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Broken Wolf (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Wolf, Part One (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Wolf, Part Two (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Getting Back Me (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under The Magnolia (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monsters In My Bed (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Like Father, Like Son (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lowlife (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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All of Santa's Reindeer (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kesley Soliz’s a Polyamorous author known for her Hemlock Academy series. She’s a homeschooling mother and wife to an army man. The Author loves reading romance stories, Playing bassoon, and drinking tea.

First Addition
First Addition is the debut novel in the Hemlock Academy series where the main character is a girl named Gabriella. She happens to be a bodysmith which means someone who uses her sexual energy to increase magical resources. Bodysmiths are normally people who aren’t able to withstand monogamous relationships. They exchange their sexual exploits so that they can get more magic.

Gabby doesn’t like her mother’s behavior as she’s also a bodysmith and has tried not to be like her. Her father is the headmaster at Hemlock Academy and a sculptor, so he has the ability to change the fabric of things and beings. Gabby inherited his father’s powers too.

She recently realized that in addition to all the power she possesses, she is also a conduit who binds others to romantically and magically enhance their abilities. She has six conduits that haven’t been seen in centuries, so she keeps quiet after going to the academy she isn’t willing to attend.

Gabby was close to having everything she ever wanted while doing her internship with her uncle, an officer with the special-operations team. She knows what she wants, and as she is interning with her uncle in special ops, she has to prove that she’s a little extra than what the sexual powers can do.

A single boy scattered everything making her angry, which forced her to turn a portion of his anatomy purple and sparkly. This made her unintentionally reveal to her family what she really was and what she has been hiding all long.

When her father finally discovers her secret of being a conduit, she is forced to attend an Academy. Her father wants her to go to a stuck-elite academy where he’s the headmaster. The academy never takes Bodysmiths seriously, and that’s her biggest fear. She has six mate spots to fill, making her not reveal her purpose at the academy.

Her goal is to find six men who will become the mates of the six spots in her body in the academy. Normally, conduits are held in high esteems, but Gabby isn’t willing to show off her status. She has more conduit marks than the rest of her kind, which means she has more favor from the Goddess. She doesn’t like the power that being a conduit brings, especially now that she’s so powerful. All she wants is for men to want her because they like her but not because she a conduit.

Gabby hopes to survive the girls who think they are the queens and hide her status from everyone. This way, she might be lucky to find the six men who she doesn’t even want. She is determined to do what it costs to bring out her happiness.

Gabby is a down-to-earth, fun, and feisty character. The alternating point of view between Gabby and the guys lets the reader know what they think. She’ll have you laughing out loud with her shenanigans. Gabby isn’t shy of her body or the fact that she’s a bodysmith.

Fans of unique and twisted fantasy Reverse Harem novels, this is a perfect book for you. The rest of the characters are interesting, and getting to know them is fascinating. The plot unfolds gradually and enthralling, making the novel hard to put down.

Second Chance
This second installment in the series takes off right where the first ended. Gabby is a secret conduit, and with her six marks, she is currently the most powerful conduit with two fated mates. Dar and Cyrus have been looking for her for over one hundred years while fighting the Night monsters.

They are convincing her to complete her male circuit to stay safe from the Night, who wants to steal her magic. Until she finds all her mates, she and the world are in danger. She has been talking to a mysterious guy online, and even though she doesn’t know him, he seems perfect for her. However, she wants to be keen on finding whom she was meant for while making sure they have a connection and respect each other.

The Night sends evil smoke creatures to attack Gabby and her men, not to complete her circuit. Possessing so much power, if she makes it in completing the circuit, she will have the ability to take the Night down.

She’s heir to the conduit goddess, so she can strip conduit off their status as she does to Madison. As she slowly meets her mates, the Goddess starts playing a trick on her and gives her extra conduit marks for more mates, but Gabby doesn’t take this too well. Will Gabriella make it through?

The story is full of sarcasm, humor, and wit blended into the steamy and emotionally heavy moments. Gabby is a lovable character and doesn’t let things bring her down and takes everything in steps. She is funny, compassionate, and not afraid of what others might think of her. She handles things with grace as she rolls with the changes that come her way. Kesley Soliz also shows more of her funny and naughty side.

Dar, one of her fated mates, tries to prove that he’s something more than his first impression. Cyrus is still making up for how things ended in the previous book and prove how he will always be devoted. Even though a badass, he is softer in some ways compared to his brother.

Foster shows how he’s better than the shy boy Gabby met before, and he is the dirtiest talker in the group. Balfour is Gabby’s foundation, and he is so supportive and understanding. On the other hand, Grey seems sad, but he changes to be sweet and fun.

Palmer chooses to become better as he engages the necessary as he crawls to go back to Gabriella, and he doesn’t give up. Pearson’s a spoiled rich kid, but he’s light-hearted most of the time and fits well with the others.

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