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Publication Order of Kencyrath Books

God Stalk (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark of the Moon (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeker's Mask (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood and Ivory (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Ride a Rathorn (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound in Blood (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honor's Paradox (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sea of Time (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gates of Tagmeth (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
By Demons Possessed (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deathless Gods (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Patricia Christine Hodgell is an American based fantasy writer, who doubles as a professor and an artist as well. Hodgell has emerged the winner for some of the works that she has penned down. Once she completed her University undergraduate degree, Hodgell joined the University of Minnesota, where she received her Master’s Degree as well as her Doctorate in the English language. P.C Hodgell completed her dissertation as well as her Ph.D. between the publication of her very first two novels, Dark of the Moon and God Stalk. Once she completed her education, Hodgell became a professor and even became a part of the English Department at the Wisconsin-University. However, in the year 2006, PC. Hodgell retired from her teaching career so that she could become a full-time writer, with a rather strong emphasis on anything that stirs the brain. This, in turn, included hobbies such as knitting and attending science conventions as well.

Through out the years, Hodgell has had her books published by various publication houses. Two of the author’s most recent publication house went out of service, thereby leaving P.C Hodgell without a publishing house. Eventually, P.C Hodgell work was picked by Baen in the year 2010, which resulted in the publication of the novel Bound in Blood. The publishing company also reissued the previous four books in the Jame book series as an omnibus four-book edition.

Kenycrath Series

God Stalk

As the first book in the Kenycrath book series, God Stalk focuses on three main people Kendar, the soldiers and the artisans, Arrin-Ken, the cat like judges and the Highborn, the Judges. A Three Faced God, whose main aim was to oppose the Perimal Darkling, a threat of chaos, brought the peoples of Kenycrath, together. In this book, we are introduced to Jame, who has just stumbled out of the woodlands. Her main goal is to find the exceedingly great labyrinth, which happens to be the city, Tai-tastgon. Unluckily for Jame, she arrives during the Feast of the Dead Gods. During this feast, the gods who have lost followers haunt the streets while searching for souls to devour to retain their shadowy lives. This situation, in turn, poses an extra difficult for Jame, because her community is monotheists, selected by the three-faced god to defeat the encroaching shadows of the Perimal Darkling.

Having once selected its champion, the three-faced god left her community to fight on their own, a losing battle from the threshold world to the Chain of Creations. During, Jame’s stay in the city of Tai-tastgon, she struggles with the enigma of one deity and also gets to join the thieves Guild. She also dances at the tavern, which has taken her in and attracted chaos everywhere she goes. Tai-tastgon is an exceedingly strange and eccentric city, which has multiple parties and religions that are vying for power. It does not take long before Jame eventually finds herself firmly enmeshed with the culture of the local people.

Dark Moon

Dark Moon is the second book in the Kenycrath book series, and once again, we meet with Jame, the protagonist and her companions, Kencry and Marc an elderly warrior. We also get to meet her ounce and the blind Jorin. All these characters leave the city of Tai-tastgon consumed in flames. After being delayed in Tai-tastgon for more than one year from her mission, Jame goes on a mission to find Tori, her brother so that she could give him their father’s sword as well as his ring. Jame also carries a pale bound book, which was stolen from her people many years ago. Things are not straightforward, as Jame and her companions are expected to face an ancient cat like judge, the fallen Gerridon, wyrms, and Jamethiel, the Dream Weaver. As this happens, the we meet with Tori, Jame’s twin who has just been recently made the high lord of Kencyrath.

As Jame’s path and Tori’s path finally collide; the reunion between these two twins is nothing but tender. With that said, the writing styles used in the first book and the second book are exceedingly dense

Seeker’s Mask

Seeker’s Mask is the third book in the Kenycrath book series. In Seeker’s Mask, we meet once again with the protagonist, Jame, who is still leading a rather chaotic ad messed up life. In this book, Tori sends off Jame to the Women’s world, so that she gets to learn how to be a proper Highborn lady he is not only obedient but also quiet as well. As time goes by, Jame and Tori get to learn that this is a task that is not only easier for both of them. The Matriarch’s who is in charge of running the Women’s World; do not trust Jame at all. However, because Jame is exceedingly smart, she ends up uncovering many of their secrets. According to a majority of online reviewers, the Seeker’s Mask is a much closer look at honor, unlike the other two installments.

The Seeker’s Mask also reveals a lot of things about the Universe’s mythology; elements native to the Rathilien as well as Kenycrath’s Tyr-ridan, that the protagonist is part of. A lot of the weird and mythical stuff revolves around the protagonist, Jame. Tori’s character is also a mystery as well. Apart from being strong, he is also an ethical leader. However, his shortcoming is that he fails to deal with his younger sister and their shared historical past as well.

To Ride a Rathorn

Irrespective of all the dark things that run through the Kenycrath book series, there are numerous funny moments. As the last of her royal house, Jame must find a way through military school, which is rife with danger. Enemies are all around as well as assassins. An exceedingly evil past haunts this exceedingly dark training ground. Before Jemethiel was admitted to a military school, her brother as his heir named her. Despite the fact that Jame has achieved all these goals, things are still exceedingly hard for her. At school, she has enemies, who happen to not take her position seriously, mainly because she is a woman. Furthermore, an enigmatic rathorn colt; carnivores and an armoured horse is also pursuing Jame.

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