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The Selection Stories (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happily Ever After (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Siren (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Thousand Heartbeats (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Brave New Love: 15 Dystopian Tales of Desire(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kiera Cass was born May 1981 in South Carolina. She’s stated that she was a proud child of the 80’s. Her father is Puerto Rican, and her mother white. She is the New York Times Bestselling author of “The Selection.” She attended the Coastal Carolina University before transferring to Radford University. Kiera published the first-book in The Selection trilogy, The Selection, in 2012 with HarperTeen. Her great ambition initially when she graduated high school was theatre. She states, “I wanted to be a performer in the WORST WAY!” I took a semester off, did a bunch of local shows, taught at a theater camp, and went to Coastal Carolina University in the spring majoring in Musical Theatre. After attempts at switching through several Majors including Music and History, she later followed a love interest to Blacksburg and settled.

Over the course of the following year, she’s stated to have tried a lot of activities to pull herself together resulting in the attempt to write a story where the main characters had to deal with life’s issues so she wouldn’t have to. She claimed that the distance from her head to the page helped with a most necessary coping process concerning all the things she was feeling. Kiera Cass did not end up not finishing that story due to her waking up from a nap with the idea that would become The Siren. After she got into the habit of writing, several ideas came to the surface, including The Selection and handful of others in which we are waiting for.


She self-published The Siren in 2009 while five months pregnant, after not having a lot of success querying it but still desiring to reach out to the following she already possessed. She claims their support is what made her want to continue to try and share stories with people.

The Siren focuses on Kahlen, one of the sisters apart of the sisterhood of Sirens. She has heard the same speech over and over, “You must never do anything that might expose our secret. This means that, in general, you cannot form close bonds with humans. You can speak to us, and you can always commune with the Ocean, but you are deadly to humans. You are, essentially, a weapon.” The main character has lived by these rules for such a long time, until a human who goes by the name of Akinli enters her world. Akinli is a mortal who Kahlen and the other Sirens have been forbidden to interact with.

The Selection Stories-book 1

For (35) thirty-five girls, the Selection is a once and a lifetime chance to grab wealth and power. The opportunity to get away and escape the life laid-out for them, something that was seemingly unchangeable. They are granted a chance to become a part of a world of far beyond what they could have imagined. They are given the chance to live in a palace and compete for the heart of Prince Maxon. The main character, America Singer, doesn’t feel quite the same. The competition determines who will be the next queen of a country called Illéa and Prince Maxon’s wife. This, however, means leaving her family and secret love life behind. She is stuck between two worlds, and realizes that life as one of the elite and privileged thirty five girls is not what she expected.

The Elite

This is the second book in The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. It was produced after The Selection and it is followed by The One. It was released on April 23, 2013. At this point, America still isn’t quite sure where her heart lies. She has not yet chosen between the prince or her old flame. While she is with Maxon, she’s caught up in their new and exciting romance. He thought of anything else proves itself to only be second best. However, everytime she sees Aspen standing-guard around the palace, she is plagued with memories and albeit a form of guilt regarding with memories-of the life they originally planned to share together.

The book begins with America and Prince Maxon on a date together at night in the garden. America later becomes a threat to Maxon, the kingdom, and Illéa. The castle is later attacked again by rebels as a new threat arrives.

The morning following a ball the prince holds, America is awakened by her maids, who tell her to get dressed. As the story proceeds, America follows her maids and discovers that Marlee was caught having an affair with the palace guard Carter Woodwork the night that the ball was held. As punishment keeping to the rules of the Selection, the two are sentenced to be lashed 15 times and stripped of their castes. These castes are utilized to determine the significance of each person in the Selection, and their class. These two are placed in the lowest of classes as a form of retribution.

Later, as she walks through the palace, America spots Maxon with Celeste. America becomes stricken with pain and begins to flee when Maxon catches her. Despite this, America decides to run away to her room. A few minutes later, Maxon goes to visit America but she remains absolutely appalled by what she had seen. This leads her to believe that her original love might be the only one who can truly understand her.

The One

While not a great deal of information is currently available, this is the third installment of the Selection. It has been declared this book will be available May 6, 2014. We can expect to find out who America may choose in this exciting installment.

Just Who Is America Singer?

America Singer is the main character of the first book. As a 17 year old, she is considered the perfect candidate for these games. She is described as having bright red hair, and a rambunctious personality. She is explained to be a resident of the fifth castle, this is a place dedicated to the likes of artists. America makes acquaintances with Marlee Tames, who becomes her friend, and Celeste Newsome, who becomes an enemy. Her unique behavior gains attention from the royal staff members, and the country. While she does initially possess qualms about wedding Prince Maxon, their meeting stirs curiosity. While America still indeed love Aspen, she begins to fall for Maxon.

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