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Publication Order of A Kelly Jackson Mystery Books

Murder at Redwood Cove (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Mansion (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Fortune Teller's Table (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Mushroom Festival (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Marina (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Wine Country (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kelly Jackson is the main character in a series of mystery novels written by bestselling American author, Janet Finsilver. The author began the publication of Kelly Jackson series in 2015 when Murder at Redwood Cove the debut novel in the series was published.

Murder at Redwood Cove

Murder at Redwood Cove is the debut novel in Kelly Jackson series by Jante Finsilver. The story introduces the readers to the heroine, Kelly Jackson who is sent is sent to the Redwood Bed & Breakfast in Northern California as an interim manager. The previous executive manager was is found dead at the foot of a cliff and cops report indicate that his death was as a result of an accidental fall.

On arrival, she requests an employee to stop at the “fall site” and investigate where the alleged fall took place, and it seemed an unlikely area for an accidental fall. Kelly listens to talks by a group called The Silver Sentinels- the first to talk about murder instead of accident. They later meet at the Inn, and Kelly listens to their side of the story and also discovers that they are also planning their own investigations because they have already solved several other crimes.

Kelly Jackson’s debut novel is quite a mystery with a brilliant storyline and fascinating characters. One of the most significant strengths of the book is particularly the characters. Kelly is very nice. She is a self-balanced woman, and she is also independent, but despite this, she is also desperately finding her way into her specific niche in life. She is also kind, caring and thoughtful with her staff and the people around her. Even though Kelley is an outsider, she uses her likable personality and thoughtfulness and manages to fit among the residents of this small northern California town. The author did a fantastic job in creating a friendly society of interesting and quirky characters such that you would think along the line of a group like the Silver Sentinels who play a more significant role in solving of this murder mystery.

Tommy and his trained dog are also a great addition to the story. He is a brilliant little boy but who has problems in socializing with those around him especially his classmates because he is different. Fred is the name of his dog companion who was previously trained as a cancer-detecting job but was forced to drop out of class. Then there is Tommy’s mom Helen who cooks meals and also makes food baskets for the customers. Much like other lighter novels involving bed and breakfasts, Murder at Redwood Cove also features lots of references to food, such as Wine Festival and Taste of Chocolate but these events do not really take away much from the book.

The mystery in this novel is carried on well throughout the entire narrative, and there are lots of red herrings to be found in the course of reading. What also makes it more exciting and unique from other murder mysteries is that the story does not focus on a single murder mystery to solve but actually three which is great. There are lots of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing from one page to the next. Additionally, the characters are well developed and well-rounded such that upon reading the first few pages, you will realize an immediate feel of small-town closeness and the neighbors taking care of each other. Furthermore, the employees working at bed and breakfast much care about each other and they also help each other whenever they can.

Murder at the Mansion

Murder at the Mansion is the second novel in Kelly Jackson series by Jante Silver. Kelly has returned to Redwood Cove to take over the management of Bed and Breakfast Redwood Cove. After searching for a house, she has finally found it at the Bed and Breakfast in Redwood Cove. The B & B is not open yet, so she offers a helping hand to another local business owned by her boss. Soon, she makes an inventory of antiques and other items, tracking down the person responsible for the theft of jewelry on the property, and the death of a guest. She is also finally settling into her new home and also reconnecting with the friends she made in the first book, “Murder at Redwood Cove.”

Kelly solves the crime mysteries with the help of the friends she made in the series debut novel, the Silver Sentinels, as well as some of her colleagues. Their relationships are a big part of the story and offer a lot of color and depth. There is also a touch of romance. Kelly is beautiful, smart, friendly, helpful, caring and loyal. She takes risks, but she is not reckless except for on a few occasions. She is not afraid to request for help or to accept it, which is an excellent unique approach from many mysteries and cozies.

Murder at the Fortune Tellers Table

When a local woman in the small Northern California town begins a search for a couple she has not seen for decades, Redwood Cove B&B manager, Kelly Jackson and the mystery solving group Silver Sentinels, are quick to help the woman out. They are also quick to guess that they are in over their heads after the woman is found brutally murdered beside the body of a Greek fortune teller- and also a member of the Silver Sentinel also gets attacked.

As Kelly Jackson multi-tasks work and the responsibilities at a food and wine event in town, she and her investigative gang must hunt down the killer who seems obsessed with old secrets, and also solve a murder mystery more than five decades in the making. Murder at the Fortune Tellers Table is quite an easy read and nicely written featuring a Kelly Jackson as the main character and a wide array of supporting characters. Kelly has developed significantly compared to the first novel, and this is evident from the angle she approaches murder mystery, and she also solves them. Moreover, while the cops “always think that every death is as a result of a mere accident’, Kelly and her gang of the senior citizen are always willing to investigate and reveal the truth.

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