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Publication Order of Kentucky Brothers Books

Kentucky Brothers is a series of historical romance and spiritual fiction novels by award-winning novelist Wanda E Brunsetter. Wanda is one of the most popular authors who write about Amish life. The author has written more than 100 novels and there are currently more than 11 million of her works in print. Her novels have been on bestselling lists that include CBD, New York Times, ECPA, Publishers Weekly, CBA, and USA Today. Wanda is generally deemed one of the originators of the Amish fiction genre and her work has been featured in the likes of “Country Woman,” “Time Magazine,” “Good Housekeeping,” “USA Today,” and “Newsweek.” She first got interested in Amish culture when she met Richard her husband, who was brought by a Pennsylvania family with a Dutch heritage that attended the Mennonite church. She desired the simple life when she met her sisters-in-law and when she met the Amish on their travels, she became determined to chronicle the Amish lifestyle.

Wanda bases her Kentucky Brothers series on personal research, which she conducts so that she can accurately portray the way of life of the Amish. Many of her novels are trusted and read by many Amish who love her for letting other people understand their customs and culture. She is, for the most part, attracted to the devout Christian life of the Amish which strives to maintain close family ties, honor God and hard work. Wanda has asserted that she has always loved the close family ties, peaceful lifestyle and sincerity of her Amish friends, as compared to the busyness and chaos that characterizes the modern Englishers.

In the Kentucky Brothers series, Wanda E Brunsetter introduces one of the most expansive storylines. The Kentucky brothers has many relatable scenarios and characters and one cannot help but be drawn into the stories of redemption and healing right along with the brothers. She tells stroeis of family interactions, misunderstandings, community, broken hearts, drama and reliance on God. The stories bring out a combination of pain, joy, relief, frustration, fear as well as lots of smiles, shedding of tears and laugh out loud moments. In “The Journey” the first novel of the series, Titus Fisher who begins a new life in Kentucky. He moved away from the home he had known all his life in Pennsylvania and left behind a broken romance. But then he is presented with a huge challenge when he meets two women: one challenges his ideas of what a woman’s role is and the other is perfectly suited to the traditional Amish man. In the second novel, Samuel Fisher the widower travels from Lancaster to Bluegrass where he hopes to find healing for the pain of losing his wife. In Bluegrass Country, he gets Esther Beiler to watch his children while he works a job and it is not long before she develops an affection for his children and a crush on him. But could she win the heart of the man still burdened by memories of the past who is also getting close to an English woman. The third novel tells the story of Timothy Fisher, who moves his family away from Lancaster. Hannah his wife had lived in Lancaster all her life and is not too happy to leave behind her friends and mother. But she does not have a choice since her place is with her daughter and husband. While she follows the wishes of her husband, she finds adjustment hard.

“The Journey” the first novel of the Kentucky Brothers series is the story of a young Amish man named Titus Fisher who is living with his parents in Pennsylvania. He is always comparing himself to his brother and always comes short. For the past five years he has been in love with the underage girl named Phoebe but his parents forbade him from courting her. She has now turned eighteen and he is happy that they can now have a relationship and get married. But Phoebe wants to try the modern ways of the English, and as such is traveling to California with her friend to have some fun. She refuses to marry Titus or even be courted by him. Nursing a broken heart, he moves to Kentucky where he takes up an offer for a woodworking job. He feels that he has to move away from his past hurt and succeed on his own so that his parents will start treating him like an adult. While working his new job, he meets Suzanne Yoder, an Amish woman in her early twenties who loves woodworking over staying in the home and cooking. He thinks that she looks a lot like Phoebe and hence does not want anything to do with her. He tries courting her friend but there is no chemistry like he has when he gets to know Suzanne and learns that she is nothing like Phoebe.

At the end of the first novel of the series, Samuel lost his wife and now has to take care of his four children as a widower. In the second novel “The Healing,” he is just going through the motions as he has completely checked out of life and heavily relies on his parents to help him with the children. Tired of it all and needing a change, he decides to move the family to Kentucky to start a new life away from all the hurtful memories. Living with his brother does not help him as he withdraws into his shell, relies on Titus to take care of the children. When he gets a contract to remodel a home for some young woman he gets Esther Beiler to take care of his children. Esther’s parents just moved to Pennsylvania and she needs a job to support herself and hence the timing could not have been better. His children are starved of love, ignored by their father and still recovering from the loss of their mother and Beiler is going to do everything in her power to take care of the. She loves the children but finds their father cold, rude and abrasive though it is evident that he loves the children deeply. The more time they spend together, the more she finds that she is falling for him. But could he ever love again or has he given up on love forever?

“The Struggle” is Wanda’s third novel of the Kentucky Brothers series of novels that deals with tragedy, struggles in relationships and what can go wrong when people make bad decisions. Timothy Fisher takes his wife and Mindy his daughter to go live with his brothers with an Amish community in Kentucky. His relationship with Hannah has not been good for some time but he is hopeful that he can keep his family together and save his marriage. But Hannah only sees betrayal in the decision to take her to Kentucky. She is not going to accept her Kentucky home as the new normal as she shows a streak of self-indulgence and selfishness not seen often in Amish romances. But then there is a tragedy as Mindy their only child dies in an accident and leaves Hannah and Timothy blaming each other. The rift in their marriage is growing ever deeper until she decides to go back home in Lancaster. Hannah and Timothy struggle with their guilt but still refuse to change until a life-changing dream forces them to.

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