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with Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin
Those Poor, Poor Bastards (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ten Thousand Things (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Mike Kraus

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with Mike Kraus

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Publication Order of Spore Books

with Mike Kraus

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Knaves(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brigands: A Blackguards Anthology(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kenny Soward likes to style himself a musician, IT guy and bestselling author of horror fiction. While he mostly focuses on horror, he can write in all manner of genres that include epic fantasy, science fiction, military science fiction, post apocalyptic, fantasy and science fiction.

He published “Those Poor, Poor Bastards” his debut novel in 2013 and has never stopped ever since. Among his biggest influences include the likes of Mike Kraus, Stephen King, Larry Correia, George R.R. Martin, Robert McCammon, and JK Rowling among several others.

He has also been influenced by popular media including shows and movies such as “The Walking Dead” and “Battlestar Galactica.”

Soward thinks of himself as just a regular guy that was born and brought up in a small suburb of Cincinnati Ohio.
Growing up, he used to love playing outdoors on bikes and listening to hard rock from the likes of Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot and AC/DC. When he was sixteen, he taught himself how to play drums and he used to play with a lot of passion.

Over more than two decades, he grew his musical tastes and played drums for bluegrass, alternative, folk and new music. As an adult, he studied computer science and became a Unix programmer. While he has become quite a successful author, he still works on computers during the day and does much of his writing at night.

Still, he is just a regular guy who loves writing some great fiction. Even though he has been known to have some strong opinions, he is typically more of the quiet type that loves to offer a helping hand and observe. However, he is very intense when it comes to his writing as his focus and imagination goes through the roof.

Kenny currently makes his home in Kentucky, where he lives with his fiance and their three cats.

Kenny Soward was inspired to become an author from uncles and aunts that exposed him to music, movies and reading from a very young age. He used to live with an uncle that had him reading “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” which was a very advanced work for an eight year old.

In the meantime, his other uncles and aunts had him listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane and Fleetwood Mac, who inspired his love for the fantasy genre.

Similar to many writers, his whole life changed when an uncle gifted him a copy of “The Hobbit.” From that moment on, he was hooked into epic fantasy and has never looked back since, as he read all manner of fantasy works.

But he never started writing until he was 12 and one of his teachers had the class start writing journals. Given how developed his imagination was, he had a lot of fun taking ideas and putting them on paper in an organized format.

Nonetheless, Kenny loved both music and writing during this time but over the years he gravitated towards music as he loved the immediate gratification. He would spend much of his 20s and 30s hoping to make it big as a musical artist until he was in his late thirties.

As he was approaching ,he started to acknowledge that maybe he was not destined to make music and started to lean towards writing. It was in his forties that he wrote and published “Those Poor, Poor Bastards” in 2013.

“Fracture” by Kenny Soward opens to an unprecedented disaster as the world teeters on the edge of collapse. One man is determined to keep his family safe even as the fault lines begin coming apart with no warning. In the blink of an eye, entire nations are disappearing.

The American government is looking for the only man that they believe understands the disaster unfolding. But he is too busy trying to keep his family safe to be bothered.

Ben Willard is a geologist working for the Department of Defense as a contractor. He has been contacted and asked to look into a series of anomalies that have resulted in huge fractures on the West coast.

With the chaos spreading tens of millions of people are left homeless or dead. Pitted against the unstoppable forces of nature and time Ben has to put everything on the line for the sake of his family and his country.

In the meantime, his family has to take part in trying to hold on to their world as the tides of destruction try to pull them apart.

Kenny Soward’s novel “Taken” opens to the Eastern and Central US Seaboard experiencing some nasty events that include an EMP and strong earthquakes that result in a breakdown of law and order. This results in violent riots and looting that causes martial law to be declared even as vigilantism rears its ugly head.

Ben Willard, the research scientist, is fighting to get to his parents’ home as he believes there is more to the chaos than simple natural disasters.
In the meantime, his wife and their kids Ty and Rose are heading to a remote woodland cabin when things take a turn for the worse forcing her to fight hard for their lives.

They suddenly find themselves having to run from the military even as Angel, who is Ben’s eldest daughter, tries to help Mary and Joe, her grandparents who have been attacked by unknown bandits.

In “Firewalk” by Kenny Soward, there have been mega eruptions across the world but particularly in the US West coast and in Australasia. These have resulted in major destruction to technology and life given the massive movements of tectonic plates.

Ben Willard the geologist believed he had done all he could to get away from it all and get back to his family. In his mind, his family needs him more than the Department of Defense.

But the government and several other scientists believe they need him given that he had the only realistic theory on what was causing the geological catastrophes.

It is an interesting story as Pam WIllard, Ty and Rose fight on even as they wait for their father to arrive to save them from a deteriorating situation.

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