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Publication Order of DCI Jones Casebook Books

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Publication Order of Ryan Kaine's 83 Books

Publication Order of Ryan Kaine's Origins Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

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Kerry J. Donovan is a bestselling mystery author from Dublin best known for the “DCI Jones Casebook” series of novels.
He loves to consider himself a citizen of the world and even though he was born in the United Kingdom, he lives on the continent. He now makes his home in rural Brittany where he lives in a stone cottage that he renovated and with his own calloused and gnarled hands.

Kerry has three children and several grandchildren but unlike him, they all live in the United Kingdom making him an absentee grandfather. This is the reason that he is very thankful for video calling technology, as he can talk with his children and grandchildren whenever he feels like.

As a graduate student, he got a masters degree in human biology and then went on to get a doctorate in Exercise and Sport sciences. He would then go on to work for The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as a scientific advisor.

In this position, he helped first responders in the United Kingdom prepare for biological and chemical attacks following the atrocities committed on 9/11. He probably gets much of his scientific edge evident in his novels from this period in his life.

Before he became an accomplished author, Kerry J. Donovan was a furniture maker/designer. He also has several triathlon and swimming qualifications. In addition to this, he has a pristine Honda NC750X, which he usually uses to tour the less well known regions of the continent to find interesting settings for his stories.
Donovan considers himself a lifelong open water swimmer and sports enthusiast as he has often been known to take off his bike leathers and don his goggles and trunks anytime he spies water on his many tours. His many life experiences often add the layer of realism he needs for his characters and stories.

For instance, his novels often feature Ryan Kaine, an action hero and ex member of the Special Boat Services of the Royal Navy. This is as exciting and authentic as you could get in such a story.

Even though Kerry J. Donovan has grown in leaps and bounds over the years to become one of the most prolific authors in the genre, he never wrote much before his debut. He completed his debut in 1985 when he was in his early thirties.

This was a Cold War story that in some way predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall a few years before it actually happened. It was some dreadful writing, even though the tale was valid in his opinion. He ended up burning the manuscript without showing it to anyone.

Before this, he had been a respiratory physiology research scientist and had written many peer reviewed boring and dry journal articles.

Now that he has achieved some success, he loves to engage in his hobbies. As a former cabinet maker, he still finds time to use the equipment in his workshop to fix things around the house. He also does a lot of renovations on his Brittany cottage and is responsible for most of the furniture and kitchen redesigns.
Still, much of his time is usually spent writing and he for the most part does not make furniture even if he still dreams of making an oak roll top desk. He intends to do that when he finally retires from his day job.

Kerry J. Donovan’s novel “On the Run” introduces the main protagonist of the Ryan Kaine series of novels. At the opening of the novel, Ryan is on the run after what should have been a routine operation results in an aircraft explosion in which nearly a hundred civilians lose their lives.

Kaine is former Royal Marine blamed for the tragedy and suddenly finds himself the target of manhunt as a sinister organization wants him dead, while the police want to arrest him for terrorism. He desperately needs to prove his innocence and for this he relies on two strangers.

One is an IT expert who harbors some dark secrets, while the other is a country veterinarian who takes pity on him and treats his injuries.

Ryan needs to overcome a sense of guilt , a strong moral code and debilitating injuries to hunt down the people who set him up. Using his newfound allies, gut instincts and combat skills, he hopes to find redemption and get to the truth before it is too late.

“On the Rocks” which is the second novel of the Ryan Kaine series of novels by Kerry J. Donovan sees Ryan having hard times. He is an international fugitive blamed for killing eighty three people in an airline explosion. But he is innocent and has vowed to protect the grieving families no matter what.

When he learns that Martin Princeton has disappeared he decides to put his pursuit of the truth to clear his name on hold. He intends to join the rescue team on the Scottish mountains searching for the boy, even with a bounty on his head. He is still a most wanted man across the world and has injuries from his last outing.

But he needs to convince the rescue team on the mountain that he has good intentions. He hopes they can find the boy before they realize that he is Europe’s most wanted man.

It is a compulsively addictive novel that has been compared to the works of the likes of Robert Ludlum, Mark Dawson and Lee Child.

Kerry J. Donovan’s novel “On the Defensive” opens to Ryan Kaine on the defensive. He just received an urgent plea for help with an address.

There are some unscrupulous men trying to force the Constantines, who are Greek restaurateurs from their home and business. They had so far resisted the attacks on the family until their patriarch was attacked and seriously injured. The police have turned a blind eye even as the neighbors run scared.

One of the eighty three he vowed to protect is in trouble and Kaine does not hesitate as he gets right into the danger zone. As a wanted man, he needs to avoid the thousands of cameras installed with the latest facial recognition technology in London.

He soon finds himself deep in a web of deception, lies and treachery as he engages in a fight to the death that cannot afford to lose.

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  1. Paul: 1 year ago

    As previously mentioned by others, the books continuity is off between book 3 and book 4. Corky has been introduced without us knowing. Also a bin lid is NOT slang for a motorcycle helmet as used twice in book 4. It is just a lid. You are mixing your slang terms up.

    • Mick: 6 months ago

      I agree, a “Skid Lid” is slang for a motorbike helmet, a “Bin Lid” is slang for a Kid (or a lid of a bin!!)

  2. Debbie de Beer: 1 year ago

    Good morning. I’m enjoying this fast-paced series beyond imagination. However, I seem to have missed a story-line between On the Defensive and On the Attack. One moment the team is headed for Haarlem, Amsterdam and the next they help Angela. Obviously, some part of- or a whole book is missing, because Corky was only a voice in one book, whilst in the next they have had contact with him face to face, as they mention his awful Hawaïn shirts.

    Thanks for wonderful entertainment.


    Debbie de Beer

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      I haven’t read the series but can confirm that is the correct order of the books

  3. veronica mcdonald: 1 year ago

    Have raced through Ryan Kaine books 1-11 great connecting story line . look forward to next book. meantime I have a date with DCI Jones.
    The books have given me many sleepless nights good job Im a bit of an insomniac.
    Look forward to many more sleepless nights .


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