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The Kennedy Debutante (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl in White Gloves (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Paris Bookseller (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
All You Have To Do Is Call (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kerri Maher is a reputed American writer of historical fiction and young adult stories. She has penned two books in her career so far and both of them are widely popular. Maher hails from Boston, Massachusetts. She made her debut in 2018 with a book called The Kennedy Debutante. Currently, Maher is working on developing the third book of her career, which is known as The Paris Bookseller. This book is based on the Shakespeare & Company bookstore owned by Sylvia, which was famous for being the meeting point of the American writers of the Lost Generation. Apart from her two full-length novels, Maher has also penned a book called This Is Not A Writing Manual under the pseudonym of Kerri Majors. This book is a memoir intended for young people wishing to become writers or wanting to enter the creative world and is filled with practical tips.

Before Maher decided to try her luck at writing novels, she worked as a professor. She used to teach creative writing to college students. Author Maher is also the founder of Yarn, an award-winning journal. She has resided on both the coasts and currently calls Massachusetts her home. Maher has a house located near Boston and loves to visit museums and take long walks. Maher’s parents are natives of California and they still live there. So, she also likes to call herself a Californian girl. When she was in the 6th grade, Maher moved to the state, where she lived with them up to her college years. She has resided in Dover, Massachusetts for the first 8 years of her life.

Maher has also spent 6 years of her life living in Brooklyn, New York. She loved to eat good, cheap food and shop at wonderful thrift shops in Brooklyn. It was during her stay in New York that Maher earned her MFA from Columbia University. After that, she got her first teaching job at the university’s Undergraduate Writing Program as a graduate student instructor. Maher continued to teach for eight years before going on to become a lecturer at the University of Fairleigh Dickinson in New Jersey. Her life changed completely when she relocated to Massachusetts and had a baby.

As of today, Maher writes on a full-time basis and spends her free time in the company of her daughter named Elena. The mother-daughter pair loves to take trips to fine art museums and indulge in traipsing, apple picking and visit places of historical importance all over Boston. Maher also likes to try her hand at cooking different cuisines. A common place to find her and interact is Instagram. She keeps posting about her books, her lovely daughter, her dog, and all other things that she loves and shows curiosity to know the take of her fans and followers on them.

The debut book written by author Kerri Maher is entitled ‘The Kennedy Debutante’. It was released by Berkley Books in 2018. The primary characters mentioned in this novel include Kathleen Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, Billy Harrington, Rose Kennedy, Joe Kennedy, Rosemary Kennedy, and a few others. Maher has set this novel in London in the year 1938. This captivating novel follows the exploits of the rebellious and forgotten daughter of a great political dynasty of America, Kathleen ‘Kick’ Kennedy. The book opens by mentioning that Kathleen becomes the effervescent ‘It girl’ of the London society following her father’s naming as the ambassador. She starts appearing only in rarefied circles and rubbing her satin-covered elbows with the most powerful people of the 20th century.

Kathleen is eager to get rid of her strict mother Rose’s watchful eyes and escape the antics of her elder brothers, Joe and Jack. She also hopes to keep herself away from her sister Rosemary’s erratic behavior. With all this in mind, Kathleen prepares herself to make a name for herself in the outside world. And as soon as she comes across the handsome Devonshire Duke, Billy Harrington, she seems swept off by his charm. As they begin their love affair, Billy and Kathleen realize that they are forbidden from loving each other because Billy’s Protestant family and Kathleen’s Catholic one will never accept their relationship. Soon after, war breaks out across Europe and Kathleen is snatched away from Billy’s arms because her family is forced to move back to the United States. As soon as she arrives in the US, Kathleen takes up a job as a journalist. She becomes a Red Cross member with the intention of returning to England and meeting her lover. But before that, she will have to decide whether her true loyalty lies with her love or with her family.

Another exciting novel written by the author is known as ‘The Girl in White Gloves’. It was also published by Berkeley in February 2020. This book contains the lead characters in the roles of Princess Grace Kelly, Prince Rainer, Jack Kelly, Peggy Kelly, Fordie, and several others. The book opens by showing that Grace Kelly and her father, Jack Kelly have a complicated relationship. She hates him for preferring and favoring her elder sister named Peggy. As her father owned a huge construction business, Grace lived a privileged life while growing up. Her uncle works in theater and mentors her to choose a career in the entertainment field.

Jack doesn’t appreciate Grace’s decision to become an actress even after she becomes successful. Her parents do not even like her decision to indulge in relationships with older, non-Catholic boyfriends, who either belong to the fashion or entertainment industry. It seemed that Grace had a hunger for sex and forced all her boyfriends to have sex with her on their first date. She even provoked Prince Rainer to have pre-marital sex after their engagement in order to make sure that he was capable of satisfying her sexually. This book provides an insight into the life of Princess Grace of Monaco and explores those chapters of her life that are not known to everyone. Author Maher has shown that Grace risks everything, including her family, her reputation, her marriage, and her profession in her attempt to find purpose and affection and overcome the twists & turns of her life.

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