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Publication Order of Khamsin Books

The Falcon & the Dove (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tiger & the Tomb (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cobra & the Concubine (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Panther & the Pyramid (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sword & the Sheath (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Scorpion & the Seducer (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lady & the Libertine (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Wolf (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

After falling in love with romance novels during her childhood years, Bonnie Vanek made up her mind that she wanted to become a professional writer. As she was cleaning a hall closet, Bonnie Vanek discovered her mother’s cache of paperbacks and began reading. It was at this point that she began a passion for romance novels and a dislike for housework. After several years of working as a news reporter, Bonnie Vanek eventually became an author for a major international charity. When writing about famine, disease or any other issue that affects the poor, Bonnie Vanek travels to destitute countries such as Haiti. When an emotional strains of her job, required a diversion, Vanek had no option but to turn to her childhood dream of penning romance novels. Currently, Bonnie Vanek resides in Florida with Frank her husband and two dogs, where she happily writes her novels.

The Falcon and the Dove

The Falcon and the Dove is the first installment in the Khasmin book series. The year is 1982 and an American, one Elizabeth Summers decides to accompany her uncle, while he was on an archaeological dig in Egypt with the hopes of discovering the Almha, a special Egyptian artifact. Despite the fact that Elizabeth Summers wants to be at the excavation site, all she can do is catalog the findings because she is a woman. Just as his ancestors have done, Sheik Jabari and his desert warriors have pledged to ensure that the Almha is safe from infidels. Their work entails monitoring the progress by the outsiders and the possibility of locating the artifact. Sheik Jabari is shocked to discover that among the excavators are an exceedingly beautiful woman. Thus, Jabari goes undercover with the disguise of being a worker. When Elizabeth finally discovers the slot where the artifact was hidden, Sheik Jabari decides to kidnap Elizabeth so that the slot remains hidden forever.

Stunningly, Jabari and Elizabeth are attracted to one another. One day, Jabari notices that there was a birthmark that was shaped like a dove on her. Jabari begins to wonder as to whether she is the reincarnation of one Queen Kyla. The ancient prophecy claims that Queen Kyla and the chief of her guards will one-day return as lovers. If you are a fan of the Falcon and the Dove, then you will want to read this installment. It is not only a fast paced tale, but it also can hook the audience from the moment Sheik Jabari lays his eyes on the excavators. The storyline is fast paced and filled with action. Despite everything, that takes place the storyline still has time to develop a love subplot between the protagonists in the novel. With that said, this historical romance is full of adventure and has a Mummy film feel added to it.

The Tiger and the Tomb

The Tiger and the Tomb are the second installment in the Khasmin book series. In the Tiger and the Tomb, we meet with the daughter of a nobleman, one Lady Katherine. Lady Katherine is caught at crossroads between saving her father’s life and keeping her vows to wed a desert warrior. Katherine must be able to find a way to take the map of a treasure-laden tomb from the exceedingly mysterious Ramses. It does not take long before Ramses manages to capture the tomb raider. Ramses is not only stunned, but he is also fascinated by her attempt to seduce him. Lady Katherine manages to ensure to keep her identity from Ramses until she finds her betrothed. Upon looking into Lady Katherine’s eyes, Ramses discovers that the thief and her wife to be are the same people.

Despite the ongoing tension between these two characters, Katherine is more than determined to ensure that her desire for the good looking and arrogant Ramses does not in any way, interfere with her mission. As the two lovers travel across the desert so that they can locate Katherine’s father, the passion continues to get intense and the wild adventure eventually begins. With that said, Tiger and the Tomb will undoubtedly appeal to individuals who are craving the excitement of a wild and local adventure and an exceedingly dark and dangerous hero. The author, Bonnie Vanek skilfully uses the atmosphere in the desert to bring forth scenes of thrilling adventure and heated passion.

The Cobra and the Concubine

The Cobra and the Concubine is the third installment in the Khasmin book series. In this installment author, Bonnie Vanek introduces the readers to Badra, a young girl who had sought refuge in the Sahara. However, Badra could not get away from Sheikh who had managed to steal her childhood. The Sheikh Fareeq had managed to prove that Badra’s lush body and long dark hair aroused a passion in people that only meant pain. Neither Fareeq’s death or the protection that she received from her rescuers could change anything. As much as she tried, Badra could not forget her past easily. Furthermore, she could not accept the feelings that Khepri aroused as well as admitting the shadow in her heart. Once again, we meet with Keneth Tristan, who had ridden with Badra’s rescuers the Khasmin after his family was brutally slain. Widely known as the Cobra, Tristan was raised in Egypt. He not only loved the land but he also had an enormous amount of respect for his brothers, as well as the title that awaited him in London and the treasures that his family discovered from their archaeological dig.

With that said, the Cobra and the Concubine is a highly entertaining addition to the Khasmin book series. The suffering that was inflicted upon the exceedingly young men and women within the area was appalling. The narrative was not only brilliantly written it is also quite moving and also quite interesting as well. If you are a fan of historical romance, then you are going to fall in love with the Cobra and the Concubine. Overall, the Khasmin book series is an exceedingly brutal and heart taking devotion. Author, Bonnie Vanek has an excellent way of making the reader’s heart strings twist and pull with her words.

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