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Publication Order of The Professionals Books

Ken Blake is a house pen name that is used by writers Kenneth Bulmer and Robert Holdstock. The pen name was used to write the “Professionals” series; it is based on a television series, one that comes from London. The book series are novelizations of different episodes in the series. Each novel is an adaptation of at least three episodes from the series; some are up to four episodes.

The series began in the year 1978, with the release of “Where the Jungle Ends”. The year 1978 was a big year for the series, as the first four books were released that year. The series ended in the year 1982 with the release of “You’ll Be All Right”. The year 1982 was another big year for the series as the last four books were released during the year.

“Where the Jungle Ends” is the first novel in the “Professionals” series and was released in the year 1978. C15 does not follow any of the rules; they have no ranks, no conscience, and no uniforms. They only get results. They were formed to fight the vicious flood of violence which threatens the very law and order in the area. It goal is to counterattack.

The C15 crew go into action when there are things like a sniper, hijack, kidnap, or a bomb threat.

Some readers liked all of the action that was found in the book, as it drove things. These are characters that some cannot get enough of, and keep on watching the show and read the books. Fans of the novel like the hard boiled noir tone this book has, as it perfectly fits the series it is written for. Some like seeing Cowley in these books. Readers were pulled in, right from the very beginning and the action and story never allowed them to put the book down for very long.

“Long Shot” is the second novel in the “Professionals” series and was released in the year 1978. From CI5 come Brodie and Doyle, two men that are of a new breed of lawman. They are only answerable to Cowley, their boss and the head of CI5. This one features Tommy McKay.

These books have some stellar dialogue, quite a bit of action, and killer stories that have readers hooked on the entire thing. Fans of the novel found that this featured one of their favorite guest stars of the whole show, Tommy McKay. These are tons of fun that keep readers hooked on the story they read. Some enjoy reading these books again and again, and are still able to enjoy every moment of it. Here is what might just be the best novel of the entire series, adapting some really good stories for reading.

“Stake Out” is the third novel in the “Professionals” series and was released in the year 1978. The group of Cowley, Bodie, and Doyle prove that a cop killer is guilty, stop a South African political group from bombing London, and stop a German group of terrorists from attacking the country estate of a vicar.

Some readers cannot get enough of the books, nor can they read them fast enough. Fans of the novel found that once again, this series proves to be tons of fun. This provides a great complement to watching the episodes of the series once again. Once again, a book in the series that is hard to put down. Here is an author that really knows how to get inside the minds of characters from television and adapt the stories from television into prose work.

“Hunter Hunted” is the fourth novel in the “Professionals” series and was released in the year 1978. Yet another installment of the continuing adventures of the crew of CI5: Bodie, Doyle, and Cowley. When they are involved, you can be sure that some bad guy either kidnapped someone, hijacked something, playing sniper, or a bomb is potentially loose somewhere.

Fans of the novel find themselves enjoying each and every moment of the series as they read it again. For some, it is not the first time they have read the books, and will not be the last either. Here is a series that makes people remember why they like to read books in the first place. These also are great for fans of the television series. Some keep on coming back to each and every one of the novels, whether or not they are watching the episodes again.

“Blind Run” is the fifth novel in the “Professionals” series and was released in the year 1979. Bodie and Doyle play taxi driver to a puzzling figure that someone keeps shooting at. They also find an on the take FBI informant is working in London. They also take down a police chief that has been running his city like he is a dictator.

These are more killer stories to keep fans of the series reading and watching. These novels are a great way to spend some reading time, you will not be able to do much else while reading some of these stories. Fans of the novel found that this one captures a lot of what the television series does well, especially the charisma the three leads on the show have. The author really knows how to keep the series going without it losing any of what makes the series so great.

“Fall Girl” is the sixth novel in the “Professionals” series and was released in the year 1979. The three men from CI5 are back, and this time Bodie gets set up as a fall guy, when his East German movie star former girlfriend turns up.

Cowley figures out who is the ringleader on a crooked government. A double agent, who is about to die comes back to London, making the Russians to be more clever this time around.

Some have found it hard to describe how much they enjoy these incredible books. They have plenty of action, and strong characters that propel the story into overdrive for them. Fans of the novel find that they keep coming back to these characters and stories time and time again and cannot get enough. These are stories that never get tiresome for them, at all no matter how many times they have read them.

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