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Killian Carter is a space opera and military science fiction and fantasy author that loves to say that he was born with a blaster in his hand. After a complicated delivery, he was brought up as a hunter of extra-dimensional beings and cyborg aliens. He is also a specialist in the tracking and capturing of vampire ninjas and paranormal space beings including the likes of the leprechaun. Carter is knowledgeable in the use of a wide range of technology, intergalactic quantum spacecraft, and advanced photon weaponry, most of which the government would prefer to remain a secret from ordinary people. While he loved to dabble in such advanced stuff, his weekends tend not to veer too far away from the normal. He will usually be found tinkering with a secretive data crystal he finagled from archives recently redacted while sipping on a beer. When he feels like talking a walk he will often be found with Tequilabot, his faithful automaton Chihuahua. Killian is also a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America.

Carter is known for writing novels that provide a perfect balance between character development and coloring in the bizarre settings in which his stories are set. He will then tie it all up with intrigue and fast-paced action to make for some brilliant writing. As a space opera author, Killian writes about rich galaxies where humans compete with paranormal species and aliens for influence and power. Even though he writes about highly advanced technologies, the stories are never overly technical and are usually fairly grounded. They typically follow several character threads that are woven into the fabric of their universe. Killian Carter wrote his debut novel “The North Star” the first of the “Galactic Sentinel “series in 2018 and has never looked back since. He now has several titles in the “Galactic Sentinel” and the “Max Miller” series alongside contributions of short stories to several collections.

Killian Carter’s “The North Star” opens to Jason Grimshaw forced to land. He had been ambushed by a hostile alien ship while commanding Bakura the starship on a training mission and had to land on an unknown planet. Their journey to Colony 115 has been cut short and their ship is wrecked. Clio Evans the ensign got separated from her crew and knows that she has to get back to them if she is to survive on the hostile planet. But an alien army blocks her path back to her comrades but she finally manages to get through. Evans and Grimshaw need to find a way to get off the devastated planet even as the invaders are hot on their heels. They need to get a message to the Galactic Council and inform them of the entry of the strange new race that threatens to destroy the Alliance. In the meantime, Randis Kahn is fighting to survive on the lower levels of the Sentinel Station on the other side of the galaxy. He is caught between a political conspiracy and warring gangs and needs to find help in a past that he would rather keep in the past or else lose everything.

“Enter the Shroud” by Killian Carter sees Grimshaw charged with getting the North Start to the Galactic Sentinel. Once there he is to sign off with the Galactic Council and take his squadron back to their home base. But dealing with the Galactic Council is tough, particularly when there are rumors that Chimera terrorists have infiltrated it. But if Grimshaw is to stop an invasion from the Chit he will need the help of the Galactic Council. Moreover, his partner Evans is raring to go and kill some Chits. But even as they eager for the green light, it will not be an easy mission as the Chits are powerful forces that make previous invasions from the likes of the Aphnai and Underways invaders seem like a walk in the park. It is a powder keg waiting to explode.

Killian Carter’s “The Shadow Falls” opens to Grimshaw leading his crew on what is their most dangerous mission ever. Lieutenant Evans and Captain Grimshaw had been forced to travel into enemy territory to find a cure after an ancient disease threatened to take out one of their very few allies. The Kragak giants have been lying dormant for years but what they would do if they were awakened is still a mystery. In their meantime, their colleague Taza is in the Shroud, where he has been investigating several murders they believe could be connected to the disease. Vanguard vessels on the Fringe have been reporting sightings of the Aphanai warships and they know that their enemies will be upon them in no time. Only the crew of the North Star has the skills and intelligence to stop them. They have been very successful in many situations so far but this one may be very different as not everything is as it seems.

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