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Kelsey Quick is a fantasy, paranormal and young adult author best known for her debut novel, A Violent Fire. Her paranormal romance story takes the reader to the world of vampires where humans are bred and sold for profit, and they are more than happy to serve their masters. Kelsey also doubles as the CEO of a steel company started by her father. When she is not running her father’s company or writing, Kelsey enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and huskies.

A Violent Fire

A violent Fire is the first book in the Vampires in Avignon series. The story is set in the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain, where blood is rare, and humans are bred and turned into profitable blood supply units. Wavorly, Sterling, an eighteen-year-old girl, volunteers to supply blood to her master. At least, this would be an easy escape from her oppressors. Wavorly, unlike other blood suppliers in Cain, knows a thing or two about freedom, and she does not like current enslaved life. Wavorly also hated vampires until s meets Anton Zein, her receptive master.

The humans bred in Cain know other life than that of serving their masters and willfully supplying blood to their well-off masters. It is also common knowledge that the quality of life and happiness determines the quality of blood. Therefore, humans have to do their part and remain happy to ensure that their masters draw the best blood from them.

Wavorly was a child when the vampires attacked and killed all the people in her town. As the only known survivor of this attack, the vampires take Wovorly with them when they retreat to the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain. Here, she joins an all-girls high school where she and other girls are taught how to please their masters. All the other girls have been bred in Cain. They know nothing of the freedom that Wovorly had before she brought to the land of the vampires. Wavorly is shocked to see how docile the girls are given the future that awaits them. The feisty girl is having nothing of that docile vibe. She speaks her mind, and she is determined to get the freedom she feels she deserves. Her attitude lands her in trouble with the other girls who view her as rude and quick to anger.

This girl’s story starts with a planned escape that does not go as well for her. It is just a day to the Distribution Ceremony, and Wovorly wants nothing but to get away from the vampires that she has hated since her childhood. While Wovorly’s attempt for freedom fails, it shows her strong personality and determination to fight for what she wants. The story takes an exciting twist when Wavorly is selected to act as one of Lord Anton Zein’s supply units. Even though it is clear that she did not learn anything about obeying her masters, Wovorly somehow gets selected to join the Zein household.

Zein is one of the five most powerful vampires in Cain. He is known for his ruthlessness and disregard for human life. Zein’s history in battle is quite bloody, and with his cruel nature, it is easy to assume that Wavorly is going to hate her time in the castle. The experience is quite different, and nothing like Wavorly expected.

Zein and Wovorly have a complicated history, and you can bet that something is going to happen when these two start to live together in the castle. The more Wovorly stays in the castle, her understanding of the vampires’ increases. Here, she gets to live in luxury, and it is clear that her master has deep feelings for her. Is there a deeper reason why Wovorly survived the vampire attack? Why does her master treat her with so much gentleness while to her vampires are supposed to be ruthless? Could a deeper connection to Zein be the reason why Wovorly got away with breaking the rules so often both in and out of school?
This is an intriguing story comprising of lovable characters, exciting subplots, and unexpected twist and turns. If you love vampire stories, A Violent Fire will dazzle you. Wavorly is quite a delight, and you will instantly love this young girl who is determined to get the freedom she deserves back. Despite his history, Zein also turns out to be a lovable character. The sassy and foulmouthed lead character is not cowed easily, but it seems that Zein is the perfect extinguisher for the fire that has been burning in Wovorly’s heart for years.

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