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Publication Order of Keegan/Paxton Books

Catherine Anderson definitely portrayed love, romance, trust and emotional security on a totally different level in the series Keegan-Paxton. The five book series that spans from the year 1996 when the first book Keegan’s Lady was released to 2012 when the latest book Lucky Penny was released is one of the most outstanding in terms of fictional relationships. It dwells deep in family and romantic relationships that a reader who enjoys this side of literature will find the series to be worth of the time and money spent on it.

The series kicks off with Keegan’s Lady where Caitlin O’Shannessy defines much of the flow of the story. She lived through many years of extreme abuse from her alcoholic father who is now dead. His death means that Caitlin is the new owner of a Colorado ranch and she is determined to manage it with unwavering strength, courage and devotion. However, she has a major weakness.

As a result of her father’s abuse, she has no trust for any man except her brother who she loves unconditionally. Ace Keegan is the man to change this. He has returned to No Name with the intention of avenging the murder of his stepfather. But he is late for that; the murderer who is Caitlin’s father is dead already. He skillfully manages to express his anger but ends up ruining the reputation of the murderer’s daughter.

Ace being a man of honor and influenced by Caitlin’s brother sets on a path to make amends. The book is quite a way to start a series. Catherine Anderson prepared the stage right for extremes in terms of loyalty, love, romance, hate and determination. One noble man whose stepfather has been murdered finds his path crossing with an emotionally scarred woman who despite her rigidness in love cannot hold back her feelings. This is like a volcano that is set to erupt in the eyes of the reader.

In “Beautiful Gifts” in The True Love Wedding Dress which was released in 2005, the author does not shy away from exploring love and its magic – literally. Being the second of the series Keegan-Paxton, Catherine Anderson delves into a fictional world of magical love.

The story is set at a time period which is long ago. There is a poor servant girl who creates a wedding dress for her mistress. The mistress is set to marry a groom who the servant girl loves so passionately and dearly. This tempts her to almost stop the wedding using the magical power that she has but in the end she does not. Instead, she decides to ensure that the man receives all the happiness in the world by enchanting the dress. This meant that any bride who possessed the dress would receive the blessing of true love.

But something went unexpectedly wrong. Instead of the magic working for her mistress, it works for her so that she becomes the bearer of true love. Within a short time, the dress itself disappears mysteriously. For a reader, this series of unexpected events is very exciting and one is left wondering who the dress will fall to next and who is likely to claim it. This unpredictable eventuality is worth the wait as there are several events that continue to shape the flow and the ultimate end of the book.

The first two books of the Keegan-Paxton series are amazingly emotional, romantic and full of twists and turns. The third book, Summer Breeze falls nothing short of the same trend. Released in 2006, the book takes the reader back in time. It is set in 1889 a time when Rachel Hollister has not stepped outside her house in five years. This follows a devastating crime that saw the whole of her family murdered as she watched and the case has not been solved yet. At the time, she was only seventeen.

In the whole world, Rachel only trusts Darby; the ranch foreman. He does everything for Rachel and tends to the ranch. When Darby gets shot, he rides to Joseph for medical help and in the process asks Joseph to take care of Rachel should anything happen to him. After tending to Darby, Joseph rides to watch over Rachel. She is shocked by the presence of a stranger in her compound and threatens to shoot him if he does not leave. But Joseph is a persistent man who manages to sneak into her house at night.

The single night turns to day and another day follows and soon it becomes weeks and months. The two grow fond of each other and they both find themselves in very unfamiliar territories. Rachel has never been in contact with the world and people outside and now she has to relate with Joseph who is finding it very hard to manage an intelligent, attractive and vibrant woman who cannot leave the house. Evidently, the author created a recipe for high emotions, twists and turns.

Catherine Anderson’s fourth book of the series Keegan-Paxton is Early Dawn which was released in 2010. It is a story of betrayal, heroism and a second chance at love. Eden Paxton’s engagement had just ended and she had to leave San Francisco as soon as she could due to the nasty rumors that were being spread by her ex fiancé. She heads for Colorado. On the way, she has an encounter with murderous criminals who cut the trip short.

Matthew Coulter has a history with criminals. A gang murdered his wife some time ago and this left a scar in his heart. He cannot stand to see a woman being mistreated. It happens that the woman he is out to rescue is Eden.

The two embark on a life saving journey that involves running away from the ruffians. The process soon turns into discovering each other, growing fond of each other and developing mutual love that is marred with doubts of success given Mathew’s obsession with revenge.

Lucky Penny, (2012) is the final book of the series. In the book, Brianna O’Keefe is forced to work for a Colorado rancher in order to support her sister’s child Daphne. But for the situation to work perfectly she has to avoid the unwanted attention by lying that she is married to a David Paxton who in her mind is non existent individual, at least until an actual David Paxton happens to show up.

David Paxton receives a letter from a woman claiming to be his wife and the mother of his child. As a marshal in Colorado and a rancher as well, he has enough resources to trace the woman. He has no grounds to deny the woman and the child considering the level of his sexual activity in his youthful days. To her amazement, David admits to fathering the child and slowly she starts to develop deep feelings for him. But he has skeletons in his closet just as Brianna has trust issues.

Unearthing the mysteries surrounding the pair is worth the time and money spent on this book.

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