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Keith Houghton is an English author of fiction novels. He most often writes in the genre of fantasy and science fiction. In addition to being a writer, he is also a playwright. He is the author of the Gabe Quinn Thriller series, which started off with a bang with the debut of Kindle eBook Killing Hope. The ebook hit #1 internationally. The followup novels Crossing Lines and Taking Liberty also did quite well.

Houghton began writing in the early eighties, which is when he wrote his first fantasy novel. He wrote science fiction novel Uth in the mid-nineties and then wrote three comedic plays for the stage.

Houghton also writes more than just series. He has written standalone fiction novels No Coming Back, Before You Leap, and Crash. These action novels will get your blood pumping like never before! Experience all of the twists and turns for yourself in this Thomas & Mercer release by Houghton.

He resides in north London with his partner Lynn. They have three children and several grandchildren. Houghton published several books in 2011 in eBook form, entering into the gritty world of self-publishing. You can find out more about him at his site

Keith Houghton is the author of the Gabe Quinn series of novels. The series focuses on Gabe Quinn, who has become something of a celebrity cop. In the first book in the series, Killing Hope, Quinn is recovering but back to work after a horrible tragedy tests him on an emotional level that he never thought possible. But when a serial killer is stalking two major cities, he has to put all of that aside to catch them.

Killing Hope is the first in the Gabe Quinn series by Keith Houghton. When one man is the only thing standing between countless deaths and another man stands to cause them, he will try to stop him. The only trouble is that only one of them will ultimately be successful in their quest.

Crossing Lines sees the return of Quinn again, who has quit the LAPD to track down two serial killers but might be waylaid on his mission by the return of an old nemesis. Taking Liberty is the third book in the series and sees Quinn imprisoned for the attempted murder of a federal agent. But when a killer prompts his freedom by the FBI in order to work on the case, he may have a chance to bring a criminal to justice and absolve his name in the process.

Gabe Quinn is a celebrity cop and is pretty well known. But after a personal tragedy wrecked him from top to bottom, he’s going to have to actively adjust to working the Robbery and Homicide beat. While he is still raw from the incident, there’s work to be done. Now there appears to be a serial killer that is actively stalking two major cities and walking their streets, leaving behind evidence that they were there in the form of dead bodies.

He doesn’t have much to go on except for a series of cryptic clues that have been left at the scene of each crime. Gabe Quinn is the one who must put the pieces together when it comes to this serial killer and try to figure out what the clues mean. If he can piece them together, he may have a shot at catching up to the murderer and taking this killer down.

However, you should always be careful what you wish for. Quinn may live to regret his pursuit of a killer whose moral code may just be the most heinous thing he’s ever come across– a person whose ideas go against everything that Quinn believes in.

With lives hanging in the balance, this celebrity cop has no choice but to go out there and try to take the killer down. Even if it means getting caught in the crosshairs. Want to find out what happens? Check out Killing Hope and find out for yourself whether this serial killer gets caught or ultimately lives to do more damage.

Crossing Lines is the thrilling second book in the Gabe Quinn series from top-rated author Keith Houghton! Gabe Quinn is back once again in this exciting sequel to Killing Hope. This bestselling mystery-thriller kicks off with Quinn having quit work as a cop for the L.A.P.D. and going on the road solo.

Now he is committed to doing the job without the paycheck as Quinn soldiers on in his quest to catch two serial killers that have ruined his life. He’s working to catch them pro bono and wants revenge more than ever. Quinn believes that all it takes is some hard work and justice to settle the score. However, he may be thrown off of his mission sooner than he anticipates.

It’s the beginning of the end for the celebrity cop when a body washes up on a beach in Florida. It’s mutilated horribly, and things start going downhill from here in a case that is much more complex and risky than it initially appears to be.

Quinn is pulled into an elaborate game of cat and mouse as he unwittingly crosses paths with a madman. Now he must race against time to save a woman’s life. But Gabe might just be surprised at who the madman turns out to be– a deadly enemy from his past and the only person on Earth that he needs to settle an old score with.

Gabe must race to catch up with the kidnapper that he holds responsible for killing his wife. Now Quinn will find himself tested on every level possible with the prospect of being able to catch The Maestro. He has a grudge that he needs to put to rest, but can he catch up to this insane monster and still keep himself intact? You are going to have to pick up Crossing Lines to find out!

If you like Killing Hope and Crossing Lines, be sure to check out the final book in the Gabe Quinn series, Taking Liberty, which brings the trilogy to a satisfying conclusion.

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  1. Clarice Klepadlo: 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for your works! Hoping all is well and you will have more adventure mysteries like those of Maggie Novak. The Florida locations are so cool. I winter near Orlando and smile at all the familiar locations. Literally can’t put your novels down. Thanks again

    • Keith Houghton: 2 years ago

      Hi Clarice!

      Thank you for enjoying my books and for your kind words of support. It’s great to see you connected with my Florida locations. I love the Sunshine State and am very envious of your ‘wintering’ there. 😉

      Best wishes,



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