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Kenzie Macallan
Kenzie Macallan lived in and traveled to many places as a kid like Switzerland, England, Italy, Holland, Africa, Greece, and France. It activated her imagination and created the settings for many of her stories. These stories floated around inside her head for a while. Finally, she decided to write them down on paper. That is when the actual adventures started.

The better part of her life has been getting educated and acquiring various degrees, but none of them were in writing. Even though she has extensive experience in writing clinical research papers, it just lacked the passion which stokes her creative fires. Before finding her thirst for writing, both oil portrait painting and photography occupied her free time, as well as being a fitness junkie. Sitting with her dog, also her muse, Niko in New England, she made use of her overactive imagination.

Kenzie is passionate about writing. She creates stories that she hopes will inspire readers while also providing an escape. Her stories are about transformation. Like Steve Harvey said, take the jump. His speech about jumping into your passion in life moved Kenzie on so many levels. She realized that we just have a single life to live, so we should take it by the horns. It gave her the courage to take the leap into the deep end of self-publishing.

Her favorite part about being a writer is the escape from reality. As readers, we escape into another world. However as a writer, she is able to create this world, actions, characters, and reactions. Kenzie also loves learning, and has learned a lot about the writing process, editing, covers, etc.

Kenzie tries to just get really calm and allow the words come to her. They are all right there. It is only a matter of letting them go and just do their thing. Sometimes she needs a break and has to step away. So she does some reading, baking, exercise, and gardening. It’s necessary to unplug to plug in again.

To get inspired, she will watch the news, listen to other people, and most of all she will allow the characters to speak right to her. Sometimes they just won’t stop.

“Truths” is the first novel in the “Deception & Desire” series and was released in the year 2016. She is hiding a horrible secret, while he is on a deadly mission. With her right in the crosshairs, can a forbidden love flourish?

Cancun, Mexico where Marabella, an Italian beauty, is attempting to shake her grim past. After the mysterious and sudden death of her husbands, her sisters have insisted on a five-star holiday to set her mind straight. However when a handsome Scotsman with a smart mouth gets her laughing, she fears that her history might extinguish her mounting desire.

Mac, an MI-6 agent that is battle weary and needing a distraction, wants nothing more than his typical fling. But his chemistry with a sexy vacationer tempts into doing more than just love and leave her. However when he opens up the dossier for his recent briefing, he finds himself racing headlong right into heartbreak.

While Marabella is soaking up the attention from this striking stranger, she is unable to help but feel that she is being watched. And when Mac uncovers the horrifying danger that surrounds this gorgeous woman, he is torn between passion and duty. Can this steamy couple escape to allow love to live another day?

“Edges” is the second novel in the “Deception & Desire” series and was released in the year 2021. He is undercover, while she is under threat. Are lethal secrets going to ruin the romance of a lifetime?

New York City, Leigha Luccenzo feels the control slipping right through her fingers. Between her photography studio getting ransacked and some debilitating nightmares, her whole existence is coming undone. So when the hot new model is able to rescue her from mysterious mobsters, she is unable to decide whether she should pull him close or push him away.

Dean Wagner, a former Aussie secret agent, loves fast bikes and even faster women. However when a covert assignment puts his heart right in the line of fire, his troubled past triggers some feelings in him that he would much rather forget. And the guilt that he has suffered for too many years could just undermine his mission.

While Leigha struggles to accept her own desires for Dean, dark family secrets and repressed memories threaten to send her right over the edge. And if he’s unable to admit the burden that he has been carrying, he will not be able to save her when the killer finally makes his move. Can Dean and Leigha escape from their trauma before the web of lies rips them apart?

“Wild” is the first novel in the “Deep 8” series and was released in the year 2021. She dove right into a war zone to get the story. He would endure hell just to get her back home. Sparks fly, yet is romance going to die on the wrong side of a bullet?

Sean Knight, security firm owner, always follows the action. So the ex-Navy SEAL does not hesitate to go off to Afghanistan to extract some world renowned hacker. However when he discovers that his childhood best friend is being held captive, some old feelings come flooding back and he’s going to protect her with his own life.

Jess Wilander, investigative reporter, does not lack bravery. When she learns that her sister’s been abducted by some Afghan warlord, she agrees to write up an article on the man to stage a rescue. The plans go sideways when the guy sent to get them out is the same man that broke her heart.

While Sean looks for a way to free everybody, his growing attraction to the only regret from his past threatens to jeopardize the mission. And even though Jess yearns to share her heart with him, she struggles to trust that he isn’t going to betray her again. Can these buddies become lovers and survive long enough to finally find their happily ever after?

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