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Publication Order of Colin Cellars Books

First Evidence (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Outer Perimeter (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Final Disposition (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Balefire (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Alchemist (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cheater / Digger (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chimera (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Digger was re-titled, re-written and expanded as Cheater.

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Informative Writing: Your Practical Guide to Effective Communication (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's Your Crime Scene (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ken Goddard is an American author of fiction. He writes in the thriller genre. Before he was a writer, he worked as a criminalist and deputy sheriff. Although he recounts that his coworkers may be prone to say that he is too much a cop to be a good scientist and the other way around, his experience working in the field has also helped inform his writing.

He describes himself in a variety of roles past and present that have included husband, father, forensic scientist, crime scene investigator, wildlife crime lab director, grandfather, cattle rancher, and author of fiction. Goddard likes to write novels that deal with underground chemists, burglars, malicious poachers, professional terrorists, and more.

Goddard first became an official published author with the release of his novel Balefire in 1983. He released his novel The Alchemist shortly after and followed that up with the publications of fiction books Digger, Cheater, and Chimera, which was released in 2011.

He is the author of the Colin Cellars series and has even penned a nonfiction book on writing. Ken Goddard is also the author of the Henry Lightstone series.

The series follows the adventures of Fish and Wildlife undercover cop Harry Lightstone, for whom the series is obviously named. Harry is good at his job and enjoys doing it. Every once in a while he has to deal with an outrageous threat, and in the first book, it becomes one of those times when Lightstone accidentally stumbles upon a huge conspiracy.

Prey is the first book in the Henry Lightstone series by Ken Goddard. The main character in this novel is Harry Lightstone. Harry’s main job is working undercover as a cop for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. He’s used to his job is a little exciting, but nothing crazy. He never thought in his wildest dreams that doing his job would lead him to fight an entire guerrilla war entirely on his own.

Lightstone’s life and career are about to get a little more interesting. When he meets a group of people set on destroying the environmental movement and not afraid to bend the rules to do it, he knows that things are about to get a little crazy.

He’s not dealing with just any group. He’s dealing with a band of financiers, industrialists, and assassins that collude together to get what they want to be accomplished. Destroying the environmental movement is just one of the things they do. They have no problem dealing with issues or problems that stand in their way in a traditional manner. These people are rich, they are powerful, and they don’t care about protecting the environment or the endangered species that live there.

But when Harry’s undercover Bravo team stumbles upon a huge conspiracy to upend and totally neutralize a radical environmental unit that threatens their goals, he and his team suddenly find that they have a target on their backs too. Even though they work for the government, it’s no guarantee that they will have any type of protection from these relentless thugs– or that higher up political figures have not already been paid off by them.

Regardless, the team has conspirators on their side. Unbeknownst to Harry and his team, high-ranking bureaucrats have already been paid to try and suppress knowledge of their presence on an illegal hunt that the team was about to close in on in an attempt to cover it up. Even under pressure from them, Harry refuses to be stopped, and now they know that Harry stands in their way.

Since the loyalty of Lightstone to his job will not be swayed, they take another tactic. The bad guys end up pursuing him and his girlfriend all over the country. The killers are close behind in tracking Harry and his girl and follow them everywhere, through the arctic wastes of Alaska to the wild beauty of Yellowstone and the humid Everglades.

It’s up to the Fish and Wildlife Department employee to come up with a plan to get them off of their tail before they catch up. There’s no telling what will happen if the killers catch up to them, but when it comes to these unscrupulous people, it will certainly be nothing good.

Can Harry evade the cabal and bring them to justice? Or will the group treat them like prey and ultimately go in for the kill? Harry may have stumbled onto a conspiracy that is so large that it poses a threat to those in on it. Will he be able to make the truth known or simply become another tree felled by this collective? You have to pick up Ken Goddard’s exciting debut novel in the series Prey to find out!

Wildfire is the second novel in the Henry Lightstone series. In this suspenseful sequel to Prey, Goddard picks up where he left off in the first and brings the reader back into Harry Lightstone’s world. Lightstone is an undercover expert for the Fish and Wildlife Department. It’s his job to make sure that the environment is protected actively from those who wish it harm or to use it for their own purposes.

The wildlife special agent is back once again with his trusty team of wildlife agents. They’re back in business when it comes to their jobs as protectors of the environment. Lightstone is running a top-secret investigation when he accidentally comes across a professional assassin.

The assassin is not someone that you want to cross, but through this discovery, Lightstone unexpectedly makes a connection to an old enemy. The ICER Committee has been a long time nemesis of his, and for good reason. They are the opposite of everything that Harry stands for.

The Committee is ruthless and composed of a group of financiers and industrialists that operate globally. Their goal still remains to end the environmental movement for good through back-alley tactics of terror and violence to get what they want.

Can they be stopped for good this time? Or is Harry Lightstone once again in over his head? Pick up Wildfire, the thrilling second book in the Lightstone series by Ken Goddard to find out!

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    I read your book First Evidence and I almost couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to finding the second book in that series and reading it. I am very glad I stumbled across the first one. 🙂


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