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You Had Me at Hockey (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Talk Hockey to Me (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Checking Holly Twice (By: Tess Thompson) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blame it on the Eggnog (By: Jami Davenport) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Knight Before Christmas (By: Kat Mizera) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Rule of Three (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rhythm of Three (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reward of Three (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Nine Nights in New Orleans(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kelly Jamieson is the number one USA today bestselling author of more than 30 contemporary romance novels. She specializes in writing books that she loves to read- featuring romance with humor, heat, and emotion. She is popularly known for Heller Brothers, Rule of Three, San Amaro Singles, Windy City kink, and Last Shot and Aces Hocky series. Through years, her writing has been described as emotionally complex while at the same time blistering sexy, sweet and satisfying.

Rule of three

Rule of three is the debut book in Rule of three series written by New York bestselling author of contemporary romance novels Kelly Jamieson.

Kassidy is finally getting the rewards of always abiding by the rules. She now has a job, and she is in a romantic relationship with Chris, her boyfriend and after a year while dating, the two moved in together, and it is likely that the two are set to marry soon. Soon Chris best pal pays a visit to the local town where the couple lives and immediately gets feelings for Kassidy.

It is also revealed that Dag has secretly been in love with Chris from the first time they met and it was evident that Chris would never consider Dag for a relationship. However, the twist turn of events switches them from the loving twosome into a hot threesome as old feelings are awakened, and new attraction explored. Kassidy, the apparent good girl blossoms under the attention the two guys give towards her.

One night when they pay a visit to a local club in town, it is discovered by Kassidy, that the two college buddies, Chris and Dag used to be male/female/male threesomes back in college. This discovery not only shocks Kassidy but also incredibly turns her on and prompts the good girl to give Dag a wild and sexy dance while Chris watches. This old friendship, feelings and new attraction spark something that might destroy everything that destiny has planned for the three.

Rule of Three is great, and a must read for those that love adult themed novels featuring hot scenes. The book features instances of hot sex scenes; the characters are well developed which each character is undertaking its role well with no dip cases at any given stage.

The most important aspect of this novel is that gives a realistic story; this is because it showcases the challenges that ménages experiences in real life, unlike other novels that reference this type of relationship as an easy to maintain a relationship.

Rhythm of Three

Rhythm of Three is book number two in Rule of Three series, featuring one woman and two lovers. In the debut novel of the series we first met the couple, Chris and Kassidy committed in a relationship, and they had just purchased a condo together. Kassidy was a good and straight-laced girl while her man was then a man’s man and then came Dag who forever changed their lives. This novel takes us further into the love journey of the Chris, Dag, and Cassidy in their threesome relationship.

Having had secretly fallen in love with Chris, Dag expected to come back home and to find Chris single, but instead, he finds him in a relationship with Kassidy. Dag was quite comfortable with his sexuality and did not mind sharing Kassidy only if it brought him to Chris. With time feelings develop and temptations that are strong to resist also arise at some point that even Chris himself admits that he has more than friendly feelings for his friend Dag and thus a complicated and a committed relationship is born.

The second novel picks up after the three friends have had their first true and a whole experience of a menage relationship. Soon before even the threesome relationship gets a smooth run, the reality kicks in, one that might bring down the whole relationship.

For Chris, this transition has given him one biggest emotional impact and has to face an unexpected visit from his parents. On the other hand, Kassidy does whatever it is in her power to ensure that she keeps the whole situation a secret from her friends but unfortunately without much success.

It soon becomes apparent that living and getting committed to a three ways relationship is no easy task nor is it accepted by everyone and also it takes every single bit of love, and support they can gather to take it to greater heights that no one or anything can ever reach.

Rule of Three is a great novel that showcases Kelly’s outstanding skills in writing adult themed books that are not only open ended but also gives unique story line never wrote by other contemporary romance authors.

Dag is one character who is comfortable with the whole situation and does not have to make a challenging decision as Kassidy or Chris. He is also comfortable with his sexuality as well as lifestyle.

Chris is a hard to crack the nut that had to take the biggest leap of the three. He again can appreciate the happiness his new life brings even though he needs to control what he craves for most so as to maintain a balance in himself.

Kassidy, in this case, is a worrier who wants to see everyone happy and will check to make sure that everyone in the relationship is happy and that no one is left out. She also serves as a mediator, and she would withdraw herself out of the equation before she even allows any pain on either of her men.

The sexual encounters depicted in the series are steamy hot and erotic while at the same time completely intimate and loving.

Reward of Three

Reward of Three is book number three in Rule of Three series by Kelly Jamieson.

Kass, Chris, and Dag are delighted when a pregnancy test turns out positive, and at last, their relationship has blossomed, and soon they are going to be parents.

Dag grew up without a dad, and could this mean that he will be a bad role model? On the other hand, Kassidy is working long hours on a highly priced project while Chris some disappointing response from his parents with the news. Will the couples survive the turbulence in facing them now, or will their three-year-old relationship be shaken to the core?

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