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Publication Order of Kendra Michaels Books

By: Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen

The name ‘Kendra Michaels’ refers to a series of suspense thriller novels written by Iris Johansen. The books follow the exploits of a young blind woman who regains her sight and becomes one of the most sought-after criminal investigators in the country.

+The Story
Iris Johansen’s bibliography is choked with suspense thriller novels featuring strong female protagonists that simply refuse to rely on anyone else’s strength but their own.

As such, anyone that has read the author’ works will find the Kendra Michaels series very familiar. The books kick things off with ‘Close Your Eyes’, the first of the Kendra Michaels titles which introduce readers to the heroine the series was named after.

Kendra isn’t the nicest girl. She isn’t necessarily mean or unkind. But the lady definitely gets on a lot of people’s nerves. She doesn’t know how to control her temper around the people closest to her.

And this is primarily because Kendra Michaels spent the first two decades of her life in darkness. As a blind child, Kendra learned to hone her other senses from a very early age, essentially finding a way to interact with the world through touch, smell, and sound.

Even though these skills gave Kendra a modicum of freedom, her blindness still placed her at the mercy of her friends and family who grew accustomed to taking care of her.

Things changed when a British project took Kendra under its wing and offered to expose her to a stem cell surgical procedure that would allow her to see for the first time in her life.

Kendra did not dare believe in the possibility of such a miraculous treatment and even her doctors told her that she shouldn’t get her hopes high, not when the procedure in which she had placed her faith was so experimental.

But the impossible happened and Kendra was finally granted sight. The experience was life-changing. Not only was Kendra finally allowed to enjoy all the sights that life had to offer but she also realized that her other senses had combined with her eyes to avail to her the keenest power of observation the country had ever seen.

By the time the events of ‘Close Your Eyes’ roll around Kendra Michaels hasn’t been blind for some time. What’s more, her observational skills have made her the most sought-after law enforcement consultant in the United States.

For a time, Kendra happily gave herself to the crime-solving agencies of her country, using her skills to solve the many mysteries and puzzles that burdened them. But after a while, the heroine grew fatigued with the work. She started to feel like her law enforcement partners were taking advantage of her.

So she pulled out of the consultation field, becoming a music therapist who uses her abilities to ease distressed minds. Kendra is forced to put her mind to the task of solving puzzles once again when her ex, an FBI agent, goes missing.

The Kendra Michaels series is primarily concerned with the heroine’s efforts to find her place in law enforcement. Each new Kendra Michaels novel puts Kendra into contention against a criminal, typically a demented serial killer of considerable intelligence.

It falls on the shoulders of Kendra to match wits with this disturbed mind, either leading to their death or capture. Kendra’s skills are only called upon in the direst circumstances, where the police or the FBI or even the CIA is up against a foe that has baffled their most competent agents.

Kendra is normally joined on her missions by Adam Lynch, an FBI agent with a unique gift for getting into the minds of people and manipulating them into doing what he wants.

Adam helps Kendra sift through the suspects of any given case, whittling them down to the most viable options. Adam also helps her retain her freedom by keeping the law enforcement authorities that might wish to inhibit or control her at bay.

It becomes clear fairly early on that Kendra and Adam are attracted to one another. However, it takes them a very long time to act on their feelings, primarily because of Kendra’s hesitation.

The heroine has been criticized by readers who think she is way too cold, not only to Adam but also to her friends and family. Kendra’s justification comes down to the fact that the people closest to her keep trying to take care of her and that ignites in her a desire to prove that she can take care of herself.

The heroine rarely attracts sympathy from Iris Johansen fans who think she is too similar to all the other heroines the author has created in the past, heroines like Eve Duncan.

+The Author
Iris Johansen is an award-winning American author that writes suspense, thriller, and crime fiction. She has also dabbled in romance. Iris was a bit of a late bloomer who waited until her kids went to college before she started to write.

She began in the historical romance genre before finding her stride as an author of crime fiction. Iris has a son, Roy, who is also a successful writer. The pair has collaborated on a number of occasions.

+Close Your Eyes
Kendra Michaels has worked with law enforcement before and she wants nothing to do with them. After being blind for most of her life, Kendra came to fame when a surgical procedure allowed her to see and she realized that she had an unrivaled sense of observation.

She did what she could to help the CIA, the FBI and every other agency that came calling until she grew fatigued with the whole consultation field. Kendra must put her distaste for law enforcement aside when her ex-boyfriend, an FBI agent, goes missing.

+Sight Unseen
When a massive accident consisting of multiple vehicles shuts a bridge in San Diego down, Kendra raises a few unexpected questions. She has reason to believe that the pileup was the work of a sinister force.

Having garnered an unassailable reputation for her keen observation abilities, Kendra’s suspicions unleash an extensive investigation that brings her back into contact with Adam Kyle, an eccentric FBI agent with whom she has a special connection.

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