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Publication Order of Perks & Benefits Books

with Denise Stone
Water Under the Bridge (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Our Scorching Summer (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Cloud Nine (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling for Meadow (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kels Stone is a published author of fiction.

This American writer is a debut author. She likes to write love stories that are impactful featuring strong female heroines and love interests that are totally swoon-worthy. She particularly enjoys writing these stories with Denise Stone, her best friend.

Kels likes to spend her days writing. When she is not busy doing that, she likes getting lost in the woods on long hikes. She also enjoys watching cult classic designated scary movies for fun.

Water Under the Bridge is the first novel in the Perks & Benefits series by Kels Stone and Denise Stone. The two authors make all sorts of waves in this interesting and sexy story of rivals becoming lovers in the workplace in a romantic comedy that will have you reading ahead to find out what happens next!

The main character in this story is a young woman named Avery Soko. She is an ambitious go-getter, bright eyed and always about doing good. She’s the type that would have been the teacher’s pet. She’s on the verge of getting what would be her dream job, a position arranging fundraising for the Oceanic Research Organization. She hasn’t gotten it yet, but she’s very excited at the prospect.

Then there’s Luca Navarro. He used to be a corporate lawyer and now he’s holding the fate of Avery’s job in his hands. He also happens to have an extensive tie collection as well as a smirk that is irritating in how handsome it is. One day he calls up Avery with the news that she has been rejected for the position. It appears to Avery that Luca is smugly satisfied, happy to crush her dreams.

Avery refuses to let this bit of bad news crush her spirit. She’s relentless and determined to let nothing stand in her way. Avery wants to pursue her passion in any way possible, and that might mean taking the rejection in and continuing to go on anyway. That means applying for and taking a job at a start-up that is struggling to get by. She’s still getting to work in a field that she’s passionate about, so there’s that.

Sure, she had a little bad luck getting rejected for the position that she wanted, but the show must go on. Avery knows that if she keeps continuing and keeps with her passion for what she is doing, things will eventually get better. It does appear that things are changing for the better when she’s at a gala.

The gala announces that there will be a competition, and there’s a multi-million dollar prize attached to it. The news is good, because it means that if Avery wins it, there will be vast benefits. Her new team and the start-up will be kept from going under, and they’ll be able to do some positive work with this new financial aid.

They’re not alone in wanting to win the competition, however. Luca, perhaps Avery’s least favorite person in the entire world, has also entered into the running for the prize. So that’s one more handsome competitor that they are going to have to deal with and rise above if they want to win the prize.

As the competition heats up, Luca and Avery begin to realize that there’s more to the other than they previously acknowledged or realized. In Luca, Avery has finally found a match equal to her. They are not only competing for the prize now, they’re competing with each other. With a string of tense moments, they have come up with their own bets and games.

Will it keep them from the prize? Will Avery and Luca become more than enemies? They say that there’s a fine line between love and hate. Will the adversaries turn into something more by the time the competition is through? Get a copy of Water under the Bridge by Kels Stone and Denise Stone to find out and check out one of the steamier potential romances out there for yourself!

The second book in the series is titled Our Scorching Summer. The third novel is titled On Cloud Nine, and the fourth book in the series will be titled Falling for Meadow.

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