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Crazy Rich Asians (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
China Rich Girlfriend (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rich People Problems (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Sex and Vanity (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lies and Weddings (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kevin Kwan is a Singapore based author known for his satirical novels, China Rich Girlfriend, Rich People Problems and Crazy Rich Asians. In the year 2014, Hollywood reporters shortlisted Kwan among Five Most Powerful Writers to Watch. The list included authors such as Emma Donagoe, Rainbow Rowell, Neal Stephenson and Earnie Cline. Born in Singapore, China, Kevin Kwan comes from one of the richest families in China. Kwan’s great-grandfather was the founder of the oldest bank in Singapore, Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation. While growing up in Singapore, Kwan attended the world-renowned Anglo-Chinese School, a school which has produced prominent politicians, athletes and business leaders. When Kwan turned 17 years old, his family relocated to the United States. In the US, Kwan joined the University of Houston where he earned a BA in Media studies. After earning his BA, Kwan then joined Parsons School of Design to pursue a photography BFA.

While living in New York city, Kwan worked for M&Co, Martha Stewart Living and Interview Magazine. In the year 2000, Kwan established a creative studio in New York, where he worked with various prominent clients including New York Times, and Museum of Modern Art.

Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians

Published in the year 2013, Crazy Rich Asian is a book inspired by Kwan’s childhood experiences in Singapore. The first chapter in Crazy Rich Asians borrows heavily from a poem that Kwan wrote so many years ago, titled Singapore Bible Study. Apart from the fact that Crazy Rich Asians is a fast read, it is also full of many laughs out loud moments and groans as well. In crazy Rich Asians, author Kevin Kwan introduces the readers to an economics professor, one Rachel Chu. The book begins as Nicholas Young, Rachel’s boyfriend invites her to Singapore, so that she can spend a few months with him. To Rachel, nothing seems odd considering the fact that she has no clue of what awaits her in Singapore. Nick Young’s best friend has a wedding, and thus, Nick intends on taking Rachel to the wedding and also using the opportunity to introduce Rachel to his family.

Upon arrival, Rachel realizes that Nick had not been completely honest with her, about the wedding and the main purpose of her invitation. As she begins to settle down, Rachel comes to learn that Nick comes from one of the wealthiest families in Singapore and the wedding will be one of the biggest and most expensive in Singapore. Apart from Rachel and Nicholas, author Kevin Kwan also introduces the readers to Nick’s grandmother resides on an estate, hidden completely from the rest of world. Armed guards man the estate, round the clock.

China Rich Girlfriend

Author Kevin Kwan returns with a catty as hell and an equally good-natured sequel to his debut and best selling novel, Crazy Rich Asians. For those who are yet to come across any literary works by author Kevin Kwan, his tone is not only utterly disarming but also breakneck; part Arthur Frommer, part Judith Krantz, and part Oscar Wilde. Just like in Crazy Rich Asians, author Kevin Kwan once again introduces the readers to a group of social climbers and socialites. These social climbers and socialites include Rachel and Nick, two Asian American lovers looking for their dad, while at the same time avoiding their mother. Mrs. Bernand Tai, a former soap opera star who must tame her modern urges if she is to succeed in impressing the members of the exclusive dining club and many others.

The outlandish characters, opulent setting, the soap-opera drama is entertaining and hilarious. The food descriptions will make the mouth of the readers to water, while the constant name dropping of luxury vehicles and brands will make the readers google some of them with the hopes of making a better picture of this luxurious world. Unlike his debut novel, author Kevin Kwan slams the readers with various pop culture references, which will make things much more outlandish. As the book begins, it is more than two years after Nick and Rachel went on the disastrous trip to Singapore. While there were members of the family who were more than cordial to Rachel, others were less receptive. Despite the fact that some of his family members were hostile towards Rachel, Nick’s decision to marry Rachel is not influenced in any way. Nick’s mother, Eleanor, is the only person who makes a grand entrance to the venue. Unknown to Nick and Rachel, Eleanor is not present to stop their wedding, but rather to deliver great news; Eleanor had just found Rachel’s father.

Eleanor is more than excited to meet her father and family. Furthermore, considering she had a terrible experience when meeting with Nick’s family, how bad could meeting her family be? Overall, China Rich Girlfriend is a brilliantly written novel. It doesn’t shy away from racism and classism within the community. The rules and regulations about keeping the legacy and the bloodline pure, new money vs. old money, racial tension between the overseas Chinese and the mainland Chinese is fascinating to read about.

Rich People Problems

Rich People Problems is the third book by author Kevin Kwan. In Rich People Problems we meet with Su Yi on her deathbed. As the matriarch of the Young Family, Su is extremely rich with more than 64 acres of land in Singapore and many other real estate properties. Asians traditions expect Su to leave her wealth and properties to Phillip, her eldest son. Nonetheless, rumors have it that Su will leave her enormous wealth to Nicholas, Philip’s son. For many years, Nicholas has never talked to his grandmother after she disapproved his marriage proposal to Rachel. The main reason why Su disapproved the marriage is that she sees Rachel as an ordinary Chinese girl, who has nothing to offer the family. With everyone wondering who is going to inherit Su’s estate, the entire family decides to travel to Tyersall Park with the hope of getting in Su’s good graces.

Felicity, Su’s eldest daughter, understands clearly that she is going to get the least, mainly because of her gender. However, with the inheritance issues aside, Sue has to attend to her daughter’s constant. With that said, Rich People Problems is an excellent book by author Kevin Kwan. Just like his two previous books, Rich People Problems is a story about one of the richest families in China.

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