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About Kevin Tinto

The American author Kevin Tinto is well known for his nail-biting and suspense fuelled thriller novels, keeping readers from around the world on the edges of their seats. Often incorporating his own experiences as an adventurer and mountaineer into his work, he lends his fiction a great deal of authenticity. This has seen him become a huge household name for many, leading to readers from around the world singing his many praises. Keeping them glued to each and every page essentially, he really understands what it is that they’re looking for in his work.

Over the course of his life he’s been active outdoors engaging in a number of different pursuits, from diving to skiing. This is something that can clearly be seen reflected in his work, as he really gives the audience a feel for what it’s actually like to be there. Building the suspense constantly throughout, the reader is kept continually guessing, never knowing exactly where the story is going to turn. Creating an ongoing series as well, he ensures that his audience continues to come back for more time and time again.

Often he’ll also feature conspiracies at the heart of each of his action thriller adventures too, with each of the protagonists typically in a race against the clock. Setting himself apart from other writers in his field, he draws from a number of different inspirations and makes them his own. Creating long-lasting characters too, his protagonists also strike a chord with readers as well, with many of them resonating with the audience. There’s a lot more to come from Tinto as an author in the future too, as his work continues to build a growing readership worldwide.

Early and Personal Life

From an early age, Kevin Tinto has always had a taste for adventure, heavily immersing himself in the activity of mountaineering. This has fed into his love of writing as well, as he’s not only pursued an exciting lifestyle outdoors, but he’s also written about it too. Using his many experiences to help inspire him, he’s managed to craft himself a literary career quite unlike any other.

Working for a number of different magazines and journals, he’d fast become a figure on the adventurer and outdoors scene. Developing his craft as a writer, he’s managed to create a brand for himself as well, with many returning to his work time and time again. Currently residing in Lake Tahoe, California, and Tiburon, he continues to write to this present day, constantly putting his experiences back into his work.

Writing Career

The first full book that Kevin Tinto would write was titled ‘Ice’ and this would be brought out in 2015, setting up the ‘Dr. Leah Hobson and Jack Hobson Thrillers.’ Marking the arrival on an exciting new talent on the adventure thriller scene, he would go on to have some real fun with the genre. Following his first book up with ‘Ice Genesis’ in 2018, and then ‘Ice Revelation’ in 2020, he’d show his imagination as an author with something to say. Working for numerous publications, such as the ‘Scuba Diver Magazine’ and ‘Bike Transamerica,’ he really has made his mark as a writer. Continuing to writer for various different publications too, he doesn’t seem to be finishing in this capacity any time soon either.

Ice Genesis

Initially released on the 26th of March in 2018, this would first come out through the ‘Three Dog Publishing’ label. Setting up the second part of the ongoing ‘Dr. Leah Hobson and Jack Hobson Thrillers,’ it’s another nail-biting action ride. Continuing with another self-contained story, it features many of the elements and arcs from the previous novel, while taking it in a new and exciting direction.

As an action adventure this really does feature everything, making sure to give the story a real sense of weight and momentum. Easy to pick up, it’s definitely difficult to put down, as it instantly grabs the reader, holding the attention with its engaging pace. The characters are extremely well done too, as they feel wholly real upon the page, keeping the audience invested in their plight.

In a rush against the clock, the Russians and the Americans are racing against one another to uncover a startling discovery buried deep within the Antarctic. After escaping from the President and his plan to terminate them, Jack Hobson and Dr. Leah Andrews are trying to unlock the mysteries of the Native Americans buried in the deep. Now they must find a Lakota Shaman called Appanoose if they want to find out the secrets, but he may have no interest in cooperating with them. Can they uncover the mysteries buried deep? Will they be able to find out in time? Who will discover the secrets of the ice genesis?

Ice Revelation

Published in 2020 on the 30th of July, this would be the third and final part to the ‘Dr. Leah Hobson and Jack Hobson Thrillers’ series. Finishing up the franchise, it brings everything to a close, continuing many of the arcs that came before previously. It’s best if they’re read in order, as many of the characters and their story arcs are concluded here finally for the reader.

As an exciting and epic ending to an already thrilling series, this definitely raises the stakes in what came before. Compelling and action packed every step of the way, nothing is left out here, giving the reader a highly satisfying conclusion. This makes for an engaging read that definitely makes the most of its premise, right up until the very last page.

Dr. Leah Andrews is looking to prevent the ever destructive Anomaly, all while ensuring the Ancients return to their destiny. Taking place out in the Antarctic Continent, she’s not the only one out searching for the alien Anomaly either, with the Americans and Russians racing to locate it too. Meanwhile Jack Hobson is stuck back in the USA, as he attempts to make his way up there using any means necessary. Will he be able to manage it in time? Can Leah locate the Anomaly and prevent the destruction? What will become of the ice revelation?

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  1. Dixie James: 2 years ago

    What is great about Kevin Tinto’s writing is that he takes the readers to places many of us would never see—he has lived his life through researching the facts that bring his stories and characters alive : he is a teacher as well as a writer to his readers.–pretty cool!


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