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Fat Girl on a Plane (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eat Your Heart Out (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Go Hunt Me (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Every Body Shines(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Kelly DeVos
The American author Kelly DeVos is well known for her creative and inventive stories largely set in the Young Adult genre. Mostly writing thriller for a modern and contemporary audience, she has fast become a household name for many with readers from all around the world enjoying her books. Relating to her younger readers in a manner quite unlike any other, she really knows her audience fully, keeping them invested in her stories. There’s always a strong message at the heart of each of her books too, as she’s an outspoken novelist with a well defined voice.
Writing for a number of different publications over the years, she’s carved herself a niche within the industry that is very much her own. Her style is direct and to the point, as she articulates what she wants to say succinctly and seemingly with ease. With her sense-of-humor as well, she’s highly regarded for her wit, capturing the attention of readers and not letting go. This has proven to be a hugely successful formula over the years, as more and more readers have warmed to her work from around the world.
Her characters also reflect these sensibilities too, as she writes real people that are fully three-dimensional, coming to life off the page. Staying with readers long after they’ve put the book down, readers have found her stories have left a long lasting impact. From the characters to the setting, she’s left nothing out, paying attention to detail all the way, as every story feels authentic. There’s a lot more planned for release upon the horizon as well, as her writing career continues onwards and upwards.
Early and Personal Life
Born in Phoenix in the United States on the 3rd of November, this would come to feature heavily in the work of Kelly DeVos as a future author to be. Coming from Arizona, she would continually be interested in literature from an early age, specifically writing herself. This would develop over time, as she would go on to attend Arizona State University where she would gain a BA in Creative Writing.
Always on the lookout for the next big idea, she would constantly be putting her own life back into her work as an author. This would soon see her well on her way to becoming a fully fledged full-time author, writing her novels for a mass audience worldwide. Currently living in Gilbert, Arizona, she continues to write, while living with her husband and their daughter, with a lot more to come still.
Writing Career
Publishing her first novel back in 2018, Kelly DeVos would make her literary debut with the title ‘Fat Girl on a Plane,’ which was a stand-alone. She’d also start to release the ‘Day Zero Duology’ back in 2019, and ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ in 2021, marking her as a definite writer to watch. Writing for publications such as Vulture, New York Times, and Salon, she’s a versatile writer, something which she’ll continue, as she carries on gaining awards for her novels.
Fat Girl on a Plane
Originally published in 2018 on the 5th of June, this would first come out through the ‘Harlequin Teen’ publishing label. Not being a part of any series as such, this would be its own self-contained stand-alone title, not following on from anything. It’s a Young Adult novel with comedy and drama, as it follows its lead protagonist of the young Cookie Vonn throughout her post-graduate life after being high-school senior.
This is a funny and engaging story on multiple levels, as DeVos really brings the story to life through her witty and irreverent approach. Grabbing the reader from the outset, it’s a difficult book to put down, as it really makes the most of its compelling premise. With plenty of twists and turns, and an ultimately feel-good narrative, it’s the perfect casual read with some stronger underlying themes and messages.
Using alternate timelines as the basis for much of its narrative, it’s a well written and intelligently paced story. With engaging characters from the very beginning, it manages to hold the reader’s attention from the very first page. Knowing the audience well, DeVos really brings all of her characters to life, especially that of her protagonist Cookie Vonn, who will leave a long lasting impact.
Looking to get out of Phoenix, Cookie Vonn has ambitions and dreams after graduation, whereby she wants to attend Parsons and become the next great fashion designer. It’s just that it’s her plus-size weight that’s an issue in the world of high fashion, but her blog lands her a scholarship, as she heads off to New York to pitch her portfolio. When she attempts to get on the plane, though, she’s made to pay for two seats for herself, an she must turn to her friend for the money, leading to her stating that she’ll lose weight and change and everything about herself. Is this really what she wants, though, at the end of it all? Where will her journey take her? Just who is the fat girl on a plane?
Day One
Initially published through the Inkyard Press publishing outlet, this would first come out on the 1st of December in 2020. It would also mark the second book in the Day Zero Duology series of novels, carrying on from the previous title. The first was called ‘Day Zero’ and was released in 2019 just one year before the first, setting up the series to follow.
Working as a sequel to the first, this is the direct follow-up and it’s best that they’re read in order one after the other. It’s a well told story that really develops and builds upon the ideas presented in the first novel, as this takes them forwards. Featuring strong well written characters throughout, the world and the people are both fully fleshed out by DeVos.
Once living a normal life, the two stepsisters Jinx and MacKenna were teenagers living a carefree existence, all the while their parents were embroiled in a political conspiracy. Now they must battle their way across a war-torn country as they fight to rescue their brother Charles and bring him back. Using the survival skills that their doomsday prepper father taught them, they must do whatever it takes to stay alive. Will they be able to make it across the country and save their brother? Can they ever return to a normal life? What will happen on day one?

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