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Kerry Barnes
Kerry Barnes is an English author of mystery books known for his Cruel Secrets Series, Ruthless Series and Hunted Series. Born in 1964, Barnes spent her childhood on a council estate just a few miles South East. Persuaded by her parents to go to medical school at a time when women only dreamed of professional careers, Barnes began her career as a microbiologist and later joined medical school. She began her writing career after her first daughter was born since she had free time to craft some beautiful stories in her mind and transfer them into a paper. By the time her kids were grown, she had already authored four novels.


Ruthless is the first book in a series by the same name. The story opens up in 1998, and we meet Mary and her husband Bill, and then the author transports us back in time to 1963 where we get to discover how the husband and wife met in one action-packed story. After having three sons, Mary is finally blessed with a baby girl Dolly, but she is soon sent away from home for her own protection.

Mad Mick is a man seeking vengeance and will stop at to see Dolly dead. Estranged from her family, Dolly becomes a barrister, and she finds herself entangled in a conspiracy by the high court after vehemently defending a young Italian man. After enduring great torture, she finally flees London and finds herself in New York.

The first book in Ruthless series is an extraordinary read, and despite its standard length, it’s got so much packed in. The story takes you from east end London to New York City and features some of the notorious east end gangs and mafia. Dolly is a character that brings it all together. Her parents have all boys until when she comes around and sent away because one of the mafia ring leaders wants her dead. It’s from this point we see Dolly’s life played out before us. Her life takes a distinct path from that of her London childhood, but despite garnering success, it’s evidently clear that there’s something within her that connects her to the life of crime and violence. This is a hardcore and ruthless journey from East End to the New York Mafia underworld in the 1990s.
The story features a cast of wonderful characters and plenty of plot twists. You’ll enjoy watching Dolly as she seeks revenge on all those who have done her wrong. She is one of a tough woman you don’t want to mess with. Overall, Ruthless is a story that explores the themes of love, revenge, and greed.

Ruby’s Palace

The second in Ruthless series picks up from where the first book in the series left off and we follow Dolly’s on an epic journey in London. We are also introduced to a family known as the O’Connell’s who their hunger for vengeance is driven by greed and jealousy.

Not taking into consideration all the rumors and the warnings of the disappearance of the McManners Family the O’Connell’s plan a scam so big such that even their kind opposes them. Ruby is 15 years and she may, and even though she may resemble her aunt Francesca, she still has Jesse Right blood in her. Turning her back away from her family, she embarks on a journey to find the truth. What she finds will soon haunt her and wish that she should have just left the boogeyman to rot in hell.

The second in the series is a well-crafted, gritty, gripping and a fast-paced story right from the first page to the last.

Cruel Secrets

Cruel Secrets is the first book in Cruel Secrets series by Kerry Barnes. It is a gripping thriller novel that will shock you to the core.
Having lived all her life controlled by her religious mother, a 15-year-old Kelly Raven finally decides to commit the ultimate sin and discovers that taking refuge in the cold and dark streets of London is much less painful compared to her previous life with the mother. Her new family is comprised of two fraudsters, a drug dealer, and a prostitute and now she has the opportunity and the chance to become the woman she was destined.

But little does Kelly know that Eddie Raven is after her soul and even though Raven’s blood runs through her veins, in her case, blood isn’t thicker than water.

The first in the series explores the underbelly of crime and violence world, so as a reader expect to be treated with plenty of swearing and scenes of violence. Its no doubt that Kerry Barnes knows how to craft a tale that packs a punch. Right from the first chapter, Cruel Secrets is one of those novels that captures your attention with a brilliant plot, and wicked cast that gets under your skin and finds their way to your heart. The author brilliantly delivers a story of treachery, violence and family ties.

Wicked Lies

Wicked Lies is a gripping thriller novel with a heart-wrenching twist of fate that continues Eddie Raven’s legacy. Behind the cold, wet walls of the cottage, a 17year old is left to look after his younger sisters. In her quest for freedom, her mother joins up with a small gang and leaves her children behind.
But when Jean River comes back home after one year, she is met by two shocking discoveries- Kelly Raven and a decomposing body of a young woman in her cottage.

Malakai struggling to keep his siblings fed and safe ventures into a world he knows nothing about and soon has what a lot of people fear- the face of his dad. But still, that won’t stop the person pursuing him from destroying his family.

While Wicked Lies is a sequel, it can be read as a standalone novel because the author gives sufficient information in the opening chapters of this novel. The main character, Malik is a brilliant character. He’s one of those characters you just get rooted to from reading the novel blurb. There are so many different layers in this book all which build up to a wonderful conclusion.

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