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Keys To The Kingdom Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Keys to the Kingdom Books

Before becoming a full time author, Garth Nix served as a marketing consultant, book publicist, book editor, book sales representative and an Australian Army soldier. Nix’s best performing books include Shade’s Children, a dystopian novel, Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen, a young adult fantasy novel and A Confusion of Princess, a brilliantly written space opera. Apart from penning adult novels, Garth Nix also writes children books including the Keys Keys to the Kingdom and Ragwitch. Ever since he became a published author, Garth Nix sold more than five million books, throughout the world. Furthermore, most of his books have been featured on bestsellers lists of Publisher’s Weekly, The Australian and the Guardian.

Keys to the Kingdom Best Books
Mister Monday
If you are a fan of adventure fiction books, such as Gulliver’s Travel, then Mister Monday is a must read. In Mister Monday, author Garth Nix introduces the readers to, Arthur Penhaligon, a twelve-year boy who constantly suffers from asthma attacks. On the day that Arthur was supposed to die of an asthma attack, he is introduced to a world filled with Komodo dragons, and security guards with dog faces. Ever since he was born, Arthur’s mission in life is to defeat the criminal keepers of the alternate universe, known as the Morrow Days. Arthur’s first day at school was to be his last day. However, instead of dying due to asthma, a higher power, hands Arthur the keys to another realm, controlled by the Morrow Days. Mister Monday, one of the Morrow Days, sends strange like creatures after Arthur, with the hopes of regaining the key.

Monday is more than determined to find Arthur and will stop at nothing, even if it means burning a section of the school or sending a lethal plague, which threatens to wipe out half of the world’s populations. To save his family, Arthur must first enter the other realm, through a mysterious house located within the town. What makes the house quite mysterious is that Arthur is the only person who can see the house. To save the world, Arthur must first fight against the forces trying to get hold of the key. With that said, Mister Monday is a fast-paced novel, whereby the readers can vividly see the alternate world that the characters live in. All the characters in Mister Monday are easy to relate to and to recognize in our day to day lives. Despite the fact that he lacks magical powers and special powers, Arthur is ordinary.

This is the main reason, why Arthur is dragged into the fight in the first place. Author Garth Nix manages to make the most extraordinary events appear to be perfectly believable. Apart from being well placed, the twists and turns are also quite unexpected. The excellent descriptions of the characters and vivid imagery will invite the young readers to share in the building of an outstanding universe. The supporting characters are also quite vibrant as well.

Grim Tuesday
Grim Tuesday, the second addition to the Keys-to the Kingdom Series, picks up from where, the highly entertaining, Mister Monday had left off from, several hours later after Arthur returns home after what he had initially thought was going to be a six-year break. However, time in the realm is not equal to the time that he spends in the house. Moreover, a phone call warning him of impending mischief gets cut off, and in the process leaves him knowing only half. After defeating Monday, Arthur thought that he had finally escaped Monday once and for all. While getting some sleep, Arthur receives a phone call from one Dane Primus. In the months that passed by, Grim Tuesday got a loophole, which gave him the power to take control of the lower house, the same house that Arthur managed to take away from Mister Monday.

Arthur eventually manages to return to the section of the house controlled by grim Tuesday. Upon arrival, people mistake Arthur for a worker. To claim the second part of the will, and Grim Tuesday’s key, Arthur must first confront a century old creature, the threat of losing the entire house once and for all and a contest against Grim himself. With everything against Arthur, will he be able to save the house, by gaining the title? With that said, Grim Tuesday is a fantastic book, which continues author Garth Nix’s superb writing style and the adventures of Arthur. Grim Tuesday is a much darker novel, compared to Mister Monday. Furthermore, it also has much faster pacing compared to the previous installment. The scenes filled with exciting fights and haunting descriptions of tortured creatures and beings. The various descriptions in the novel, allows the readers to visualize the unfolding scenarios.

Drowned Wednesdays
The book begins on Wednesday morning, as Leaf is visiting Arthur, her childhood friend in the hospital. During his last adventure, Arthur damaged his leg. Beneath his pillow, Arthur finds an invitation from none other than, Drowned Wednesday. While a ship takes Leaf away, two friends are swept into the house, from the bordering sea. Arthur is left hanging on the hospital bed, with the danger of drowning in the water. However, Arthur is soon rescued and eventually finds out that Drowned Wednesday is indeed a tortured soul. Nonetheless, with the assistance of magic, Arthur comes to learn that Lead was aboard the Flying Mantis. On the Flying Mantis, Leaf joined the ship’s crew and is now serving as a hostess. Nonetheless, Leaf’s stint on the Flying Mantis is cut short when a group of pirates attack the ship and hold everyone captive.

With the help of a few friends, Arthur must soon locate the hideaway of the pirates and also the third section of the will. Arthur also makes a pact with Drowned Wednesday, who agrees to help him find his friends. However, Arthur can only help but wonder, whether Wednesday is who she says she is. With that said, Drowned Wednesday is an excellent addition to the Keys to the Kingdom book series. Despite the fact that Drowned Wednesdays can be read as a stand-alone novel, readers are advised to read the series from the first installment, to understand the narrative fully.

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