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Three Days to Dead (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
As Lie the Dead (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Another Kind of Dead (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrong Side of Dead (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Requiem For The Dead (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Before Dead (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Carniepunk(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pangaea(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rise of Dominjaron(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love, Murder & Mayhem: Cosmic Tales of the Heart Gone Deadly Wrong(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kelly Meding is an American bestselling author of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction novels. She was born and raised in Delaware and as a young adult, she lived for five years in Northern Virginia before she came back to the tranquility of the Eastern shores. As a film buff and avid reader, she loved the works of Freddy Krueger and since then has been obsessed with fantasy, horror and science fiction. She is also very interested in all things paranormal including superheroes, vampires, and psychic powers. Just like many authors, Meding held several odd jobs before becoming a professional writer. In high school, she worked retail jobs at the family grocery store, at a linen outlet and at TCBY. After graduating from college, she got a job as a sales associate and rose up the ranks to store manager for Pier 1 Imports. She still works for the company on a part-time basis but has been with them for nearly twenty years. When she is not writing Meding says her favorite way to relax and unwind is to read a book just as she has done for most of her life. She also loves to make jewelry when she is in the mood. She also does some baking and spends time with her family most of whom live close by.

Kelly does not have a clear date of when she became interested in writing urban fantasy. As a child, she loved reading though she had no idea that books were written by people. She would later learn that they were written by people though she thought they were written by adults only. By junior high, she had figured out that anyone could become an author since she had been making up stories ever since she was playing with her dolls. Meding finally understood that she could pen her own stories and while she was not very good when she started out, she soon found her own voice and style. She grew up watching fantasy, science fiction and horror in the movies and on TV and loved reading Christopher Pike and RL Stine. Kelly loved fantastic settings and mystery and just like Buffy the Vampire Slayer she wanted a heroine with an independent streak which she believed urban fantasy was well suited to. Moreover, since it is still a growing genre, there were many monsters and mythologies still to be written about. Her first ever story was written in longhand when she was in the seventh grade and she asserts that it was really awful. She was inspired by the “Sweet Valley High” series and “Beverly Hills, 90210” in her writing of that first novel.

Meding’s debut novel “Three Days to Dead” that was published in 2009 was her introduction to the “Dreg City” series. The inspiration for the series came from a desire to pen something purely urban fantasy. She wanted to write about an ass kicking female lead in a world full of fantastic creatures from the first-person perspective. Kelly also wanted to combine the new paranormal creatures she built with the more familiar shapeshifters and vampires and the less familiar goblins, gremlins and gargoyles. She then placed them in a closed world where the populace was oblivious to the paranormals living among them. This meant that these fantastical creatures had to be controlled somehow hence the creation of the Triads. The lead is Evangeline Stone who developed as Kelly wrote the Triads. Meding has asserted that she needed to understand what it felt like for a girl of eighteen to be recruited to hunt, police and kill paranormal creatures. Stone is resurrected into a stranger’s body and has three days to stop a war between vampires and goblins in the city. During development, Kelly became interested in knowing what might happen when it was no longer viable to hide the truth of the existence of paranormal creatures. Over the course of the novels, she gets close to the eventual coming out of her fantastical creatures.

“Three Days to Dead” the first novel of the series by Kelly Meding opens to Evy who wakes up in a morgue. She is in a new strange body and immediately knows that someone had cast a spell that had transported her spirit into a strange body. She has no recollection of what happened in the past few days and hence has no idea who could have cast the spell. The only memories she has are of innocent shifters getting killed, her teammates being slaughtered and the blame placed on her. Her world is full of magic though most people are oblivious of it or the hunters such as Evy who work in a secret organization known as the Triad. The organization works to protect innocent humans from paranormal creatures such as shifters, vampires and goblins. It is quite a hard job but she loves it as she gets a high from having to come up with imaginative ways for killing the supernaturals that go rogue. Now that she finds herself in a difficult situation the only person she can trust is Wyatt her handler. After finding him and convincing her that she had been set up, they team up to try to find the man who planned her death. Wyatt knows that his protégé had been captured and tortured but he needs to know why someone would go to the trouble of casting a spell that lasts for seventy-two hours. With three days to live they need to find who is responsible and reverse the spell before she dies forever.

Kelly Meding’s “As Lie the Dead” follows directly after the events of the first novel of the series. Evy is getting off the field alongside the Handlers, vampires, and hunters that were her allies in one of the most epic battles she ever fought. The battle had killed thousands given how many bodies she can count fallen on the battlefield. It is clear that the Hunters, Halflings and Goblins will be affected though the Halflings are more in number now and will more likely be the new nemesis with the vampires being the new temporary allies. A Handler has been captured and Evy’s mission is to help save him from torture and even death from some paranormals. The race that captured him is convinced he is involved in the near wipeout of their race in the city. They are debating whether the Handlers are the primary culprits or not since they are known to take orders from the higher-ups and pass it on to the Hunters for execution. It is up to Evy to free her comrade but she still has to convince the races that she is impartial when they know that she had been nearly killed by her enemies and her boss who thought she had betrayed them.

“Another Kind of Dead” starts off from the end of the second novel of the series. It would seem that Evy has more than nine lives though she has just used up three at last count. Teaming up with the Triad and her Handler Wyatt, they had contained the hybrids and the lab though they could not capture the mad scientist that had set it all up. It was a tough battle though Evy has come out unscathed and now has a few more skills including healing herself to boot. When Jaron the fey avatar tracks down Wyatt and Evy, she informs them of some betrayal but dies before she can tell them the whole story. A few days after her death they are accosted by a hybrid goblin that leads them back to a scientist who has a strong hatred for vampires. The man named William Thackery had been responsible for making the hybrid hitman. Thackery also happens to have been successful in stealing a crystal that contains Torin. He will only give it up if Evy submits to his evil plans. Once again, Evy may have to place her life and faith at the mercy of the people that had killed and betrayed her if she is to survive.

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