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Kerry Kaya is a bestselling romance and mystery author from the United Kingdom. She is best known for writing popular and gritty gangland novels based in Essex, where the thugs surprisingly have strong family dynamics.

The author was raised on one of the most expansive council estates in the United Kingdom and it is from her experiences that she derives the characters and settings for her novels.

Aside from her authorship, Kerry works a day job in a busy maternity department. She published “Barking Boy” her debut novel, in 2018.

Kaya always loved writing and even as a very young girl she remembers that she used to write all manner of stories. She wrote her first book when she was just ten and kicked on from there. But it was not until she wrote her first full length novel when she was in her twenties that Kerry deemed herself an author.
As a huge lover of crime fiction, especially anything written by a female author, she had a story ready to go for several years even as she debated on whether she was good enough as an author.

Over the years, Kaya’s writing style has evolved as she gets influenced by the many books she has been reading. Her favorite authors that have had a huge influence on her writing include the likes of Mo Hayder, Lynda La Plante and Martina Cole.

Kaya loves to live a very balanced life and when she is not writing her novels she loves reading. She is also a huge lover of football and an ardent supporter of West Ham United.

When she is indoors, she can be found watching films and TV shows such as Peaky Blinders, Luther and any true crime documentaries. Kerry also loves food and cites Indian as her favorite.

Kerry Kaya’s “Barking Boy” is the story of Tommy Carter, a nineteen year old who goes against his parents wishes. Instead of pursuing what looked like a promising career as a professional boxer he decides to work for Davey Abbot, the local villain.

But he is good at his job and he works hard to climb through the ranks. It is not long before he gets a promotion and starts working at strip clubs and protection rackets rather than collecting debts. When Dean Johnson, who is Abbot’s old nemesis, comes back into town things come to a head as he is determined to exact vengeance.
His means of livelihood threatened, Tommy will do anything to protect his boss. But then Abbott is killed and shockingly leaves all his business interests to Tommy in his will. He decides to recruit his younger brothers and together they make the Carter family one of the most feared and respected in town.
But what Tommy is very good at is the bank robberies. He meticulously plans his robberies and has a knack of always being just ahead of law enforcement. But then he makes plans to steal from Freddie Smith, the East End’s top dog. This promises to be one of the biggest and most complicated jobs they have ever done
Following months of planning will everything go to plan or will Tommy and his brothers have bitten more than he has chewed given the ferocity of his opponent and his henchmen.

“Scorned” by Kerry Kaya tells the story of Bethany Johnson, a woman twisted, spiteful and out for vengeance. After spending much of the past two decades overseas, she is about to reenter the United Kingdom. Tommy Carter had once upon a time rejected her and she is determined to make him pay.
But the man has a host of challenges he is dealing with including an out of control brother and a wayward son. Moreover, he has been told that the only way he can save his little brother who is about to be killed is to brutally murder four strangers.

Johnson’s and Tommy’s worlds could not be any different but it is only a matter of time before they meet. The meeting between the two promises to be explosive and could devastate anyone that could be caught in the line of fire.

Kerry Kaya’s “Top Dog” is set in the East End where Dunny McKay, a lieutenant for Freddie Smith, wants to get out of the gangster life. His boss would never let him just quit as the code is that once one becomes a member there is only one way they are leaving.

Freddie will do anything to remain the top dog in the East End and if that will mean he has to get rid of his much stronger and younger deputy then he is ready to do it. Danny now finds himself with a bounty on his head and has to fight to survive.

He joins forces with Moray Garner, his best friend and they make a pact to rid the East End of Freddie once and for all. On their quest, they learn about horrifying secrets that could be devastating to the underworld.

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