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Keith A Pearson is a bestselling author of science fiction and suspense novels from Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Shortly after he was born in 1971, the family moved to South West Surrey to a terraced house in a huge council estate.
His youngest sibling was born two years later and by 1974, the family had swelled to six people that included the four children and their parents. His father then worked for a removals company as a porter while his mother was employed by a local cafe.

Given that his parents worked lowly jobs, the family was piss poor though Pearson has said that he never realized it. It was only when he was older that he reflected on his childhood that he acknowledged how poor his family was.

He still remembers how they used to go shopping for second-hand clothes at jumble sales during the weekend. He also remembers how often he used to go to school with just one biscuit and a cheese sandwich in his lunch box.

While it does seem that he had a very bad childhood, what he remembers most was how much love was in their house.

By the time Keith Pearson was a teenager, two of his elder brothers had joined the workforce and their contributions improved the household finances somewhat.

The family was still poor, but no longer piss poor as they could now afford to get Christmas gifts such as a BMX from Woolworths and an Oric Atmos home computer.

However, his mother had to pay five pounds every week for up to a year to get them their presents.

In 1988, he left school but could not go to college as his parents could not afford to send him to college despite having passed the GCSE. So Keith Pearson was forced to get a job but made quite a name for himself in the corporate world.
He would become the director of a property company but quit in 2004 to spend more time with his family.

He had two children between 1998 and 2002 and for several years, he did all manner of jobs to pay his bills until he ultimately settled on becoming a marketing consultant working freelance.

In his new role, he helped many small businesses with their online marketing needs. He would ultimately sell that business so that he could become a professional author.

During the holidays in 2015, he met up with several of his friends for some drinks, which is where they began talking about New Year’s resolutions.

Driven by the alcohol he said that he would become a professional author. In 2016, one of his friends casually reminded him that he had made a resolution. With some trepidation, he sat down to write a novel with no clue how to go about it.
Six months later, he had managed to cobble together enough pages, and hopeful rather than expectant, she began to email her manuscript to agents. After several weeks and none of her emails getting any answers, he decided to self-publish.
On October 15th, Keith published “The ‘86 Fix” on Amazon and went back to his life. He had no idea that his novel would go on to become a bestselling work.

He has now sold more than half a million copies of his novels and is grateful that he now makes a living as a fiction author.

Keith A. Pearson’s novel “The ‘86 Fix” is the story of Craig Pelling, a boy that takes a detour from school to go buy some Coke. He never expected that the harmless visit to the shop would have far-reaching ramifications on his life.
Fast Forward sixty years and he is now in a loveless marriage and working a job he hates as an electrical store manager. He rues what he could have become even though fate is going to throw him even more curveballs.
An unexpected high school reunion may just be the catalyst for a lot of chairs. Years after he visited that shop to get some Coke, his banal life may be upended as his past returns to haunt him.

Plummeting toward rock bottom, and believing he was going to lose everything, he gets a lifeline as he gets a trip back to 1986.

Will he get a chance to fix his life back in time by reversing the single worst mistake he made all those years ago?

“Beyond Broadhall” by Keith A. Pearson continues to follow Craig Pelling whose quest back to the 1980s to fix his mistakes of adolescence did not go as planned.

In 2016, he ends up in a mental hospital and arguably worse than when he had set off to fix things. He had been trying to do everything to stay back in 1986 but this resulted in him getting run over by a car.

Given that he died in 1986, in the present he is forced to live anonymously with no family, no identity, no friends, no job, and no wife. The biggest challenge that Craig Pelling has is to try to find out what happened to his family, friends, and loved ones while he is living in a strange timeline.

Things are made even more difficult by the fact that he had not been active in this timeline for more than three decades.

Will Craig be able to make something of the normal life he has always dreamed of in this new reality he has to live in? Or maybe everyone and everything he has worked so hard for may become lost to him for eternity.

Keith A. Pearson’s novel “Tuned Out” is the story of Toby Grant, a man who is employed at a digital marketing agency. He usually spends much of his nights thinking long and deep thought about how badly the men of his generation have it.
He is just about to turn thirty in a few months and his finances could not have been worse. He thinks millennials could not have had it worse as compared to his parents’ generation.

Following a series of unlucky happenings, he is given a chance to go back in time to 1969 the time of his parents. However, life in Britain during the late 60s and 70s was not as simple as he had believed.
It makes for an addictive story full of nostalgia, poignancy, and hilarity.

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