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Kevin Sampson is a British author, who is widely known for his novel, Awaydays published in the year 1998 and Stars are Stars, which was published in the year 2006. Currently, Kevin Sampson resides in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Sampson began his writing career in the 1980’s when he secured several gig reviews for NME in the 1980’s. However, Neil Spencer, who was the editor at the time, famously sacked Kevin Simpson for reviewing a Sex Gang Concert at one of the biggest clubs in Liverpool city that had been burned down the night before the concert was to take place. Sampson then went ahead and became a regular contributor to i-D, Jamming, The Face, and Time-Out as well. Sampson eventually returned to Merseyside in the year 1990, with the aim of assisting a longtime friend, Peter Hooton, start Produce Records with Wayne Chand, Ian Croft, Paul McKenna and Barney Moores as partners.

In the early 1990’s, Produce was the home of most of the Top 40 hit songs including All Together and Groovy Train by The Farm. In the year 1994, the Farm broke up, and Sampson eventually turned to writing when he dug up a manuscript to a Novella that he had initially sent to Penguin Publishers in the year 1982. Awaydays was to be the name of the novel that was entire, based on What Sampson had previously seen during his days when he was still a youth. However, instead of sending the novel has he had initially wrote, Sampson used the inspiration that he got from the novel, Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. Awaydays was later on adapted for a screenplay in the year 2009.


Over the recent years, the popularity of movies and television programs, which display football violence, has been on the rise, while the violence, on the other hand, has been declining. These, together with the increase in a number of true-life narratives type of books, in turn, means that the people who participated in the violence can now talk without any fear and to a much wider audience. Despite the fact that Awaydays was marketed as fiction, it is still one of the most recent books to fall into this category. Paul Carty, the protagonist, hails from a descent area of Birkenhead. Carty should not be interested at all in attending football matches purely for the violence. However, ever since his mother passed away, Paul Carty finds it exceedingly easy to lose himself in the world of casual sex and casual violence instead of facing a home life without his mother.

Paul lives in an area between these two worlds, feeling alienated from the family that he lives with and never being entirely accepted by the pack, irrespective of the number of opposition fans that he fights with or the type of attire that he puts on. The only person who appears to truly, accepts Paul is Elvis. Elvis is a member of the pack who truly does not seem to match the stereotype of a football hooligan. Carty, not only experiences angst but also from the looks of it, even knows how to spell it. While a bigger part of the part exists to cause harm to others, Elvis is worried that his continual existence may cause harm to no one else rather than himself. Away Days has been penned down six days in the lives of none other than Paul Carty.


The powder is another breath taking read from the author, Kevin Sampson. A novel that has been set in the 1990’s, powder revolves around an upcoming band from Liverpool, known as the Grams. The Grams is made up of five members the lead singer known as Keva McCluskey, James Love one of the exceedingly famous members of the band, Hector Lovett, the star powdered guitarist Beano the tag along bassist and Tony Snow, the drummer. The book speaks about the bands rise to fame. From the moment the band was created, everything appears to be in motion. The band has now reached a phase where they want to be exceedingly famous, considering the amount of hard work and effort that they have put, as well as the teeth gritting competition with their rivals Sensira, a band that appears to have chanced on fame so effortlessly. The readers can relate to that feeling considering the fact that they have had a similar experience at one point. To this crucial moment, before everything broke lose, everything has to be handled with caution because each of the moves that the band makes is exceedingly important.

At this point, the band has to worry about the magazines that they prefer to be in as well as the formats that they may want to be in. The type of media that you may want to be featured in also as well as the song that you will select as your debut single.


Outlaws is another highly entertaining tale by renowned author, Kevin Simpson. Just like a majority of his books, outlaws is told completely from the vernacular and deals with the stories of an old school gangster Ged and Ratter a dodgy backstabber, who is currently moving into politics as well as the regeneration of Liverpool. The author also introduces the readers to Moby, the muscle with a taste for strippers and also a completely nagging wife, who is trying exceedingly hard to organize the communion of their daughter. Through these tales, we can learn to learn that Ged is busy planning an exceedingly easy heist, which makes him call his team back together once more. The team goes back in years, which in turn makes them practically brothers due to their exceedingly close friendship. Ratter, on the other hand, is busy planning his very own drug import, while at the same time trying to frame Ged, who is exceedingly jealous.

This tale takes the readers to different places and settings including a trip to London for a football match. The trip as expected proves to be exceedingly hilarious as Moby gets into a fight. The narrative is carried along with incredible humor and brilliantly contrived speech patterns, which in turn ensures that there are several laugh-out-loud moments. Overall, Outlaws is absorbing. It is not only funny but exceedingly interesting as well.

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