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Publication Order of Kennedy Ink. Books

Kennyedy Ink is a series of romance novels written by Jenny Wood. The books follow the exploits of a group of gay brothers who move to a small conservative town in an attempt to start their lives over. In the process, they encounter love and romance.

+The Story
The Kennedy Ink novels are small, rarely longer than 200 pages. As such, they are quick reads, designed to consume just a few hours of a reader’s time. So they are relatively straightforward, avoiding complicated plot threads and convoluted storylines.

The series kicks off with Kayson, the first novel in the series which sets the stage for the rest of the books. Kayson Kennedy, the character after which the book is named, takes center stage.

The Kennedy siblings are forced to migrate to a small town to forge a stronger bond with a baby sister they never knew they had. Kayson does not expect the transition to go over smoothly.

Drastic transitions like that are never simple. But what Kayson encounters challenges even his preconceived notions of bigotry. Initially, Kayson is merely concerned with the minutiae of getting their tattoo shop off the ground.

But then the alpha male comes across the owner of a small bookshop and Connor Allen quickly steals his heart. In most other situations, Kayson would have become immediately consumed by the complexities of new love.

However, things are not so simple this time around. The family’s new town is as conservative as they get, and it doesn’t take Kayson long to realize that certain elements will fight tooth and nail to oppose his love.

Kayson has to decide how far he is willing to go to secure his relationship with Connor and whether or not their new town is a suitable home for the Kennedy siblings.

Kayson Kennedy’s actions initiate a slew of encounters and interactions that proceed to shape the Kennedy Ink series as a whole.

It wouldn’t be erroneous to suggest that the various novels in the Kennedy Ink series can stand on their own. For the most part, each novel features a distinct couple facing their own challenges.

You do not need to read anyone novel to understand the stories that came before or after. That being said, you would be better off reading the Kennedy Ink novels in the order they were published because each book tends to build upon some of the elements introduced in previous books.

This is especially true for the characters. Kayson, the first novel, introduces readers to the Kennedy siblings. Even though Kayson takes center stage, some attention is given to Kingsley, his brother, and their immediate friends and family members.

Over the course of the Kennedy Ink series, those other supporting characters, Kingsley included, are given novels of their own in which they get to shine. For the most part, every significant character in these novels is connected to the Kennedy family in some way.

The primary protagonists are almost always alpha males. They are handsome, muscular, and heavily tattooed. And in most cases, they are comfortable with their sexuality.

However, even though they boast such a tough exterior, the protagonists are not afraid to bare their vulnerable interior. And they get to do just that when they meet the one person capable of stealing their breath away.

The object of the protagonist’s attention is often the more tormented of the two. Either he has a tragic past or there are aspects and elements of his life that keep him from fully expressing and giving himself over to the person they desire.

As tends to happen with most romance novels, Jenny Wood’s protagonists spend their respective novels breaking one another’s walls down.

The Kennedy Ink series is often described as sweet because Jenny Wood’s novels are largely free of melodrama. Many of the author’s colleagues in the genre depend heavily on their ability to shock readers, always striving to throw twists and turns at their heroes and heroines in an attempt to make their journey to a happy future as difficult as possible.

The Kennedy Ink novels ignore that trope. Even with their individual challenges, Jenny Wood’s protagonists are grounded human beings. You won’t find them screaming or cheating or abusing one another.

Certainly, each couple faces many obstacles in their efforts to craft a lasting relationship. But there is a realism to the challenges the author creates. Her heroes do not make rash decisions or act out of character and, for some readers, this is a refreshing change of pace.

+The Author
Jenny Wood is an American author who started out as an enthusiastic reader before finally turning her incredible imagination to the task of writing. Wood is a stay at home mother.

She tries to balance her writing with the demands her husband and children place on her. Wood believes that she is more fortunate than most to earn a living out of the one thing she loves doing more than anything.

When Kayson discovers that he has a baby sister, he moves the family to a small town in Georgia so that they can all get to know her. Ever since their mother died, Kayson has seen it as his duty to keep the family together.

He plans to continue doing just that in their new home where he intends to open a tattoo parlor. Kayson was so focused on his familial duties that he never thought he would find love in such a conservative town.

But then he met Connor Allen, the owner of a small bookshop, and Kayson realized that Georgia might have more to offer him than he might have expected.

As Kayson begins to circle Allen, he realizes that it will take even more tact to maneuver the conservative backlash in his new town.

Because Jody spends so much time brooding, people are always surprised to learn that he volunteers down at the children’s center. Jody made a mistake a long time ago that cost him his relationship with his brother.

Now all he wants is an opportunity to redeem himself. The last thing he expected was to find love in the form of a nurse. What Jody doesn’t know is that Cameron has a serious problem on his hands, one that he would rather take to the grave.

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