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Publication Order of Kenzie Sutcliffe Books

Kenzie Sutcliffe, who is a sixteen year old girl in high school, has a special shower drain in her house. Usually stuff only goes down it, but hers allows demons to come out of it. It all happened one day as she spilled some stuff down her drain. She did not even know that she could open up such a thing, and yet it happened, making her wish that she never had such a talent at all. When she tried to fix it, by closing it, it made things worse, not better. What with all of the trouble that comes along with it. All she would like is for the most popular (not to mention the most beautiful) boy in school to see her and know that she even exists. She does not want to ruin things by making the first move as that would be too humiliating. She has beaten her acne due to the zit cream, that is very expensive and prescribed by her dermatologist and that her parents did not really want to buy.

Levi is the demon that comes through the drain (or demon-hole as Kenzie refers to it). He is a nice demon, but feeds off of other people’s emotions. Levi does this to survive, as this is how he eats. Levi and Kenzie do not get along with each other at first, but start to the more they get to know each other.

The series is a young adult series written by adult romance author Erin McCarthy, and is released under her Erin Lynn pen name. She is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author who has penned quite a few novels in adult romance, young adult, and new adult. Some of her novels even include some elements of paranormal romance as well. Her work has been both published by herself and by a traditional publisher. Young adult writing though, is not something that she always does, she just takes some brief forays into the genre.

“Demon Envy” written by Erin McCarthy is the first book in the “Kenzie Sutcliffe” series that was released in the year 2007. While taking a shower, Kenzie Sutcliffe was trying to remove a massive zit from her face and dropped her zit cream, allowing some of it to be washed down the drain. A demon was freed from his prison by this act; the demon looks oddly geeky, somehow. She is now saddled with a creature that acts like all the other guys that Kenzie knows, annoyingly. He makes jerk comments and is not at all attractive. Levi, the demon, has a job; thank goodness for small favors. His job, assuming you can call it that, is to stir up feelings of jealousy and envy in people. If he does not do this, he will starve. He becomes popular just one day after showing up at her school. All he can get Kenzie to do is lock herself in her bedroom, and never come back out. No one is going to want to have her life after this. It was hell being a teenager before, now that she is stuck with someone who was born there, it is probably going to be worse now.

Fans of the novel found it to be quite unique and funny. For a young adult novel, this thing seems to be free of a lot of the angst that pervades a lot of the other novels in this genre. It is well written and full of characters who are human like and real. Some found that they would even re-read the thing in the near future. It is an extremely readable novel that it is easy for some to pick up and read the thing. Fans say that they want more and more of Kenzie and that the author knows how to give her readers what they want.

“Speed Demon” written by Erin McCarthy is the second book in the “Kenzie Sutcliffe” series that was released in the year 2008. In order to shut down the demon-hole that Levi shot out of in the first novel of the series, Kenzie had to drive the family car (a mini-van) through the kitchen. Instead of gratitude, all she got for doing it was grounded and her driving privileges were revoked; the only rides she can get are from some demon with a dubious looking license. He tells her that closing the portal down, only opened up other ones, in other places. To make things worse, he will not tell her where they are, just that if she does not shut them down, it will be bad, very bad. Kenzie does not want Levi to go back to hell, so she will have to save the day yet again to fix things.

Fans of the novel found that the novel was even better than the first novel in the series, and that Erin knows how to have fun in the novel without compromising the plot or characters. Fans rooted for Kenzie the whole way, whether she was flirting or trying to make things right and save the day. Kenzie is quite the character, that makes them wish that there were more and more books to the series. Some found that the ending to the novel was perfect. You will get pulled in by the fascinating writing and story, that it is much better than the synopsis would have some believe it to be. Some fans wish that this author would stick to young adult, as she does a great job with writing this series, and things feel unique in this series without a whole lot of teenage angst. This author does a great job, no matter what book you are talking about or genre. She writes novels that are quite easy reads that you will enjoy and get through in a day or two, ready for more.

Erin McCarthy has won an award for the series. It was American Library Association’s Reluctant Young Reader Award for the first novel (“Demon Envy”) in the series. McCarthy won the award in the exact same year that the first novel came out, in the year 2008.

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