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Keith Nixon

Keith Nixon is successfully employed in Cheshire, England as a senior sales rep for a UK high-tech company that utilizes his good skill of talking to good effect.

Mr. Nixon has another great skill, that of writing historical crime, thriller, and mystery fiction. His novels, published by Caffeine Nights, have been highly successful with over seventeen novels with a variety of series.

Born in Midlands, United Kingdom, Mr. Nixon has been writing since childhood. His wife, family, and friends all generally agree that he’s not grown up yet. They also all agree that he is doing a fine job with his writing and he should keep doing that for a long time.

Mr. Nixon did a blog site interview in February 2013 – The Cult of Me. He generously answered questions about himself. When queried about how he started writing he shared this.

He started writing when he was about nine years old. He was and still is a voracious reader and usually has a couple of books going at the same time. Also his experiences in business allowed him to observe people and their emotions. He was able to take that understanding and translate it into stories, hoping they were going to want to be read by others.

Mr. Nixon is originally from Mansfield, UK but has lived all over the country. He’s currently living in the Cheshire/Peak District border. He had the typical English education and achieved a degree in Chemistry and an MBA. He has been very happily married for nearly 25 years. He likes to share that they met at a Christmas party and were married 85 days later. With three kids who give him and his wife the usual fun and challenges.

The first book Mr. Nixon wrote was a WWII historical fiction. His grandfather-in-law was a merchant seaman and he was captured and held prisoner in Italy. Family lore said he escaped prison camp and somehow managed to steal a train. Incredulously, he drove it back to France and made it all the way home. Or so the family says.

Mr. Nixon was asked what he enjoys most about writing. It’s the challenge of taking a small idea and building it up and out. It seems to take on a life of its own. He says he feels like writing is a process of solving a series of problems. The characters are participants in the process of problem solving.

If there is a favorite, there is a least. The problem is about finding the best ways to get his stories into the hands of readers. He just really wants people to be able to read his books. It’s nearly impossible to get agents and publishers interested so he greatly appreciates being an independent author.

Like a lot of successful authors, Mr. Nixon was asked about his advice for aspiring new authors. Write. Write. Write. It’s a process to develop the muscle. It takes time and effort.

All the frustrations and mistakes a new writer makes is are opportunities for re-drafts, new ideas and ultimately writing a better story. His biggest piece of advice is not to do any re-writes until completing the first draft. You can get stuck polishing the same couple of chapters and never get the story done.

In 2014 Mr. Nixon did an interview with the blog website At The Slaughter House with the author Richard Godwin about Mr. Nixon’s debut novel, The Fix and how it connects with is series of novellas called Dream Land. The novellas follow a character from The Fix- Konstantin. Konstantin has been kicked out of Russia and by his former employer, the KGB. Now they are are following him around.

The first novella center around Konstantin’s first 48 hours away from his country. Like it or not, trouble follows him. This story answers some questions from The Fix, and Mr. Nixon elaborates that this story has very little swearing and much less black humor.

The five successive novella go on from Dream Land in chronological order but he assures us that each can be satisfactorily as stand alone stories.

Mr. Nixon did an extensive interview in October 2017 with Fiona at the “authorsinterviews” website, discussing his book, Dig Two Graves, the number 1 book in the Detective Solomon Gray series.

He was asked about when he considered himself a writer. He figured it was when he knew he had one more book in him and he would never stop. His writing style is “short and succinct”. He said he “struggles to write long tomes”. If he had to do anything over agin when writing his books, he would write better outlines before digging into the actual writing of the book.

How did he come up with the title, Dig Two Graves? Mr. Nixon thinks he saw it in a newspaper article. In this novel he wants readers to get the message to never give up home. The book is as realistic and accurate as was feasible. It’s very accurate about the location of Margate and Thanet, real areas in England that he grew up in.

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