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Publication Order of Keith Calder Books

Keith Calder by Gerald Hammond
Author Gerald Hammond pens the “Keith Calder” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 1979, when “Dead Game” was released. The series ended publication after 23 novels in the year 1997, when “Follow That Gun” was released.

The novels are set in different parts of Scotland. Keith Calder is a shooting instructor and itinerant gunsmith. He also has a total disregard for the law and is a skilled poacher of birds of both kinds. Another character in the books is Molly, who is married to Keith and she joins him in some of his adventures.

“Dead Game” is the first novel in the “Keith Calder” series, which was released in the year 1979. Keith Calder is a guest in the Scottish Borders at a shoot when one of the syndicate members dies. At first glance, it appears to be an accident but he has a bullet in his body.

Calder takes a personal interest in the case. It grows when his current girlfriend’s brother is arrested and charged for the murder. Calder starts making his own inquiries, but Molly and he wind up in danger.

This is an outstanding book that kicks off a stellar series. The book is well written and a solid mystery, making it easy to invest in what is going on.

“The Reward Game” is the second novel in the “Keith Calder” series, which was released in the year 1980. Molly returned to her car and found a corpse in it. The discovery is the beginning of a tense trail for both her and her husband Keith.

Molly and Keith have their work cut out for them while chasing the reward money for some missing money and gems. The hunt takes them from their country setting into the heart of Glasgow, and they require help from their family and friends on the way. Molly wants Briesland House more than anything, even though she wants to keep her husband safe. Is she going to be successful?

Gerald Hammond uses expert knowledge of guns and love for the Scottish countryside to create some wonderful backgrounds to set a credible, puzzling, and totally entertaining whodunit. Hammond does not make his books boring and padded, instead, they have some clever plots in them. These are characters you want to spend some time with in a world that you actively want to go back to.

“The Revenge Game” is the third novel in the “Keith Calder” series, which was released in the year 1981. Drama comes to Newton Lauder after the canal overflows, causing flooding in the houses, streets, and surrounding countryside. The drama intensifies when a skeleton is found in the emptied canal, which is quickly identified as a canal employee who had been absent for over a year and missed by colleagues.

Keith Calder is just interested in the flood as it affects the local wild fowl’s movements. Until he the police interview him in connection with some anomalies in the dead guy’s firearms certificate. While the interview is going on, Keith hears that his shop is burning, and it starts a horrific chain of events that involves him both personally and deeply.

Gerald Hammond has produced another real and spine tingling mystery novel against an evocative background in the Scottish Lowlands.

“Fair Game” is the fourth novel in the “Keith Calder” series, which was released in the year 1982. Ray Grass dies and leaves behind an estate that is worth millions. The estate is made up of a valuable collection of firearms and will full of his personal mischievous sense of fun. Ray was an enthusiastic sportsman, and the fatal accident inquiry brought an accidental death verdict. He was carrying a loaded gun while trying to climb a fence. Both his acquaintances and neighbors shook their heads at rich bachelors’ folly.

Such carelessness was uncharacteristic to some of his friends. Keith, with an eye on the collection of guns, reluctantly agrees to go with the solicitor, named Enterkin, to Grass’s estate and ask his own questions.

Calder learns about the facts of the supposed accidental death, and knew the verdict was wrong, quickly setting about to try to find out the truth. It is not an easy task, since he is surrounded by quite a few people who, in odd and singular ways, would benefit largely from Grass dying.

Keith finds that a cop shares his doubts. They piece together the death’s events of Grass’s death, and find multiple murders and run into some danger.

“The Game” is the fifth novel in the “Keith Calder” series, which was released in the year 1982. Millmont House, which is close to Edinburgh, is a group of companies called Personal Service’s headquarters. Millmont House is a place that offers an ancient service, it is a very expensive and high class brothel. In a luxury apartment there is quite a bit of evidence that a killing has happened and obvious that an antique pistol is the murder weapon.

There is not body to speak of, zero clue as to who it was that could have been killed, nor who the killer is. Keith goes into this wealthy and discreet atmosphere to look into matters, he is even able to figure out who is dead, with some finesse but with enough promptitude. By doing so, he disturbs a hornets nest of corruption and blackmail in the local government.

“Cousin Once Removed” is the sixth novel in the “Keith Calder” series, which was released in the year 1984. Keith comes back from time in France with an upset wife, a deep tan, a good deal in duty free, and some vintage guns.

He is not back long when it is obvious that one of the guns he got in France has drawn some tough competition. A titled politician makes him an unspecific yet tempting offer, and someone tries to kill him. Keith would have bled out, but an ambulance comes to his aid, which looks to have been sent by the people that assaulted him.

Not someone to wait on events, Keith sets out on a course of convalescence and confrontation. It results in something shocking, spectacular, and devious. It includes attempted robbery, a humiliating incident, and an ancient duelling scandal. Not to mention some contemporary corruption and greed.

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