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One Foot in the Grove (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Pressed Murder (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dipped to Death (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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When Computers Become Human (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Visual Foresight and the Delphic Oracle (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kelly Lane is a prestigious author who has written several enchanting novels especially in the genre of “cozy mystery”. Her major goal is to entertain the readers to the fullest and leave a smile on their faces. Needless to mention, her mystery-based fictions always feature some incredibly interesting plots with a captivating yet unique narrative style & a perfect ending.

She is the author of a revolutionary book series namely Berkley Prime Crime’s “Olive Grove Mystery Series”. The first book in this cozy mystery series got a remarkable success. In fact, the author got an overwhelming response and an overall positive review from her numerous fans, followers, book critics and other relevant professionals for this exclusive creation.

Kelly Lane – Early Background & Other Details : The renowned author currently lives near Charlottesville, Virginia. She has worked as a creative author, brilliant editor, successful journalist, and public relations professionals for several Fortune 500 companies. Apart from being a successful author, she describes herself as a slush pile reader, recipe lover, farm gal, animal hoarder, anti housekeeper, and a garden junkie. Plus, she is an award-winning photographer too.

She loves and respects her family a lot. She considers herself as a proud mom, a great sister, and a supporting & understanding wife. She enjoys a complete Southern and agrarian lifestyle which specifically includes preparing locally grown & artisanal food items for her family and friends. At any given time, her pantry boasts of having myriad variants of fresh olive oils, including incredibly delicious Georgia varieties.

Prior moving to Virginia, she thoroughly enjoyed competitive sailing. In fact, she owned one of the England’s largest equestrian facilities too.

Kelly Lane is also an active member of “Sisters in Crime”. The author attends regular workshops, participates in various professional writing groups, takes generous advice from her fellow authors, and spends oodles of hours reading piles of manuscripts. In this way, she got enough inspiration about starting her career as a professional author. Eventually, this inspiration encouraged her to begin her journey into the world of cozy mystery fiction and ultimately accelerated her career as an excellent & incredibly talented writer in this field.

Kelly Lane – Book Series : Her unique writing style always captured an impeccable attention among the readers. The “Olive Grove Mystery Series” is a brilliant example of it. In fact, this book series got a remarkable success within a very short span of time. This book series mainly features an intriguing and lively character Eva Knox who is an olive grove farmer in Abundance, Georgia.

Book # 1 – One Foot in the Grove : This is the very first book in the “Olive Grove Mystery Series” which has been released recently (in January, 2016). This new mystery series is all about Eva Knox & her family’s olive plantation. The entire story features a unique and interesting plot with fresh characters that flows pretty smoothly with a perfect combination of cozy mystery and a plentiful instance of the Southern atmosphere.

Eva returns back to her hometown after a prolonged duration of 18 years when she discovers that her present Boston-based fiance is cheating on her. She now wants to regroup and unite with her lovely family members and join their traditional olive plantation business. While her family happily welcomes her with open arms, however, the local residents may not have still forgiven and forgotten one past incident. Now, here’s a twist; Eva had a very public breakup (around 18 years ago) with her locally famous fiance (Buck Tanner) just on their wedding day. That’s why a vast majority of the local residents still holds ill feelings about Eva as she had left her first fiance. Eventually, that local boy, Buck Tanner has now become the powerful sheriff.

Now, this runaway bride (Eva Knox) has become the talk of her town, but she ignores all the snide comments & uses her public relations skills in order to help her lovely sisters, Pep & Daphne to promote their family owned business of olive plantation.

But, there comes a hard time for Eva pretty soon when she discovers a dead body in their olive grove. She is now suddenly engulfed in this deafening explosion. Next, the story continues with a fast-moving plot, along with several exciting twists & turns, and enough suspense to keep the readers guessing about the actual murderer. The much-expected tension between Eva & Buck Tanner (who’s now the local Sheriff in charge of investigating this sudden murder case) is expertly revealed. The close relationship between all the three sisters is also well-developed. They are unitedly trying to catch the greasy killer as quickly as possible. However, it seems like Eva has become the next target of the murderer. Will she be able to disclose the killer and figure out the entire incident? – the story continues with even more suspense and spine-tingling twists!

Book # 2 – Cold Pressed Murder : This is the second book in the “Olive Grove Mystery Series” which is yet to be released (by March, 2017). In this novel, the major character Eva Knox and her quirky Southern family will again solve another murder case with a perfect and intriguing culinary-themed cozy mystery.

Here, Eva, her family, and the members of Knox plantation (their family-based olive plantation) are all set to celebrate the Farm Family Fare. They have arranged several exciting weekend events like 2-days tour, exhibition, tasting, music concert, and cooking demonstration with popular star chefs. All the family members including Eva is fully excited and thrilled about this celebration. However, their enthusiasm soon begins to completely dribble away when one of the celebrity chefs goes missing. Eventually, he is found dead right in the back of a refrigerated truck.

This unwanted scandal goes even messier when the police discover that Eva’s own sister Daphne has spent an entire night with that star chef before he finally died. Now, the police consider Daphne as the prime suspect. Will Eva be able to rescue her sister from this murder case? Will she reveal the real killer before Daphne gets squeezed into handcuffs? – this story continues with deep suspense and an engaging mystery.

Kelly Lane – Awards : Kelly’s career as a professional author has just started. Luckily, she has received a pretty positive response for her debut book in “Olive Grove Mystery Series”. On top of that, she has been awarded a Library Journal starred review for this book.

Kelly Lane – Final Words : The author is pretty new in this industry. However, she has already proved herself as a successful and talented author in the genre of “cozy mystery”.

If you are looking to read a perfect cozy mystery, read this series as you will surely like a well-conceived plot, perfect narrating style, and varoius unexpected twists & turns that will keep you engaged till the last page of the book.

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    Just wondering when you are going to add another book to the Olive Grove series. I have read all three a couple of times and enjoyed them each time. It has been three long years waiting for the next chapter.


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