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Publication Order of Kelvin Of Rud Books

By: Piers Anthony, Robert E. Margroff
Dragon's Gold (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Serpent's Silver (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chimaera's Copper (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Orc's Opal (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mouvar's Magic (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon

Piers Anthony is an illustrious English born author, widely known for his breathtaking fantasy and science fiction novels. Born on August 6 1934, in Oxford England, Piers Anthony was under the close supervision of the governesses and close relatives, mainly because his parents took relief work in Spain during the Cold War. At the age of four, Piers Anthony left England with his sister for Spain. Nonetheless, before Anthony and his sister could settle in Spain, General Franco arrested their father. General Franco would later release their father on condition that he left Spain with his entire family. Due to the fact that Europe was still under siege, Piers Anthony’s father opted to relocate to the United States. Unfortunately, his parent’s relationship ended due to depression from the war and separation from the two countries.

Kelvin of Rud Series
Kelvin of Rud is a fantasy book series by authors Robert E. Margroff and Piers Anthony. While growing up, Kelvin read the book of prophecy, which contained poems about dragons. Now that he is fully grown, Kelvin must now learn everything about the dragons that he read about. Kelvin of the Rud series begins with The Dragon’s Gold and ends with Mourvar’s Magic.

Dragon’s Gold
Dragon’s Gold is the first installment in the Kelvin Rud book series by authors Margroff and Antony. In Dragon’s Gold, the authors introduce the readers to John Knight, a Terran and a fugitive, who manages to get away from the queen’s dungeon. The book begins as John meets with Charlaine, in the most unexpected circumstances. After his escape from the queen’s dungeon, John comes up with the ultimate plan of getting away from the kingdom. John knew that to get away from the kingdom quickly, he needed a horse. One day, he comes up with the ultimate plan, which entailed stealing a horse from one of the locals, Charlaine. Due to the fact that Charlaine is a fortune teller, she knew initially, that John would try and steal her horse. Instead of turning him to the royal guards, Charlaine and John fall in love and eventually get to two kids, Jon and Kelvin. When the readers meet Jon and Kelvin for the second time, they are not only fully grown but are also accomplished dragon hunters.

Jon and Kelvin purchased a mule recently, which they intend to use in their dragon hunting escapades. While tracking down a dragon, Jon, Kelvin’s younger brother finds traces of scales on a nearby hill. On the other side of the hill, lies one of the biggest dragons that they have ever encountered. At first, Jon and Kelvin, think that the dragon is dead. However, after looking at the dragon keenly for quite some time, they realize that the dragon had sustained some minor injuries. Before attending to the injured dragon, Kelvin and Jon must first get the dragon’s attention. Using her sling, Jon bounces off a stone on the dragon’s snout. Once the dragon wakes up, Jon comes to the realization that he is in trouble. Thus, he begins running downhill hurriedly, while screaming Kelvin’s name. However, along the way, Jon falls into the hole and is not able to get out. While trying to get Jon out of the whole, Kelvin also falls into the same hole.

As the dragon goes downhill, it does not spot Kelvin and John, but rather Mockery, the mule that Jon and Kelvin had brought along. While going for the mule, Jon manages to pop up and slings another stone at the dragon, while shouting that it cannot eat their mule. The dragons shifts its attention, from Mockery and once again begins to go after Jon. As the dragon goes after Jon, Kelvin managers to throw a boulder on the dragon’s tongue. In the process, the dragon lets Jon lose, while trying to free its tongue. While the dragon tries to free its tongue, Kelvin decides to send Jon for the tent pole to use it as a weapon. However, before she goes for the pole, she first inquires what Jon intends to use the pole for.

Serpent’s Silver
Just like the Dragon’s Gold, the Serpent’s Silver is a fictional narrative, where the main characters have to constantly watch their backs mainly because they do not know what will happen next. In Serpents Silver, we meet once again with the two siblings, Kelvin and Jon who are more than determined to conquer the world and free the different realms. However, to save the world and free the realms, the brothers must fight against serpents and other magical beings. The father of the two brothers comes from a distant kingdom, known as earth. The highly charming brother decides to go into the territory of the enemy, while the heroic brother decides to seek glory. Thus, Kelvin of Rud enters into another frame, where he must rescue his father from pure evil. Instead of dragons, this new frame features giant worms, together with humanoid serpent people. These worms have magical powers, such that they can freeze humans, just by looking at them.

With that said, the Serpent’s Silver features the reluctant hero, Kelvin of Rud, on an alternate universe. Serpent’s of Silver is an interesting and an action-packed book, that the readers will definitely enjoy. All the characters in the Serpent’s Silver has been well-development. Apart from being a charmer, Kelvin is also quite persistent. John on other hand, does not stop seeking glory.

Chimaera’s Copper
When Kelvin of Rud deadliest enemies come together and decide to take their revenge on Kelvin, he is trapped in a distant world. To save the woman that holds dearly, Kelvin of Rud must first escape from the Frame World. The concepts in Chimaera’s Copper are fairly executed, nicely written and quite entertaining. Nonetheless, many readers and reviewers were somewhat disappointed with the third installment mainly because, the authors do not present new concepts. The repeating themes in the series are quite a drag. Many readers believe that the themes would have been handled much better, in one book, rather than spreading them throughout five installments. With that said, Chimaera’s Copper is an entertaining read, filled with lots of adventures, intrigues, and escapades.

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