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About Kevin van Whye
The South African writer Kevin van Whye is well known for his unique take on the genre of Young Adult romance novels. Crafting strong characters with expert precision, he pushes the art-form to its fullest, really getting the most out of it. This is something that’s grown throughout the years, building to really set him apart as a writer with something to say.

Studying the art of storytelling, he’s always been invested in this from an early age, something which can clearly be seen reflected in his work. Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, he’s definitely a writer to watch for fans of the romance genre. Speaking and writing in a manner that resonates, he’s an honest novelist, regarded for his integrity and brevity.

It’s his premises and ideas that really stand apart too, as he makes the most of them with his mastery of the craft of storytelling. Understanding exactly where he needs to take his audience, he’s in full control at every turn, keeping his readers hooked throughout. Fun and irreverent too, he’s entertaining and engaging in equal measure, as he continues to build his audience worldwide.

Early and Personal Life:
Born and raised in South Africa, this was where the author to be Kevin van Whye would spend most of his life. Reading and writing passionately from early on too, he was always found with his head buried in a book, showing a clear love for storytelling. Over the years this would develop, becoming more and more prominent in his life, as he would show a strong talent for the craft.

Moving on to film school, he would study scriptwriting, which would see him become more adept in the art of structure. This is also something he would show talent for in high-school, having won an award for writing a school play. Turning to the genre of the LGBTQ Rom-Com he wouldn’t look back, as he’d begin to evolve his voice within this particular field.

Dropping out of film school after two years, he would go on to produce his own short film, which he wrote himself as well. Along with this he’d also then create a feature length film too, which would help him develop his writing even further. Providing his work with a strong visual style, it would hit all the right beats and plot points, making for a highly articulate body of work.

Working as a remote intern for a US based literacy agency for some time too, he’s not without knowledge of the publishing world either. His work editing is also testament to this, having edited on a freelance basis in the past, which would help pave the way for future work. Now he lives in Johannesburg in South Africa, bringing out his novels, with more expected to follow in the years to come.

Writing Career:
Releasing his first book in 2020, Kevin van Whye would make his big debut with the Young Adult novel ‘Date Me, Bryson Keller’. It would feature a romance set in a high-school, as it navigates the highs and and lows of falling in love in the modern age. The novel would also set the tone of much of what was to come, allowing Whye to become a lot more focused in his approach. Taking from his previous work writing for film too, it manages to give him a somewhat different quality and outlook.

The film portion of his education can be very much seen in his work, as his writing is extremely direct and to the point. Studying scriptwriting, he knows how structure a story, whilst constantly keeping the reader engaged at every point. This would be something that he has continued to work on, and something that will definitely evolve in the years to come.

As a writer Kevin van Whye would largely opt for more stand-alone material, giving his stories a more self-contained narrative. This would serve him well for much of his career, with both the critics and the general public singing his praises all across the world. It’s his knowledge of scriptwriting that also provides him with much of his drive too, pushing his stories forwards all the time.

Winning awards for his work, Whye has managed to capture something that really rings true for readers all over. The stories he writes are straightforward, with strong characters driving them, written in a matter-of-fact and engaging manner. Knowing his audience, they’re entertaining stories that definitely manage to leap out from the page, creating an impact long after the book’s finished.

Working and writing from his home in Johannesburg, Whye continues with his career as a writer of international renown. Giving readers what they want, he’s found his niche, writing in a clear and confident manner that is entirely natural to him. With a lot more to come, his career will carry on, as further readers discover his work, as he’s not stopping any time soon.

Date Me, Bryson Keller
Published through the Random House Books for Young Readers label, this would originally come out in 2020 on the 19th of May. A completely stand-alone title, it would feature an entirely self-contained story that was very much its own thing. It would also set up the career of Whye to follow, with more planned to be released afterwards, including the novel ‘Nate Plus One’. This is a Young Adult romance novel, with its contemporary look at modern relationships in a fun and entertaining manner.

Each week Bryson Keller has been dared to date someone new, with him asking the first person out on a Monday morning. That’s when Kai Sheridan asks out Bryson, leading him to receive a yes in reply, which surprises everyone, none the least Kai himself. Believing Bryson to be initially straight, Kai has no idea how this relationship will go for either of them. Will they become an item? Can they overcome their differences? Will love find a way as Kai asks ‘will you date me, Bryson Keller’?

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