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Awakened in September (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Kelsey Clayton is a bestselling author of new adult romance fiction and contemporary romance from Delaware.

She published her debut novel “Sleepless November in 2018 and now has more than twenty works of fiction to her name across more than half a dozen series, single-standing novels, and an omnibus.
The author has always been an avid reader of romance fiction of the fall-hard kind. She used to read these kinds of novels when she was growing up.

Even as an adult she now finds that romance fiction is the best type of escape given the wide range of emotions in them.

She has now developed a reputation for developing novels with the very same emotions as the works she loves to read.

Kelsey currently makes her home in a Delaware small town where she lives with her husband children and their dog.

She is a huge believer in always keeping things simple and her ideal night is one in which she gets to get into a fluffy blanket with sweatpants, wine, and cheese fries.

Unlike many authors, Kelsey Clayton never wanted to become a fiction author.

Her mother always wanted her to grow up and become an author but she used to laugh it off. She used to tell her mother that it was a dream that would never happen but now she lives in regret at not having started sooner than she did.
While she spent much of her childhood and early adulthood running away from the writing profession, things took a turn in 2016.

In March of 2017 when she was remembering her mother who died of cancer the previous year, she started reliving the rough time she had.

To keep herself sane, she immersed herself in reading as a way of escape. One day while complaining about something that happened in one of the books she read, her friend told her that maybe she should write her own.
That first manuscript she penned was not very good and it remains unpublished to this day. Nonetheless, it gave her the confidence to believe that she could write a full-length fiction work.
It was in 2018 that she ultimately published “Sleepless November” her debut work in 2018.

“The Sinner” by Kelsey Clayton is the story of Grayson and Savannah who have been friends ever since childhood.

But the friends have not set eyes on each other since they were about 10. In recent times their lives have been tragically messed up.

Savannah is dealing with her trauma by hiding it as she puts on a public persona that protects her from the harsh truths of reality and any ridicule she may face.
She is an accomplished dancer who pours her hopes and pain into her art and is the envied queen of a lux private school, even though she is the daughter of an alcoholic.
Her world is turned on its head when Grayson her childhood friend comes back and appears at her school.

But he seems to hate her as he blames her for the fact that his life was uprooted and he lost his father. All he is interested in is destroying and breaking her just like she had broken him.
It is not long before he infiltrates her friend circle and what ensues is a cat-and-mouse game as they circle around each other waiting for who will blink first.

But while they try their best to deny it, it does seem the lifetime connection they forged all those years ago is still very strong.

Kelsey Clayton’s novel “The Saint” is the interesting romance story of Delaney and Knox. The latter is a bad boy from a bad neighborhood that got himself entangled in some very nasty stuff.

He does not think he is worthy of being loved by anyone as he has always had to fight for everything he wanted and always fended for himself. He knows that anyone that gets close to him will always be in danger.
Delaney is a trust fund brat who has lived a sheltered life very different from what Knox has known. While she knows that Rex is a dangerous man that could wreck her with a snap of his sisters she is inexplicably drawn to him.
While she had always stayed on the right side of the law, she soon finds herself straddling the line between bad and good, wrong and right.

Interacting with Delaney she has come to realize that there is more to life than what she had always known.

They are very different from each other like cheese and chalk, night and day but to Knox, Delaney is the hope he has desperately been bedding for most of his life.
It is a work full of turns and twists, angst, and unexpected drama.

“The Rebel” by Kelsey Clayton is an interesting story that opens with Tessa struggling to deal with some critical happenings in her life.

Her sister will soon be leaving for college and she recently went through a breakup and is struggling to cope.

But then she spots Asher across the bar and believes he would make the perfect distraction. Their one-night stand is amazing and just what she needed, even though she does not intend to see the man again.
But ever since that night, she cannot stop thinking and fantasizing about him. She will be starting her senior year in a few weeks but is shocked to find the man that will be her new teacher.
The former NFL quarterback Asher Hawthorne is the man who strides into their English class and announces he will be their new teacher.

Following a career-ending injury, he has taken to teaching and is now the English teacher and football coach at Haven Grace Prep.

It does seem that Asher just like Tessa never forgot that one night they had and never expected to see her when he walked into the English class.
He does not want to cross lines but staying away may be one of the most difficult things he ever did.

It is an emotional and super sexy romance fiction with a lot of chemistry.

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