is, or this international merger is going to heat up in ways that neither one of them had been expecting to deal with.

“The Wedding Season” is the third novel in the “Work Less, Play More” and was released in the year 2017. It might be a creative marriage made in heaven, yet Erin Duffy is still cordially inviting Scott Braddock to go straight to hell.

There are millions of men in LA, so why does Erin have to keep on bumping into Scott Braddock, her nemesis? He is rich, hot, and is cocky. She’s been competitive with him as a writer since they were in college, and her former dormmate lost her mind after they had hot sex together. Scott’s nothing but trouble for Erin.

Now they keep attending the same exact weddings, and Erin continues to accidentally hook up with him. However she’ll not allow the fact that he is mind-blowing in bed make her lose her mind. She had come to Hollywood to be a successful screenwriter, and Erin’s not going to allow anything to stand in her way. particularly not Scott Braddock.

Ever since college, there’ve been two things that she has wanted more than anything else. To date Erin Duffy, and to be a successful screenwriter. Yeah Erin’s a pain in the ass, and Scott wants her to be his pain in the ass. He screwed things up big time while they were at school, however now their agents are wanting them to work together and it’d allow him to try and set things right.

It is going to take everything that he’s got in order to win her over and have the sort of career that they would both kill for, however he’ll do whatever he has to, on both coasts, on the dance floor, at the computer, and in bed. He’ll rewrite every single scene until they can get their happy ending.

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