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Keeper Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Keeper of the Light Trilogy Books

Keeper of the Light (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss River (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Mother's Shadow (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Keeper Trilogy
Keeper Trilogy also known as Kiss River is a series of romance novels by a gifted author Diane Chamberlain. It is a story of a family drama with fascinating characters and plenty of twists and turns which makes the reader keep on guessing what will happen next.

The lovers of Jodi Picoult’s style will love how Diane Chamberlain has crafted these set of books.

Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light is the first book in the series, and it revolves around love, betrayal, loss, forgiveness and starting over. The main characters are Dr. Olivia Simon who is a surgeon, Paul Maceli, a journalist and Dr. Olivia’s husband, Alec O’Neil a veterinary doctor and Annie who is a glass artist and a perfect wife and mother according to her husband. Paul has been obsessed with Annie after learning much about her and has informed his wife about it. This has made him start neglecting his wife.

As the story begins, a married man goes to a house of women who have been violated where Annie works as a volunteer and immediately directs a gun to his wife. Annie on seeing this stands in between the two and attempts to convince the man not to shoot. The man does not listen to the pleas and ends up shooting Annie instead. She is taken to the hospital where she is attended to by Dr. Olivia who happens on duty at that time of the night. She tries her best to save the victim, and in the course of saving her, she realizes that was the woman who has been between her and her husband. Regardless of that, she struggles to save the young woman’s life, but unfortunately, she does not make it.

On arrival at home, Olivia informs her husband that Annie died after being shot, this makes him very angry and takes his bag then leaves feeling heartbroken. Olivia could not stand and watch the father of her unborn child mourn his adulteress. She keeps her pregnancy as a secret because she feels that if she informs Paul, he will return just for the sake of the baby.

Annie’s death left some victims who would be affected by her deep secrets. Paul, who had been obsessed to her Alec, who thought his marriage with her, was perfect; and Olivia who wanted to know more about this lady who destroyed the relationship with her husband.

They had to find out more about Annie and the secrets she had hidden. Many people had named her Saint Annie because of her excellent work. Dr. Olivia tries to act like Annie by learning about the stained glasses and even working at the shelter of the violated women as a volunteer since she wants to understand what was so unique in Annie who destroyed her marriage. Mary Poor-the lighthouse keeper knows some secrets which would hurt a lot of people if uncovered, but they are meant to make those who care and love Annie to move on with their life.

Annie’s husband is traumatized by his wife’s death which makes him neglect his two teenagers, Lacey and Clay. He starts meeting up with Olivia to understand what was discovered in the emergency room as his wife was being attended to. They start talking more often because they are both mourning for the loss. They are honest with each other, but Olivia does not want to inform Alec that Paul, her husband, had neglected her for his already dead wife, Annie. Later we learn that St Annie was not a saint. As the story unfolds, we find out that Paul and Annie had known each other since in college where their love began and that’s why their relationship is stronger.

After Paul left, he later gains his senses back and comes back to Olivia, but she does not love him anymore after his deceitfulness

Kiss River

The second in the trilogy is based on a desire for unconditional love, the need of a family, and the need to belong somewhere. There is a The story now takes place in Outer Banks, a lady called Gina Higgins, a teacher who came from Washington DC, arrives in the lighthouse with a very desperate intention of raising the lens and find out the secrets of the lighthouse.

Gina with her own story opens up the exact reason she wants to raise the lens above the grievance of the natives. Saving her daughter will be determined by whether she will be able to unveil some information which is not that easy to find. The nineteenth-century history of Kiss Rivers Lighthouse has been buried very deep. Gina is determined to find out how to bring into light what holds her fortune, her future and the only remaining opportunity to save her daughter who means a lot to her.

She becomes close to Annie and Alec’s children, Lacey and Clay. Lacey deals with stained glasses just like her mother was and is finding it hard to cope with the death of her mother. Clay is a widower and is dealing with a burden of hopelessness. They are both living in the house which was formerly lived by a lighthouse keeper.

Lacey and Clay O’Neill give Gina a hand in her ventures. Lacey invites her to live with them, and she accepts, hoping that she will provide Clay some words of encouragement because he was still mourning for the death of his wife. As Gina is on her mission, she tries to find out the deep history of that town that has a connection with her family’s history. Clay finds some interest in Gina’s and her struggle just some eight months after the loss of his wife. But the answers which she is looking for are below the ocean. She finds out the lenses were buried deep in the sea during the storm that destroyed the lighthouse. She then starts a persuading the community to assist her in rescuing it. The only hope remaining is to uncover some secrets which are written in an old dairy owned by Berry Poor, the daughter of the former lighthouse keeper, Mary Poor.

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