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Kelly Parsons, a board certified urologist boasts a range of degrees from the Stanford University, Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania. He is also on the faculty at the University of San Diego.

As a surgeon, Parsons has seen and faced the most intense dramas in life, and has seen the difference between life and death in a split-second. He says that medical school has fostered two traits that are essential to writing, which include discipline and persistence. Parsons has had to make life-and-death decisions in his daily job – and his first novel, Doing Harm, shows his level of experience and adaptation of his life as a doctor.

Kelly Parsons in an interview explaining a summer when he was 15, says, he read more thrillers that summer and several others in the summers that followed, just on the sofa in his family room. Seeing how he developed an innate affinity for the books, it is understandable that he went on to become one of the writers whose work is greatly sought-after.

In his own words, he says that he read and wrote, thus privately nurturing his dream of one day becoming a prolific writer and publishing his own book. As it were, he would realize his dream after a decade of work. He remarks that ‘’Doing Harm’’ fuses his love for medicine with the simple and pure joy he first felt when reading Michael Crichton novels on his parent’s sofa for several years.

Doing Harm

Doing Harm, Parson’s debut novel has an array of thrill and suspense to it. This medical thriller is about a Boston surgeon, Dr. Steve Mitchell, whose hospital and life is under threat from a serial killer.

Dr. Steve Mitchell is a young, brilliant rising star and becomes a pawn in a sociopathic killer’s master plan. He is left with an ultimatum to either save himself or his patients.

Steve has quite a flawed personality that remains engaging throughout the novel. He is an absolute genius when it comes to medicine; however he is also prone to hasty and naive decisions as well as poor judgement when under stress. Steve, a urology surgeon who is initially hoping to work at the University Hospital once he completes his residency meets medical student named Gigi, nicknamed GG. She is beautiful, long-legged, quick and brilliant. However, she has another notable characteristic – she’s a psychopath. Gigi decides she wants to draw Steve into her little, complicated and chilling psychotic world. Steve is a devoted husband as well as father of two, but works around the clock at the hospital. As a result, Steve is drawn into Gigi’s game following a range of dangerous surgeries that result in unforeseen complications.

During such horrendous experiences, Mitchell made critical errors, making him doubt himself and his level of work. Gigi sabotages one of Steve’s patients and then seduces the young doctor. She then let’s Steve know of her game plan and gives Steve an ultimatum – Steve can either figure out who she wants to kill next, or she will continue with her next victim.

Steve, rather distraught at this stage, tries to frantically reason with himself as to how he should deal with Gigi. Steve then confides in Luis, his junior resident and a former Marine, and they choose to stop her. Steve is now seen as quite a self-absorbed person, particularly when he weighs the harm that Gigi’s future murders could tie back to him and his own personal disgrace. Steve proves to be quite a villain at this stage in the novel. This multi-type treatment of Steve keeps you as the reader constantly guessing about Steve and who he really is – who he really cares about most and how will he tackle the problem he is faced with?

When reading this exhilarating novel, you will naturally know that the author is a doctor. From the very first chapter, you will notice authentic-sounding details of his medical thoughts.

Kelly Parson’s way of writing not only gives you shudders about the murders that happen in and around the University Hospital, the details about the way things really work behind the scenes is what gives you a chill down your spine.

This thrilling book gives you a great idea of why doctors come across as arrogant, and when this is just a mere stance or when it is a true feeling. You will also notice that sometimes, surgeons are not sure what they are really doing and take a chance when making life-and-death situations. Dr. Steve Mitchell’s character shows us his change in character, of when he is cool, calm and collected as well as when he is vulnerable and threatened, and what it means to his career as a doctor.

Someone in the halls of Boston’s University Hospital is plotting to kill patients and Steve Mitchell. This medical thriller speaks of a medical student that has woken on the wrong side of the bed, and the evil game in which she engages at a major medical school and teaching hospital. His level of forensic detail being told, as the story unfolds has absolute precision.

Kelly Parsons speaks of the detail of hospitals from a “behind-the-scenes” point of view that not many people know of. He says not a day goes by without at least one of his patients teaching him something profound about ailment and the human condition.”This type of culture is also linked back to the killer, their thinking and personality around the killing spree. Real, authentic hospital culture comes to life with a good balance between casual operating rooms and panicked emergency surgeries.

This book has a great rollercoaster ride feel to it, being very fast-paced and action packed. Some may be a little disappointed with a sudden end, however it may be seen as just the impact you need after reading detailed, medical thrilling script. How will Steve Mitchell stop this psychopath in her tracks?

If you think of the medical detail that you hear in, for example, CSI, this is the type of language Kelly Parsons uses in his novel. Very detailed and a bit difficult to understand at times, this convincing thriller is sure to keep you turning pages and burning the midnight oil.

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