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Publication Order of Key Trilogy Books

The Key Trilogy series is a wonderful series of paranormal romance, fiction, and fantasy novels. It is comprised of a total of 3 books, all of which were published in 2003. This series is penned by Nora Roberts, a very well renowned and bestselling American writer of romance stories. In this series, Roberts has described the life story of 3 women, who get involved in a race against time to find 3 keys. The keys hold a great importance to them as they will help them to get their souls released from the captivity of an evil God. While trying to obtain the keys the three women come across a number of dangers and difficulties. But, they manage to overcome each one of them find success in their desperate missions. The quest of the women also gives them the chance to find true love and cherish it for the rest of their lives happily. For discovering the keys, the women are made to go through tests that involve different values. These include Light, Knowledge, and Valor. Each woman is tested on one of these values, and only after passing each test can they set their souls free. Also, if any one of them fails in her individual test, then all three of them will end up being held captive forever. Roberts has mentioned the three lead female characters in the form of Malory Price, Dana Steele, and Zoe McCourt. Apart from these women, several other important characters are also described by Roberts that include Michael Flynn Hennessy, Jordan Hawke, Bradley Charles Vane, and a few others as well. Roberts has done the settings of all the stories in Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania, United States. The plot lines take place at a mysterious location in Pleasant Valley known as Warrior’s Peak. All three novels of this series were very much liked by the readers. They are also appreciated by critics and fellow writers, both nationally and internationally. All of them gave numerous exciting reviews and comments, and praised the character descriptions, storylines, plot settings, narrations, and writing style of Nora Roberts. All these factors helped the books to become immensely successful and reach out to a large number of fans of romance novels. Roberts got a great boost with this success that helped her in continuing to write many other interesting romance stories.

The debut book of the Key Trilogy series that Nora Roberts has written is entitled ‘Key of Light’. It was released by the Penguins USA in 2003. The central characters of this novel are depicted as Malory Price, Zoe McCourt, Michael Hennessy, and Dana Steele. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Malory Price gets an invitation to attend a cocktails & conversations occasion at Warriors Peak. At first, she feels suspicious about the invitation because the Warrior’s Peak is not a real location, but a mansion depicted in a Hollywood film. But, she thinks that there are already too many crises going on in her life as she might end up losing her art gallery job and so attending this small event won’t make her lose anything. But, what Malory Price receives at the suspicious location is more than she could have ever imagined. As soon as she arrives at the said location, Malory sees that there are only 2 other women apart from her who are invited to the event. Also, the host appears to be very mysterious. Malory, along with the other women, are told a wonderful story by the host about gods, goddesses, and magic. The host also tells them about the 3 demi-goddesses, who are made to go into eternal sleep and whose mortal souls have been placed under the lock & key. So, for freeing the demi-goddesses three women take birth generation after generation. These women are provided with all the power they need to free the souls of the demi-goddesses, but they have to undergo a challenge in order to be able to do so. And for this generation, the three ladies are Malory, Zoe, and Dana. Each are given the task of finding one key and the most important thing to consider is that if one ends up failing, all will fail. However, if they succeed in completing the challenges, then they will be welcomed with power, money, and a new destiny. Now, Malory realizes that she has landed in a great trouble and feels the urge to move out, but the promise of a better future makes her go for the challenge. She knows very well that it is going to take much more than just intellect and determination to complete the tests. The women make up their minds, become a team, and open their minds, hearts, and self-belief. They know that anything is possible if they believe in it with all their heart, and with this belief they move ahead to face the challenges.

The next installment of the series is called ‘Key of Knowledge’. It was also released in 2003 by the Penguin USA publishers. The primary characters of this novel include Dana Steele, Malory Price, Jordan Hawke, and Zoe McCourt. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Dana Steele works at a library. She loves books and believes that the knowledge carried by the books is the key to find contentment in life. And now, the knowledge’s search has turned into a quest for finding the second key. Dana Steele needs to find this key very desperately as it is the only way she can contribute to the release of the captured souls at the hands of the evil god. As Dana’s turn for the facing the challenge begins, she becomes very nervous. But, she gets the backing of Malory and Zoe. She has formed a strong bond of friendship with them in a very less time. Just as the challenge begins for Dana Steele, she sees that Jordan Hawke has returned back in her life. Jordan is the same man with whom Dana was in deep love and who had left her heartbroken by moving out of the town some years ago. Now, with his return, things turn complicated for Dana. She knows she cannot let herself distracted by Jordan Hawke and his promise of loving her again. Dana has already committed herself to complete the difficult challenge of discovering the 2nd key. If she leaves it midway, she might land herself and other two women in a great danger.

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