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Publication Order of The Blackthorn Key Books

The Blackthorn Key (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mark of the Plague (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's Curse (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Call of the Wraith (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Traitor's Blade (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Raven's Revenge (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Thieves of Shadow Books

Children of the Fox (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seekers of the Fox (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Champions of the Fox (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kevin Sands is an award-winning published author of fiction.

In college, Sands chose to study theoretical physics. He graduated with his pair of degrees and escaped from the university life. Since then he has worn many hats and worked in a variety of positions. These include working as a researcher, being a consultant for business, teaching students as a paid teacher, and even has played poker professionally.

Kevin Sands resides in Ontario in Canada. He is best known to his readers for being the author of the fictional series, The Blackthorn Key. The series has been well received by everyone from Kirkus Reviews, who called the debut novel spectacular and more.

Kevin Sands is the writer and creator of the Blackthorn Key series. This fictional series of novels first became available to readers in 2015. This is the novel for which the series is named after and it is titled The Blackthorn Key. The sequel would be published in 2016 and is titled Mark of the Plague. There is a third and a fourth book in the series, so check it out if you are a young adult reader looking for something written for you or just a reader of any age that loves a great story!

The Blackthorn Key is the first fictional novel in the series by the same name by talented author Kevin Sands. If you have been searching for a great read to check out that is full of different unique characters and an interesting plot, this debut in the series is worth a look!

The main character of Christopher Rowe could say that his life was fairly happy until the day that he gets a warning. The cryptic message warns him that he shouldn’t tell anyone what he has been given. Before that, Christopher was content just going about his daily life.

This was full of study and science and all of the pursuits that bring him fulfillment. Chris would study how to solve codes that were more than complex and putting his mind to work on various puzzles. He didn’t just stop there as he also was interested in medicine, alchemy, and more. He would go to work and make up medicines that were powerful in their effectiveness, various potions for a variety of purposes, and different weapons.

All of this was accomplished while Rowe served under Benedict Blackthorn. Benedict is the Master to his Apprentice, and shows him all that he knows. It all goes well most of the time, save for the occasional explosion on the way. All in the name of progress, discovery, and science, Christopher Rowe does his best to make strides in various fields.

He has no idea that a storm is on the way. A cult in town with mysterious origins has started operating and is preying on the various apothecaries of London. The city goes to high alert as people start dying and the cause is obviously murder.

The murders grow and as they do not stop, the trail of it comes even closer to Benedict’s shop. Could the cult decide to strike them too? Christopher is aware that he does not have too much time in order to try and stop whatever is going on. If he is successful, he may save his master’s shop and stop a devastating force that is terrorizing the city of London and its people.

Christopher is forced to draw upon all that he has learned and all of the skills that he has picked up along the way if he wants to stop this terrible cult and its members. But is he going to be adequately prepared for what is coming his way– and what he finds out?

Christopher may just end up finding out that a secret is haunting London– and it has the potential to take the world and ultimately tear it apart. The stakes and the risks alike have never been higher. Can Rowe do what it takes to save the shop and catch the killers once and for all?

You’re going to have to pick up this debut work in the Blackthorn series in order to find out! Check out this fast paced adventure story and get all of the suspenseful details for yourself on a wild ride to the last chapter and discover what happens in the end and what Christopher does next.

The second novel in the Blackthorn series is titled Mark of the Plague. If you enjoyed the nonstop events of the debut story, then you will want to check out the rest of what happens in this novel!

When it comes to London, sometimes the people that reside and work in this city can’t catch a break. It all depends on the century, of course, but this one is about to be particularly vicious because of the arrival of the plague.

The plague is also referred to as the horrible ‘Black Death’, because that is precisely what it brings. It’s arrived in London and now is not only spreading but making everyone terribly afraid. Things are not improved when a prophet offers up a prediction that the city will come to doom.

This does not help to raise spirits, but something is coming along that might be of help. An apothecary comes to London and has a cure– and the good thing is that it really works. Christopher’s shop is given the honor of getting the remedy ready so that London can take advantage of it and be protected.

Things threaten to go left, however, when an unknown assassin puts out on a threat on his life. The apothecary is concerned, but he has to commit to making the remedy so that the plague will not decimate the city any more than it already has.

It’s up to Chris and his friend Tom to track down the ultimate truth of the matter. As they risk their very lives to get to the center of a conspiracy and the plague hits home, it’s clear that there has never been more at stake. Can they save London and its people from sickness? Read this thrilling sequel to find out!

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