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Keeper Of The Lost Cities Books In Order

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Publication Order of Keeper of the Lost Cities Books

The Keeper of the Lost Cities series is a series of suspense and mystery novels written by one of the popular American authors named Shannon Messenger. There is a total of 5 books in the series, released between the years 2012 and 2016. All the books in the series feature the main protagonist in the form of Sophie Foster, who is depicted in the series as a 12 year old girl. She is also described to have telepathic abilities, which allow her to hear the thoughts of all the people around her. The first book of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series written by author Shannon Messenger was published under the title ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’. It was released by the Aladdin publishers in the year 2012. The story of this book is set around the events in the life of the main character named Sophie Foster, and takes place in San Diego, California, The United States. This riveting debut novel of the bestselling series shows a telepathic girl who sets out herself in search of reasons as to why she has become the key of her new world.

Sophie is required to do it as soon as possible so that she could prevent the wrong people from getting the information before her and using it to their advantage. At the start of the first book of the series, 12 year old Sophie Foster is introduced as having a secret that she is a telepath, the one who can hear what people around her think in their minds. Even though Sophie is blessed with such an advantageous talent, she does not know how to explain it. After some time, Sophie Foster comes across a mysterious boy named Fitz, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. From the day she meets him for the first time, everything begins to change in Sophi’s life because Fitz is also able to read her mind. Later, Sophie comes to know about a place where she actually belongs and thinks that if stays with her family, it will place her family and herself in a grave danger. Therefore, she decides to leave everything behind in the blink of an eye and goes on a journey to start a new life for herself in a new place. Her new world appears to be totally different in all aspects from what she has ever known about. Soon, she is asked to learn some new rules and master new skills.

However, not everyone seems happy after her return to her real home, those who begin to cause obstacles in her path. As time passes by, Sophie Foster comes to know that there are some deep secrets buried in her memory. These secrets are mostly related to the facts about who she actually is and what was the reason behind letting her hide and live among the humans. Many others in Sophie’s new world are trying to know about these secrets desperately and would hesitate to kill if such a situation arises. In the end, the novel appears to be a page turning debut novel of the mystery series. Author Shannon Messenger very well depicted an intriguing story and created a riveting story about a girl who seeks the reasons behind her secret powers and abilities. The excellent writing style of author Shannon Messenger and her development of interesting characters have helped this book to become a grand success worldwide. The success also allowed author Shannon Messenger to enter into the world of name and fame as a new writer of mystery novels.

The first book of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series written by author Shannon Messenger was followed the next novel title ‘Exile’. This book was also published by the Aladdin publishers in the year 2013 as a Hardcover edition. The story of this novel continues to revolve around the life of the central character named Sophie Foster and her special telepathic abilities in her new world. In the starting sequence of the story of this novel, it is shown that Sophie Foster becomes a friend of the mythical Alicorn. By doing so, she puts to test all her mysterious powers. The enchanting sequel of the debut novel of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series shows many more exciting and dangerous events in the life Sophie Foster. After settling down into her new home located at Havensfield, she thinks that she has surpassed all the dangers and is safe. At Havensfield, she is surrounded by friends all around and seems to be very happy to stay in their company. When Sophie comes across the first female alicorn named Silveny, she decides to use her unique telepathic powers to train her. Before Silveny, no other female alicorn was seen in the Lost Cities.

As Sophie begins to indulge herself such activities, she begins to feel that her life is finally coming together. However, she is still surrounded by her kidnappers, who roam all around in the open to get chance a to abduct her once again. After a little while, Sophie Foster comes to know about new clues and messages from the mysterious and suspenseful Black Swan group. The devastating secrets and clues force her to take a deadly and terrifying risk. The risk is so terrifying that it puts the lives of everyone around her in incredible danger. Soon, the secrets which were buried for many years begin to come up to the surface once again, and due to this, Sophie is once again forced to go on and uncover the hidden memories. She is required to find the answers as early as possible before they get into the hands of the wrong people and cause Sophie to lose someone close to her forever. In the end, the second book of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series written by author Shannon Messenger shows that Sophie Foster is required to travel to the darkest corners located in the new luminous world. The exciting and intriguing events depicted in the sequel book once again leave the readers breathless till the end and make them wishing for more to come in the next novels of the series. Just like the initial books of the series, the other books also became very much famous and helped author Shannon Messenger to work her way to become one of the noteworthy authors of the mystery and suspense genres.

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