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Keisha Ervin

Keisha Ervin is an urban fantasy author best known for her best-selling novels, Chyna Black, Hold U Down, and the Street Love anthology. Ervin hails from Missouri and stands out as one of the most prolific writers in the region. Growing up, she received several accolades for her writing, and she had been honing her writing skills over the years. Her success has drawn a lot of attention to her hometown and the urban fantasy genre as a whole. Ervin is also a devoted mother who enjoys spending quality time with her son. This talented author currently lives in St. Louis.


Torn tells the story of Mo, a young woman who has gone through hell in her relationship. It has been nine years since Mo met Quan, a man she loved with every fiber of her being. However, throughout the years, Quan had cheated, had a baby with another woman, and beat her enough time. Their lives are filled with drama, and Mo keeps on holding on, hoping things will get better. After three miscarriages, numerous flings, and enough violent episodes, it finally dawns on Mo that the man she loved was never going to change. The heartbreaks and drama would continue for as long as Mo maintained her relationship with Quan.

Your heart will break every time Quan does something to his wife. The relationship is so toxic you can feel it through the pages. Why can she walk away? After all, with a good job and no surviving children, there very little holding her back. Luckily, in the second half of the book, Mo begins to evaluate their relationship. She starts to choose herself over a man who did not care, and her life begins to change. Those babies she so much wanted come easily, and she even finds a man who loves her. Quan also gets his karma, and you will celebrate with Mo every time Quan suffers a little more for what he did to his wife.
While this story touches on issues we see in society every day, the way it is told makes it extraordinary. It is like the author wrote from someone’s diary without altering a single word. The characters are believable, the storyline realistic, and the pacing just right for this kind of novel. While this story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, you will love Mo’s happy ending. After all the heartaches she endured, it is refreshing that she finally gets what she wanted, a happy family and enough loving friends around her. Ervin is a talented author, and her style turns this story into a page-turner.

Torn is the story of toxic love and its associated consequences. It is hard to believe this is a work of fiction from the way it is told. You will live through what the different characters are going through in their lives, and some events will make your blood boil. This is also a story of hope for any woman who has been in an abusive relationship. Once the protagonist starts to do what is right for her, she experiences much happiness, and the direction of her life changes. A girl who spent lonely nights, sometimes in great pain, finally finds a man who adores her and the babies she had been waiting for her whole life.

Chyna Black

Chyna Black comes first in the Chyna Black series. The book introduces Chyna, Danea, a black girl caught up in life in the hood. Chyna was raised by her grandmother, the only person she believed loved her genuinely. She is an A student, a social girl, and a darling to many. However, when Chyna’s grandmother dies just when she is getting into teenage, everything changes. Now, this girl is forced to live with a mum she cannot get along with and with the heartache of losing a woman she genuinely loved. It doesn’t take long for Chyna’s grades to start falling and for her to fall into the wrong company.

When Chyna meets Tyriek James, her life takes a turn to the worst. Tyriek is the local hoodlum, and he has nothing good to offer. Sure, he comes off as a loving man initially, but it soon becomes clear that love is the last thing he felt for Chyna. With awful grades, no friends, and little to look forward to, Chyna’s life will almost come to a stop when Tyriek decides that he no longer wants her. Will this young girl’s life take a turn for the better? Is it possible to recover from all the self-inflicted harm she brought into her life?

This is a remarkable story of growing up in a not-so-perfect world. It is the tale of a young girl who makes some bad choices and is forced to face the consequences. Everything is going great for Chyna until she loses her grandmother. What follows is a string of bad choices and wild decisions that impact her life. Chyna is forced to grow up too fast because of her choices but is fortunate to have the support of her family and friends. The story unfolds at a leisurely pace, and you will love how the strings tie together at the end. Will Chyna end her relationship with Tyriek and choose a healthier partner? What about her relationship with her mum?

Chyna Black highlights most of the challenges teenage girls go through when it comes to boys. Some hold on to their first love even when the relationship is not working out. Chyna tried so hard to maintain her relationship until she is pushed beyond her limits. She is left with no choice but to rectify her ways, choose to surround herself with healthy people, and distance herself from a boy who added no value to her life. The writing here is excellent, and the story will hold your attention to the last page. While some sad bits in the story, it is fantastic that it ends on such a positive note.

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    Impatiently waiting for Dreamz 3

    The first time I read DREAMZ, I was hypnotized by the characters and their stories. I was not too happy about waiting for the second book to come out. Now I’m on pins and needles with the anticipation of the third book.
    PLEASE🙏🏾 get me out of my misery and release the third one already.
    Thank you for such great stories. Much Blessings!

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    Is there a DREAM 2

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      This one is an audiobook only.

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    Does India Black has another book coming out anytime soon. If Boys Could Cry or is the series of China Black six book coming out. Both book left me hang. All your books are great reads. Thank you so much


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