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Ken McClure is an author from Scotland that writes medical thrillers. Ken has been referred to as a modern-day Nostradamus who writes novels that predict the future of medicine.


Ken McClure was born in Edinburgh in the 50s. It is also where he grew up. The author’s memories of life in Edinburgh are largely positive. When he wasn’t playing around the Union Canal, Ken was attending Craiglockhart Primary School, a fact about his history that would be easily ignored if not for the fact that one of his teachers was Norman MacCaig.

Norman wasn’t the only literary figure that Ken had the pleasure of meeting at such an early age. Going to Boroughmuir High School gave the author the chance to meet Sorley Maclean.

It could be argued that Ken McClure’s encounter with these great men had an impact on his decision to pursue publishing. After all, the author did not initially care for writing as a career. It isn’t something he sought out at an early age.

Ken was initially part of the Merchant navy. But he abandoned that path and became a lab technician in Edinburgh. Ken was relatively content with his position in life at the time. But then he met Archie Wallace at the hospital that employed him and the great doctor pushed to embark on a journey of self-improvement.

Suddenly encouraged to be all he could be, Ken McClure went to night school and slowly moved through the educational ranks until he got his doctorate in molecular genetics. By the early 1980s, Ken McClure was heavily steeped in matters of medicine and biology.

Full-time writing didn’t come into the picture until 2000.

+Literary Career

Ken McClure doesn’t like being referred to as the 21st Century Nostradamus, mostly because Ken writes a lot of dark and gloomy novels. According to Ken, his primary talent is looking at medical advancements and imagining the worst possible scenarios that could be birthed from them.

Most people that meet Ken are often surprised by his sunny disposition, mostly because his books reveal a mind mired in the catastrophic.

Ken’s books garner interest because they tell fantastical stories that are grounded in realism. According to Ken McClure, he only ever writes about medical catastrophes that could actually happen in the realm of science.

And Ken can speak with authority on the issue of medical disasters because he is a renowned medical expert that has won awards for his research efforts.

Interestingly enough, while Ken McClure didn’t always know that he would become a bestselling author, the signs were there. Ken wanted to join a whaling fleet when he was much younger because his cousin was a chief engineer in the navy.

It was the idea going to exotic locations that appealed to Ken. His imagination told stories about what awaited him if he left the shores of Scotland. Ken became so consumed by the idea of becoming an engineer in the navy that it wasn’t until he got to the classroom that he realized he didn’t have the brain for engineering.

So he left college and dabbled in music for a while. Eventually going back to school and mastering medicine actually gave Ken McClure his wish. He got to travel to unique places participating in cutting-edge research projects.

It was on one such research trip that Ken’s passion for writing was ignited. The author was camped out by the Red Sea with his team in 1983 when he decided to walk over to Jerusalem.

Ken wanted to see the Wailing Wall at night. He barely got close enough to have his wish fulfilled before he was assaulted by men with guns. The author didn’t know the politics of the area and it took quite a bit of talking for the soldiers to let him go on his way.

Ken eventually went home but he couldn’t settle. He missed the adventure, the sense of danger that he felt when those guns in Jerusalem were cocking and pointing at him. At first, Ken tried to record his experience in Israel in a diary.

But then his first-hand account slowly transformed into a fiction novel. To Ken’s shock, he was able to garner the same sense of adventure and excitement from writing fiction that he got back in Israel.

He realized that he didn’t have to go roaming for danger and mayhem to elicit joy. Ken McClure isn’t afraid to admit that he writes novels for the escapism. While Ken was always interested in medicine, it wasn’t until he started writing novels that the author acquired a curiosity for medical advancements.

Ken’s scientific knowledge allows him to see the dangers that scientific progress poses. He can see how things can go wrong and, in writing about the many ways death and destruction can be unleashed by medical science, Ken hopes to get his readers interested in the drastic changes happening in medicine.


Amanda Chapman’s life was over. The 7-year-old was diagnosed with acute renal failure and it didn’t seem like there was much hope for her. But then Doctor Dunbar learns about Amanda’s transfer to an exclusive Glasgow private hospital where she will receive treatment from an experimental dialysis unit.

Dunbar knows that there’s more going on that meets the eye and he goes undercover with the intention of uncovering the sinister forces working behind the scenes and stopping their nefarious machinations.

This book introduces readers to Doctor Steven Dunbar. A former marine, Dunbar investigates a private hospital whose doctors are using kidneys from the black market which they know will fail to give patients like 7-year-old Amanda false hope.

+The Lazarus Strain

Doctor Steven Dunbar has a perplexing case. Someone broke into the Crick Research Institute. The fact that they released six research monkeys suggests that the culprit might be an animal rights group.

However, the fact that one of the lead scientists was murdered raises suspicions. More than the murder, though, Dunbar cannot help but wonder what the monkeys were being used for. It occurs to Dunbar that the government might have something to hide.

This Ken McClure novel finds Doctor Steven Dunbar trying to save his country from another outbreak of the Spanish Flu.

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