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Publication Order of Loch Cameron Books

The Cottage by the Loch (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Secret at the Cottage by the Loch (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Diary from the Cottage by the Loch (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Gift from the Cottage by the Loch (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Invitation to the Cottage by the Loch (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Lost Maidens Loch Mystery Books

A Spell of Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Magpie Cove Books

The House at Magpie Cove (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of Magpie Cove (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daughters of Magpie Cove (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dreams of Magpie Cove (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kennedy Kerr is a bestselling author of every popular romance fiction novel that is best known for the “Magpie Cove” series of novels.

Over the years, the author has penned all manner of adult, and children’s fiction books and poetry which has made her a very popular author.
Originally from the West Country, she currently makes her home in London where she pens her blockbuster works.

She has said that being brought up and living in the West Country for so many years gave her a subtle pirate twang that is sometimes noticeable in addition to a love of the mystical and cream teas.
She is the proud owner of Twinkle, a cuddly black cat who usually keeps her company when she is writing.

When she is not penning her novels she can usually be found reading science and fantasy fiction novels, enjoying the stormy beaches, spas and luxury skincare products, mythology, tarot and magic, and pretty much any listenable music.

Kerr has always been a huge lover of storytelling right from when she was a child. She used to daydream a lot about growing up and becoming a fiction author.

Even as an adult, she still loves to daydream and can often be found staring at a lake or sea which she usually finds very calming.

Kennedy Kerr usually gets many of the ideas for her fiction while standing over a loch or lake or when she is walking by the sea. It is perhaps the reason why so many of her novels are set in coastal communities.
In the many interviews she has given, Kerr has said that she has a love for writing stories that involve family secrets, mysteries, and small communities. She believes she loves to write such stories given that she was brought up in that kind of place.
While she now makes her home in the United Kingdom, her family is from Scotland and this developed in her a love for the rugged coasts of southwest England and Cornwall.

Anything with mystery, beaches, legends, and cliffs in addition to a cake shop is usually good fodder for a story. She is also a true believer in happy endings date nights, chocolates, and roses in the classic sense.

Kennedy Kerr’s “The House at Magpie Cove” is a work set at a beach house in Cornish which is battered by the salty sea wind.

The lead in the novel is a woman named Mara, who at the opening of the story is standing watching a lone magpie circling above. She feels as if her mother’s spirit was right there with her ensuring that she did not leave.
She inherited the rundown beach house that belonged to her mother at the worst time. Her marriage is crumbling and her husband has been threatening to take away her inheritance, even though it has many bittersweet memories.
She intends to spend just a few days at Magpie Cove and then sell the house so that she can move on and rebuild her life.

When she arrived at the house, she found it in a derelict state but she still loves it as it feels like the last link to her mother.

She becomes determined to keep it in the family and asks Brian Oakley the town heartthrob and local handyman to help her save it from ruin.
But things get interesting when she receives a box of unopened letters that are a gift to her from her mother.

“Secrets of Magpie Cove” by Kennedy Kerr is the story of Lila Bridges, an aspiring pastry chef. She had fled from the city after she experienced a heartbreaking tragedy and now works for Serafina’s Cafe, a local establishment in Magpie Cove.
The buttery, sweet aroma of pastries and the cheerful talk of the elderly owner and the regulars are the much-needed balms to her broken heart. For the first time, she has started to once again laugh until Serfina unexpectedly passes on.
Serafina’s estranged son Nathan Da Costa comes back to Magpie Cove to take over his father’s estate and now intends to inject some city-inspired glamor into the cafe.

He is a money-obsessed and dour man and Lila finds it hard to believe that he could be related to Serafina. However, she desperately needs her job since she had at last found peace by moving to the town.
She is determined to make it work with Nathan but things start unraveling when the huge secret begins to leak. But the good thing is that she has been discovering a sweeter and unexpected side to Nathan.
Will the man keep her long herald secret or will he be her undoing?

Kennedy Kerr’s novel “Daughters of Magpie Cove” is another work set in Magpie Cove. The lead is Connie, a woman who has not been back home for years.

While it is a small town with cheerful cottages and beautiful cobbled streets, it has memories she would rather leave in the past.

But then she is contacted by her mother who informs her that she needs to find a way to save the town museum or it will have to shut down.

The smuggling memorabilia and sepia photographs are some of the most valuable possessions in town and she cannot let them be lost.

She decides to go home to the dusty old museum on a twisting and narrow lane that requires more than a new coat of paint to save.

Once she is back in town, she gets into her elements and comes up with some exciting exhibits that revitalize the museum.

Things come to a head when she has a chance encounter with Alex Gordon, a handsome entrepreneur which leaves her breathless.

He is a broad-chested man with dark eyes who offers to help her renovate the museum. This collaboration promises to bring them closer but just as she was trying to leave the past behind, some old nemesis resurfaces.
He is a dangerous man that puts her happiness and the museum’s safety at risk.

Will she be able to find the strength to move on or will she once again have to flee?

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