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Kilgore Fire Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kilgore Fire Books

The Kilgore Fire series is an exciting series of contemporary and romance books. It is written by a renowned American writer named Lani Lynn Vale. There is a total of 5 books in this series, which were released between the years 2016 and 2018. In each of the books of this series, author Lynn Vale has described a different set of main characters. The lead characters are shown indulging in romantic relationships while trying to overcome the various obstacles in their lives. The stories generally revolve around the lives of firefighters and people working in the emergency services. Lani Lynn has done the setting of each of the novels in a town called Kilgore in Texas. This is where the series gets its name from.

All the books did good businesses individually and also performed very well overall as a whole series. A large number of readers from all parts of the globe liked the stories described in the novels and also appreciated the interesting characters mentioned by Lany Lynn. The huge successes increased the popularity of the author Lynn Vale to a greater extent and also helped her to establish herself as one of the noteworthy writers of romance books. Her success and fan following continued to increase with the release of each book of this romance series. Many prominent critics and fellow writers also reviewed the books with great comments. They appreciated and praised the efforts of Lani Lynn in coming up with this unique book series.

Most of the readers mentioned that the one factor that led them to love the books and their plots is the unique style of writing of author Lani Lynn. Her writing technique mixed with the excellent character sketches and storylines resulted in producing exciting outcomes that the readers seemed to enjoy very much. The success boosted Lani Lynn’s confidence and motivated her to continue writing many more interesting romance books. Lani Lynn considers herself lucky to have become an author and turned her career into a successful one. She likes to give the credit of all her success to her fans and supporters. She hopes that they continue supporting her with all her future books. Lani Lynn has experienced a great deal of romance in her personal life as well. She fell in love and got married to her high school lover. She says that the reason she fell for him is the baseball pants that he was wearing when she saw him for the first time.

Lani Lynn got blessed with 3 beautiful children from her husband. Her fondness for pet animals enabled her to keep a cat in her home who she calls Demon. The family resides in Texas. Lani Lynn loves Texas very much and is in love with every nook and corner of the state. This is the reason why she likes to set all her books in Texas. In addition to writing romance and contemporary stories, author Lani Lynn also has interests in writing romantic suspense stories. She loves everything that has a touch of romance to it. Lani Lynn is usually found sitting in front of her computer, indulged in her fictional world and creating her exciting romance stories. During her spare times, Lani Lynn likes to be in the company of her husband and children. Their love and support gives her much more motivation to keep working and producing interesting novels at regular intervals of time.

The debut book of the Kilgore Fire series written by author Lany Lynn Vale is entitled ‘Shock Advised’. It was released in the year 2016 and features the primary characters in the form of Mia Darling and Taima Stoker. The plot takes place in Kilgore, Texas, United States. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Taima Stoker is a pretty selfish person. He is regarded as a bad boy, who hardly comes to anyone’s help in times of need. But, as far as his professional life is concerned, he is considered a hero by the public. Working in the firefighting department, Taima Stokes takes his job very seriously and has worked very hard to achieve all that he has today. Everyone from the young to the old turn to Taima for help whenever they come across a low point in life.

Taima has a dark side to his character that people are not aware of, and would hate him for it if they do. Some time ago, his sister died because of him, and since then he has been trying to do good as far as he can in order to right the wrong. Later in life, Taima Stoker comes across Mia Darling. They begin to interact a lot, resulting in a change in Taima’s overall personality because of Mia. She makes Taima re-evaluate all that he believed he has figured out. Mia Darling even makes Taima realize that he needs tenderness very much. And just when things had started going good in Taima’s life after a long time, his luck seems to run out again. Mia vanishes suddenly and is not found anywhere. Her absence makes Taima Stoker realize how much he needs her and cannot live without having her by his side. The love in Taima’s heart for Mia Darling makes him gear up to put up a fight against all the obstacles and get his woman back into his life again.

Another very exciting book of the series is called ‘Flash Point’. This book was published in 2016 and consists of the central characters in the roles of Masen Crisfield and Booth Jones. Once again, the story is set in Kilgore, Texas. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that when Masen Crisfield saw Booth Jones for the first time she developed feelings of love for him in her heart. She started seeing him as the man who makes things easy for her and helps her day end on a happy note very often. But, Masen is left heartbroken when Booth has to move out because of his deployment in another state. Both of them are left wondering what wrong they had done to face such a severe thing in life as none of them wished to get separated.

Ten years pass by and neither Booth nor Masen try to contact one another. Then, a time comes when Booth Jones is required to return home due to unavoidable circumstances. And just as he arrives in town, he starts thinking about Masen Crisfield. Booth begins his new job at the Fire Department of Kilgore and hopes that he never comes face to face with Masen again. Later, he comes to know that Masen is seeing a fellow firefighter and sees her quite happy with her new lover. But, both Masen & Booth feel that they still have that feeling for each other and are not able to get over it easily. They wish to come together and cherish the love that they once had, but Masen’s commitment and Booth’s marriage make it look highly difficult. They know that they have reached a flash point in their relationship where everything they hold dear will be lost if they try to embrace their love again.

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