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Publication Order of Jay Qasim Books

Queer Hauntings (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
East of Hounslow (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Homegrown Hero (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ride or Die (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Khurrum Rahman is a Pakistani and English author of fiction.

He has born in Karachi in Pakistan in 1975. When he was just one years old, he moved to England. Rahman hails from west London but does not live there today. He currently resides in England with his family.

Rahman graduated from university with honors. Besides writing, he’s been working in IT for a total of nearly two decades. However, you can never rule out him turning over to writing for a full time career.

The author’s high interest in fiction led him to try and write some screenplays. He also tried out writing for independent film making companies. He says that his passion resides in checking out a good crime thriller novel. After all, good ones in the past have inspired him to do some of his current writing.

Rahman states that he has put his singular point of view into his writing combined with what he has taken away from a ‘study’ of other writers that he admires. He says that hopefully as a result he has developed ‘a fresh voice’ that is alive with originality.

He is the creator and author of the Jay Kasim series of fictional novels. This series kicked off in 2017 with the publication of the first novel in the series, titled East of Hounslow. The sequel to the first book is titled Homegrown Hero. It was released in 2018.

East of Hounslow is the first book in Khurrum Rahman’s Jay Kasim series. This debut story is the first installment of an action adventure and crime thriller that is meant to be part of a trilogy. This is where readers get to meet the character of Javid Qasim.

If you love spy novels such as James Bond, then check out this spy thriller from Khurrum Rahman! When we first mean Javid, he is doing illicit business as a dope dealer, but on a smaller scale. He’s pretty mellow when it comes to his attitude on life, and many would describe him as happy go lucky as he goes about his business in the heart of west London.

Everything’s going great– he’s just bought a brand new car and he’s living in a sweet set up with his mother. Everything is normal until he is marked as being a possible recruit for the Security Service. Then people think at his local mosque that he might be useful serving them as well when his reserved life starts exploding from the inside out.

Things only get more complicated for him as his best friend belongs to the local police unit as a detective inspector. Now he has also managed to misplace a brand new BMW. Then there’s the matter of owing quite a bit of money to a crazy drug dealer.

Can he get through this? If anyone can, it’s Jay. He’s been recruited into something that he’s not quite sure of, and now his world is quickly about to get turned completely upside down. Check out this debut thriller novel from the Jay Kasim series to find out what happens for sure! You won’t be able to put it down.

Homegrown Hero is the gripping second book in the Jay Kasim series. If you enjoyed the first story in the series, then definitely check out the sequel!

Jay is someone that had a regular life where he just sold a small amount of merchandise on the side. Overnight he went from a supplier to an accidentally labeled terrorist. How did that happen exactly?

People call Javid Jay, and he’s been kicking it around west London for a while. But could this unlikely dealer be the one person that the area needs to save the day? When Jay heads off to Friday’s mosque visit, it’s part of his regular routine.

Along with him he has brought the thing that he prizes most in the world, his car. That and living along with his mom means that his life isn’t quite all that bad. He actually likes it as it’s nice to eat the food that his mom cooks for him and he’s got quite a comfortable existence. Or it was until they attempted to recruit him into something weird.

He still managed to do the right thing and save the day. Jay Qasim was personally responsible for preventing a huge attack by terrorists that would have been the largest attack in recent history. So yeah, he is technically a hero. .It’s no big deal to him, but it was pretty stressful and outside the normal day for him.

Now, he’s just happy to be back home where he belongs. West London has never seemed so great to him. Even though he’s been invited to do some spy undercover stuff again, Jay just wants to retreat into the background and pick up something more relaxing. If his routine is to go back to normal, maybe he can just manifest a quiet life by actually doing it.

The last thing that he wants is to talk with MI5. So he’s blocked their number and is now working a nice normal job in a call center somewhere. He is determined to have a normal life and if this is what it takes, then so be it. It’s not like he was trying to have a career working as a spy. Undercover stuff is way too stressful for Jay to volunteer to do it.

However, Jay’s about to find out that even if he’s left the game board, the game is still in play. No matter what he does, it’s going to be tough to try and lead that normal life he’s so committed to making work. The more in demand he is with the secret services, the more that living the quiet existence he’s been attempting is going to get increasingly more difficult.

When it comes to this novel from Khurrum Rahman, check out the action and adventure that is going on in this (fictional) end of west London! Read Homegrown Hero to find out what happens in the end and whether Jay is about to be the world’s biggest secret hero– again.

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