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Ken Baird loves to call himself a proud Canadian that still listens to his CBC radio while riding in the car.

A lover of adventure and travel, he has been all over his native Canada and also all over the globe, where he has done some dangerous things and had many adventures.

In his childhood, he hated school and all he had a passion for was the treatment of animals and how to make the planet a better place for all.

Growing up, Baird spent a lot of time in the Yukon Peninsular, which is perhaps why he can give very vivid descriptions in his works.

According to the author, home is always best no matter how many travels and adventures one may have abroad. As such, his heart will always be in the Yukon.

He first arrived in the Yukon in 1979 to find an office job, which he did for just a year. He then discovered that he had been promoted and had to head to the city but in no time at all, he was fired and sent back home.
Things would get really tough as he ended up becoming a gold miner.

Given how much time Ken Baird spent in the Yukon, this would come to have a lot of influence on his later writings.

Even though modern satellites have made almost any frontier in the world lose its status, the Yukon does feel a lot like the last frontier. Living in the territory, he often found himself with just himself, the wilderness, and the land.
He was often overwhelmed by some kind of spiritual reverie most of which remain palpable and vivid as they were all those years in the past.

It was in the Yukon that Ken Baird had the opportunity to weave all manner of memories whether it was admiring a mountain in the night, crossing a lake on a very small boat, flying in an empty sky, or digging for gold in the wilderness.
He also had many close calls with danger over the many years he lived in the Yukon. Armed with nostalgia, he finally sat down to write his debut work set in the place he loves to call home.

As for his writing habits, years ago, Ken Baird bought a huge colonial-style desk that weighs a ton since it is made of solid hardwood. Little did he know that it would be at the center of his life as a writer. He now makes use of that old desk to pen most of his works.

Baird has asserted that he loves to write in fits and starts whenever some moment grabs her. Because of this quirk, his computer is often on 24/7 so that she can sit down anytime he has an idea and write away.
This has been very effective, particularly when she has an epiphany in the middle of the night and has the compulsion to get up and write.

Ken Baird’s novel “Yukon Audit” introduces The Yukon as the land of the Klondike gold rush and the midnight sun.

It is a land characterized by glaciers, wilderness, mountains, wildlife, lakes, and rivers, which makes it one of the most mystical places on earth.

But it also happens to be one of the best places one can get a gold mine to be used in the laundering of illicit money and organized crime knows this too well.

The lead protagonist in the novel is a man of the world named C.E. Brody, who prefers living in a cabin along the Yukon rather than in the city. He marks a living flying an ancient water plane and also owns a highway repair shop.
Brody loves his plane and his dogs, hates phones and cops, and can cook some great meals. He is a champion for the little guy and is fiercely independent.

When he repairs the vehicle of some strange but very beautiful woman. She proceeds to hire him to fly over some nondescript-looking goldmine. Soon enough, they spot a plane that had gone missing and upon landing find two men trapped in the aircraft.

She knows the passenger while he knows the pilot. Within the space of a few hours, Brody finds himself in the middle of an investigation that involves the FBI, the RCMP, and two dangerous gangs.
Meanwhile, his mysterious and beautiful passenger is making advances toward him.

“Yukon Revenge” by Ken Baird continues to follow the life and times of Yukon renaissance man C.E. Brody, who has been living a solitary life on the outskirts of civilization.

He is fine living in a cabin by the river, with no cell phone, two dogs for company, and an old plane and pickup truck.

It has been several months since he was on a harrowing chase on the river and was fortunate enough to escape with his life. He had been targeted by Kay, a dangerous mobster who wanted to take him out.

But after they fell into a white water maelstrom, it was only Brody who emerged. Kay’s body was never recovered and as far as he is concerned his nemesis had drowned in the river.

However, two recent homicides have the telltale signs of being Kay’s handiwork, even if the RMCP is not so sure if it is his work. Following a suspicious fire in the vicinity of his home, a woman gets killed at the cabin, his dogs disappear and his plane is vandalized.

The FBI turns up when he gets a contract to fly rock samples to a remote research center. According to the Feds, the mine is being used to scam people in the stock market, and need Brody to take one of their undercover agents to the Yukon to look into it.

Things get very interesting when the undercover agent he is to fly into the Yukon happens to be his former girlfriend. Unfortunately, some reporter has taken it upon herself to charge, try and convict Brody of an assault and three murders he never committed.

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